Everything vibrates – Part 2

What does modern science say about this?

Everything vibrates – Part 2

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Part I of this article dealt with the vision of esotericism on the laws of vibration. What does the new science say about this?

Energy fields are important

So far, this is a positive view on the vibrational laws. What does modern science say about this?

Some 75 years ago quantum physicists recognized that everything in the universe was essentially energy. Using modern techniques, one can measure the electromagnetic aspect of the unique vibrational patterns of many things in the universe. Measurements show that each of us has his or her own unique vibratory pattern, and also that there is a relationship between our frequency pattern and the nature of our perception.

Modern science considers energy and energy fields to be more fundamental than matter; unbounded fields are considered to be the basic element of an energy-based universe. Matter and energy are just two different types of vibrational frequencies of energy. David BohmDavid Bohm: Wholeness and the Implicate Order. Routledge, 1980 calls matter a condensed consciousness, according to the formula:

mass = energy = consciousness.

On the basis of the principle of harmonic resonance, one arrives at the logical coherent interaction between, for example, body cells, and thus it turns out that in fact much more organisation becomes possible than was thought.

Consider, for example, the ‘collective memory’ in fields at all levels of complexity, that Rupert SheldrakeRupert Sheldrake, The Presence of the Past: Morphic Resonance and the Habits of Nature. Icon Books Ltd, 2011 has described in his fascinating theories on morphogenetic fields. Information can be transferred non-locally from one organism to another. Birds, fish, mammals know where to go over the earth, cells in the body know what they have to do. How this can be done, becomes clear now. It is all information based on vibration.

Carl JungCarl G. Jung, The phenomenology of the spirit in fairy tales. The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, 9(Part 1), 207-254, 1948 also talked about the collective subconscious, and the brain specialist Karl Pribram Karl H. Pribram, Brain and Perception: Holonomy and Structure in Figural Processing. Hillsdale, N.J: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1991 concluded that memories are stored in a field on a level of reality beyond space and time. Indeed, a whole new paradigm.

And what is the influence that energy fields have on our physiology? The cell biologist Bruce LiptonBruce H. Lipton, The Biology of Belief. Hay House Inc, 2016 shows that energy fields have a far-reaching regulating effect on our physical body. The cellular network of our physical body is in fact a complex energy-interference pattern that is permeated and surrounded by organizing energy fields. In this way vibrational frequencies can change the physical properties of molecules. For example, the energy of thought can activate or block the cell function of producing proteins through the mechanism of constructive and destructive interference.

Cell biologists can measure the unique molecular frequencies of organic substances, such as the four different DNA amino acids. It has become clear that healthy cells, tissues and organs transmit a frequency spectrum that differs from corresponding diseased cells, tissues and organs.

Every person therefore has his own unique vibration pattern. Every vibration, each specific frequency and wave height (amplitude) creates specific shapes or patterns. As frequency and amplitude change, new patterns emerge; first you see chaos arise and then a new, seemingly stable and more complex structures form.

Waves meeting each other can erase each other, which is called destructive interference, but if waves reinforce each other, this is called constructive interference. Only the latter can maintain itself, stay in shape and contribute to our survival.

During dozens of years, measurements have been made in the electromagnetic field around the human body. The ELF (extremely low frequencies, 0-250 Hz) are involved in the biological processes and appear to be fairly constant for all people, but the EHF (extremely high frequencies, up to 200 000 Hz) are very varied; it is our personal signature and the height has to do with our state of consciousness – this is clear from research.

Higher frequencies appear to coincide with an ability of perception by which other levels of reality can be observed, for example by mystics. Change of our focus changes our frequency pattern.

The state of consciousness of an individual can be read from the vibrational frequencies of his or her energy field. The higher the frequency, the wider our awareness and perception. When the information, that this person has access to, has the essence of age-old wisdom, great truths and spiritual knowledge, his vibrations are in the area with the highest vibrations.

There seems to be a connection between the frequencies of our aura, the frequencies of our brain waves, our consciousness and our perception. More and more research indicates that this is completely coordinated by our heart. The cardiac field provides a synchronizing signal for the entire body.

Measurements have also shown that emotional vibrations such as anger, frustration, fear and insecurity are incompatible with the vibrational frequency pattern of the heart. The signals that are emitted by the heart become chaotic, blocking certain activities in the brain. Incompatible waves are not in phase, so we then experience a destructive interference and weaken ourself. This, too, can have its physical effect on us.

Scale of love?

Therefore, the most important conclusion of this whole picture is:

Love and compassion, as the highest frequency, are capable of transforming lower frequencies that go together with, for example, fear and anger. If this information becomes common insight, if more and more people become aware of this and draw the consequences, it will bring about enormous changes.

The psychiatrist and mystic David HawkinsDavid R. Hawkins, Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior. Hay House Inc., 2014 has designed a consciousness scale from 0 to 1000. This involves measurable vibrational frequencies, based on muscle tests, of the levels of human consciousness, which appear to correspond with human behaviour, something he has measured in thousands of people.


This schematic can be found on the internet under ´scale of consciousness´.

At the very bottom of the scale we find 20 as the vibration of shame, 30 as the vibration of guilt, and it goes up through apathy and grief to 100, the vibration of fear. Then it goes on through anger and pride to 200, the vibration of courage. (The numbers on the scale are arbitrary, as is the case with degrees Celsius, it concerns a mutual inter-relationship).

At 200 there is a first turning point, a change from destructive and harmful behaviour to constructive and beneficial behaviour. A second turning point is 500, the vibration of love. All vibration below 200 is weakening, everything above this frequency is reinforcing.

Love wins

And now it appears that although the average consciousness of people on earth vibrates below 200 (in 2009 this was the case in 78% of people), the collective consciousness of humanity exceeds 200! How did that happen? Dawkins explains that this is caused by the other 22%, because one person vibrating at the level of love (500 on this scale) offers a counterweight to 100,000 people under the 200-line.

The scale rises logarithmically, which means that every subsequent point on the scale means a giant leap in force. One enlightened person, who achieves 600 or 700 on this scale, can compensate for 10 and 70 million people! So, there is a great collective interest in everyone’s individual spiritual development, says Dawkins, because when destructive behaviour starts to win, then it´s over with humanity.

It is often said, that humanity is on the verge of making a quantum leap in consciousness, from an ego-directed consciousness to a human-centred consciousness, guided and carried by the Light of Unity. Because everything is connected with everything, we are indeed one humanity – but not united as yet.

You yourself can contribute to the increasing of our vibratory number and thus contribute to that Law of Love. Find connection! Develop a new focus. Take time to go into your inner self occasionally, let the heart lead in a way that the head must follow. The power of the Unity brings gnosis, inner knowing in your being. Your consciousness will transform into an All-consciousness. Then there is love for everything and everyone.

And then you are back in the Unity we talked of at the beginning of this article, under that starry sky in the Sahara, but now you look at it differently. Creation and humanity are one, yes for sure, seven billion stars – also counting those that are still flickering and occasionally weakening to nearly extinguishing. But soon all will twinkle and radiate in the highest frequency, in Love.

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Date: February 15, 2020
Author: Anneke Stokman-Griever (Netherlands)
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