About Logon

LOGON is for those who ask whether our reality could be different to what the world normally presents us. It asks existential questions, such as: What is the purpose of my life? Does it have a deeper meaning? What is life anyway? How can I enter into a new relationship with everything that lives?

LOGON wants to encourage people to follow their heart and to advance their search for a new reality, one that everyone can find within themselves. When we investigate within ourselves, we can discover a source of inner knowledge that reaches deeply into what “life” really means: the recognition that within us is the potential for complete renewal.

LOGON strives to bring impulses for a “reawakening”; inspirations that open our eyes to a new perspective on life, with which we can become conscious of our position and our task in the world in a new way. The times we live in demand a new beginning, and rightly so, many are now seized by restlessness and an inner longing for change. A new start will succeed when it begins within ourselves.

LOGON would like to share with you insights and encouragement for this new beginning, through which you can allow the eternal essence within yourself to come to life.

LOGON is a worldwide project in many languages.

We welcome your questions and feedback: editors@logon.media

Eva Cristina Casciello – Italy
João Castro – Brazil
Heiko Haase – Germany
Marietta Millet – United States of America
Wiesława Modrzejewska – Poland
Ten Mukenga – Democratic Republic of Congo
Anneke Munnik – Netherlands

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