Everything vibrates – Part 1

The high frequency of Love transforms the low frequency of fear

Everything vibrates – Part 1

Modern science confirms what the Ancients always knew: everything is vibration. The sage studies man with his various vehicles as a complicated combination of vibrations. In science, we can now measure the ‘vibratory number’ of man in different states of mind and its effect on his environment and ultimately on the whole earth. This article follows the idea that every human being matters and is important in the process of co-resonating with the higher vibrations, on the way to the great transformation of consciousness of life on planet earth.


Now there are scientists who say, both about these big and about the small wonders, it is all coincidence. Out of nowhere came the Big Bang, and by chance evolution took place. Life is pointless, evolution only aims at survival of the fittest and the reproduction of life. Why? There is no why.

In such an approach to life there is no place for the miracle of a guiding, meaningful force in the universe to which people in human history gave all sorts of names; a force they have always venerated and worshipped in all kinds of forms. Until everything changed, four centuries ago.

Science went through an important development around 1600 and new worlds were discovered, using a microscope and a telescope. The false miracle was unmasked: gradually people saw a reasonable explanation for reality. The theologians were no longer believed, and finally the child was thrown away with the bathwater. There was no more miracle, no divine power was needed anymore. Only matter existed. Man penetrated ever deeper into it, with electron microscopes, all the way inside the atom. And he was convinced that what he did not yet know, he would still find out. This attitude has brought science far, but meanwhile the soul of man withers from lack of spiritual food and longs for real wisdom.


At the same time this world submits to the law that everything turns into its opposite. The moment came when science could no longer sustain the theory that there was only matter. No, matter was actually energy, everything was vibration, in higher or lower frequency. And vibration is information. Man even abandoned the idea of the speed of light as the highest possible speed.

It was a paradigm shift, a new way of thinking, just as drastic as 400 years ago, when the idea was born that not the earth but the sun was the centre of our solar system. The pioneers of this thought were burnt at the stake. Even now pioneers of a new paradigm have a hard time with the material believers. Just think of the opposition that homeopathy experiences, a method of healing, based on information, vibration.

It became clear that everything in essence is potential, is possibility. How energy is converted into matter, wave or particle, is determined by the viewer. This is called the uncertainty effect of Heisenberg. It is a revolution in the scientific thinking but, as said, many scientists do not want to accept it as yet. Scientists such as Erwin Laszlo, Ken Wilber, Peter Russell, Fred Alan Wolf, Masuru Emoto, Bruce Lipton, who have also made a study of ancient Eastern wisdom, came to the conclusion that what science had discovered, was known already thousands of years ago. Everything is vibration because everything is energy, and energy is always in motion.

These vibrations manifest themselves in many forms, which exist thanks to many complex vibrational patterns. When the movements cease, the manifestations return back to the Unity, the original state of rest. The creation, the universe, exists as an infinite frequency spectrum. Within this, the various levels of reality differ from each other in vibration frequency degree or energy density.

The Unknowable Unity is the highest vibrational frequency, an infinitely fast, very thin, subtle energy. Matter has the slowest vibrational frequency, the densest form of energy. A physical object or organism is a conglomerate of many different, harmonically tuned vibrational frequencies. We usually become aware of the lowest frequencies only, of matter. But this does not mean, that all those higher frequencies would not exist.

Harmonic resonances

Now, linked to the fact that everything is vibration, there are different principles. The Law of VibrationFor this article we used the book of Marja de Vries, The Whole Elephant Revealed . Axis Mundi Books, 2012 says that there is a permanent influence between the different levels of reality, called the Principle of Harmonic Resonance. Almost identical patterns or structures tend to vibrate with each other.

The second principle is the permanent transmutation of energy. Higher vibrations have the ability to transform lower vibrations, but the special thing is that conversely lower vibrations can never change higher vibrations. Because of this one-way law, evolution will eventually make progress in the direction of the higher vibration. This is known as the Law of Love, because universal Light and universal Love have the highest frequency.

The third fact of the Law of Vibration is that a constant stream of subtle life energy flows through everything. As a result, everything is maintained and everything is connected with everything. This is called qi or chi, or prana, tao, divine energy or spirit. That is what gives living things its life.

The first pure vibration, with which the universe was created, is found in the Bible as ‘In the beginning was the Word’. This vibration causes a creative energy in the primeval ocean of pure potential. Also in creation stories of other peoples one finds a similar beginning of vibration, or sacred sound (Sanskrit: Nada Brahma, the world is sound).

From this highest vibration, Love and wisdom as information, as Light, the whole universe arises, from the subtlest highest frequencies to the densest patterns, and eventually the physical world appears: stars, planets and all forms of life. And all of this essentially still consists of vibrations. So, you can say that the essence of everything that exists is: Light. No life is possible without light.

This is about harmonic vibrations. Each tone is a vibration frequency, and as long as it is being fed, it resonates and continues to work harmoniously. We are able to receive only a limited spectrum of these harmonic vibrations or tones with the human ear. We can also perceive those harmonic vibrations indirectly with the eye. For example, we experience the golden ratio in plants or in architecture as harmonious.

Pythagoras also spoke about these vibrations as the ‘harmony of the spheres’, for example when it comes to the proportions between the vibrational frequencies of the various planets. From astrology we know that the vibrational frequencies of each planet and its combinations have their own effect on every human being.

The principle of resonance means that identical or almost identical patterns or structures resonate with each other. A simple example are two violins. If you strike a tone on one violin string, the same string will vibrate on the other violin. And because the frequency of this string, just as with any physical object or organism, is in fact a conglomerate of many different vibrational frequencies, also many higher frequencies associated with this, the so-called overtones, start to vibrate, to resonate.

Everything is vibration, so everything is connected with everything in the universe: physical objects, thoughts, feelings, psychic phenomena, non-physical levels of reality, it is all connected, based on the principle of harmonic resonance.

And whatever deviates somewhat from the original vibration pattern will still vibrate by the principle of harmonic resonance – which means: the vibrations will again come into phase with each other or reinforce each other again.

People have – or actually are – a complex whole of many different vibrational frequencies, each with its own, unique vibration pattern. We observe in an ascending degree of transparency: our physical body, the etheric body, the astral body and the mental body. All bodies with lower vibrational frequencies are permeated by the non-physical bodies with higher vibrational frequencies. Thus, our thoughts and emotions are completely entwined with our physical body. The constant flow of subtle life energy also flows through us, and the more our different bodies are in harmony with each other, the better we can sustain ourselves, stay healthy, and feel connected to ourselves and everything else.

We mentioned the Law of Love earlier, namely that higher vibrations can transform lower vibrations. The higher frequency of Love will transform the lower frequency of fear. The expression “Love conquers all” is one of the greatest mysteries of creation, but perfectly logical in the light of the Law of Vibration.

If our souls could vibrate on the highest frequency and could permeate all our other bodies in this way, then our soul would form our connection with universal Love and universal wisdom. Therefore, many mystics consider the soul as the key to the Truth.

To be continued in part 2

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Date: February 15, 2020
Author: Anneke Stokman-Griever (Netherlands)
Photo: Unsplash

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