The high tide
was beginning to recede.

On the beach, suddenly,
a crawling crab,
a small crab,
scuttles in the sand.

Such joy…!

It had been a while since one of them
crossed my path.

I admire that little being,
and, as an unexpected reaction,
the diversity of marine life came to mind…
How admirable it is!

I look up at the sky,
the white clouds paint the immense blue
and it does me good.

I admire the wind,
freely roaming the whole world
and spreading freshness.

The sea, relentless,
always displays new wave formations.

The vegetation seems to emerge spontaneously,
frames the sea
and completes the landscape.

very close,
are the people.
Each one is a universe.
Each one enjoys all of that
in their own way.

Humans fill every space,
not even the corals,
with their mouths surrounded by tentacles,
inhibit human audacity.

At that moment, I begin to reflect:
There must be,
impossible not to be,
an intelligence
ordering all of this…

it’s reasonable to assume,
behind the perfection of all Nature
there must be a plan…

I know,
the idea, the plan, is there
and is expressed through everything that is visible.

An unlimited mind
and at the same time
creates everything.

So, the questions
I ask myself are:

How do I fit into this plan?

Is man the great goal
of creation?

To make man
a co-creator of Nature,
possessor of an unlimited mind,
could that be the great goal?

I don’t yet have the answers,
but I will keep with me
with all care
the dream that this possibility brings.

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Date: June 26, 2024
Author: Group of LOGON authors (Brazil)
Photo: By davidvives90 from Pixabay

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