A Greater Reality – Part 1 – A View of the Divine

For many, reality is locked in the first 3 dimensions as perceived by the 5 senses

A Greater Reality – Part 1 – A View of the Divine


For many, reality is confined to the first 3 dimensions as perceived through the 5 senses. That there are more dimensions (4D, 5D, 6D and beyond), and that these can be experienced with our consciousness, certainly has to do with more or less latent senses besides the 5 known ones. Furthermore, it is a significant statement that there is ‘no empty space’ [1], in other words life also extends into infinite space in potentially numerous other life waves.

The awareness of the greater reality in which we actually live mainly relates to our perception, which also correlates with ‘higher’ senses.

At the same time, because of the increasing radiations of Aquarius, sources of knowledge and fields of experience are opening up, to which the Grand Masters of the modern school of the Rosycross [2], [3], [4], [5] often referred, sometimes as a warning, sometimes as a perspective, often with a gnostic assignment.

In the three three sections consisting of four parts:

a. A Greater Reality – Part 2 – The Realm of Archontic Forces

b. A Greater Reality – Part 3 and Part 4 – Otherworldly Life Waves

c. A Greater Reality – Part 5 – The Peace/Minne Paradox of Van Ruusbroec

and on the basis of the current events, which are so exciting, appalling, threatening and yet also full of promise, it is explored whether in this greater reality, a view of the divine can be perceived that can be founded on spiritual recognition.

In other words, how does pre-memory proceed in the dimensions and processes that are becoming more and more apparent?


From the promising awareness of Omnipresence, the first section (a. A Greater Reality – Part 2 – The Realm of Archontic Forces) draws attention to the vast emergency order, in which the archontic forces prevail, an emergency order that can be called a necessity for the demiurgic creator.

Saturn’s central role as a portal – metaphysically, electromagnetically, esoterically and physically – has had significant effect on the formation of the matrix in which the eons of the archons are responsible for the upkeep of the nature of death. Our Saturnian culture and economy have been able to sustain its profit seeking and materialism up to the present day due to a negative Mercury influence, but for some time now a new energy prospective has been glimmering on the horizon: ‘free’ energy based on quantum insights and activity. [6], [7]

In the second section (b. A Greater Reality – Part 3 and Part 4 – Otherworldly Life Waves), the essential help of these otherworldly forces for earthly humanity plays an important role. When we as humanity can operate on the free energy, the zero-point energy connected with the electric ether of the quantum household management, we initiate in ourselves a flow of energy that is very similar to the electric ether connected to the Christ intervention. The ‘otherworldly’ can then help us become aware of the non-destructive energy, which is our dormant potential.

This free energy connects with the field of unity freedom and love. Our conscious birth out of this field must completely take leave of the customary approach to producing and expending energy. Experience of freedom is necessary to activate the immortal core within us. This works through the awareness of unnecessary and karma-inducing connections with the lines of force of the demiurge or Yaldabaoth. For this, it is essential that, and in what way, the otherworldly benevolent forces prove to be real influences, while simultaneously unmasking the imitative forces that still have a powerful grip on our mental, astral, etheric and physical housekeeping.

In the third section (c. A Greater Reality – Part 5 – The Peace/Minne Paradox of Van Ruusbroec), about the field of unity freedom and love, Unity is at the forefront. Founded on the freewill of people who have left self-will and profit behind, love for the world and humanity can be lived from unity without having to leave the Centre of perfect peace; “Love as a perspective for action”.

The starting point for all three parts is always the excellent analysis of the “ancient” Gnosis as expressed in the Pistis Sophia [8] and the writings of the Nag Hammadi discoveries.


Now that the borders are removed, a greater reality is presenting itself to human consciousness on a cosmic scale, one can ask the question:

What can that greater reality reveal as an aspect of the divine, as “God’s countenance” for the pilgrim on the path of self-realization?

It is important to see this from an essentially Gnostic basis; to use the necessary renewing etheric power of Christ as a core element and to place modern spiritual insights in the light of the essentially increasing Aquarian radiation frequencies before an awakening soul consciousness. This also involves learning ‘lessons’ concerning the attitudes and insights of our cosmic friends, and being alert to infringements from cosmic opposition. Surprisingly modern ‘technology’ [free electrical energy] can be a stimulus in this respect, provided we are prepared to let go of the old thinking, which is culturally set in a profit-making sense: if we still want to generate ‘profit’ in any way, then we reach a dead end in the gateway of Saturn.

The cosmic view of the divine, in a mystical sense, has already been given a foundation in the gnostic aeon of peace and oneness, absolute peace, the perfect centre. From the Aquarian experience of unity, freedom and love, we can undergo the active force in an active mode of life, which is nevertheless rooted in that perfect centre of absolute peace. Jan van Ruusbroec rendered this paradox in original terms in The Spiritual Marriage [9]. Meister Eckhart [10] identified “the” greater reality as a view of the divine with the perceiving eye.


(To be contiued in part 2)



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