A Greater Reality – Part 2 – The Realm of Archontic Forces

One of the most extraordinary opportunities that arise in the transition to Aquarius is the participation in a "sense of omnipresence" of the aspiring seeker on the path of endura.

A Greater Reality – Part 2 – The Realm of Archontic Forces

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Sense of Omnipresence

One of the most extraordinary opportunities that arise in the transition to Aquarius is the participation in a “sense of omnipresence” of the aspiring seeker on the path of the endura. It is precisely this realization of the greater reality that opens soul aspects of the mind, which can make maturing in a cosmic sense self-realizing.

It means entering the space of an inclusive reality, which also extends within the dialectical beyond our solar system, which can even be called intergalactic. From a cosmic perspective, you could indicate that we are being propelled into that space when we quote the words of Mrs. C. de Petri from The Seal of Renewal [1]:

World and mankind are being, as it were, torn free from their own limitations and their eyes will turn to matters of intercosmic concern, to the interrelation with the all-manifestation, in order that all may know that mankind must form a willing part of a glorious plan of salvation.

This also means – because of the vibrational boundaries in time-space – that evil, ‘archontic’ forces could also reside in that vaster reality.

A very large emergency order

Therefore, in The Gnostic Mysteries of the Pistis Sophia, J. van Rijckenborgh renders the Archons of the Aeons as

the ruling and leading powers.

And further,

This is not just all that dwells in the reflection sphere, but think especially of the great powers that control the solar system, the zodiacal systems and even greater formations in the universe of death. [2]

It is therefore also logical that the aspiring seeker in his self-sacrificing quest for self-realization will discover that in that greater reality the power-workings of the archons cannot be neutralized just like that. Modern esoteric studies also show that this activity definitely transcends our solar system, as J. van Rijckenborgh pointed out. But also that there is a limit in frequency and wavelength beyond which the Archontic forces have no grip on that aspiring soul, which is at the border with the so called sixth cosmic plane. It is therefore logical that if there is a field of action of the demiurge, it should be placed in the space-temporal universe of the lower frequency of the seventh cosmic plane. Spatially, in the twenty-first century, some researchers situate the core of the forces of death in our galaxy, where the demiurge resides as the primordial creator of the matrix and from which this force coordinates its controlling exercise of power. The cosmic outer world is and will remain the domain of the forces of a false gnosis, partly because perception in the seventh cosmic plane is for the time being based on the lower frequency range of our five senses.

This corresponds to what Jacob Boehme [3] says about the outwardly visible cosmos. Everything that is visible and notable with our 5 senses is part of an ‘emergency order’, the order in which the demiurge creates illusions to give us the opportunity to experience and become conscious of our real source that is part of the real order or the first LOGOS.

Saturn as a gate

The central “entrance” into our solar system for the Archontic forces is the planet Saturn, through which “Yaldabaoth’s operation” is assured and the star-force principle of ordinary nature can reach every cell. Yaldabaoth in The Gospel of the Pistis Sophia is called an imitation of the first man, Anthropos. The Yaldabaoth is from the Second Logos, the Anthropos was from the First Logos. The Yaldabaoth is the demiurge, the creator god.

Yaldabaoth is also

the son of darkness, the lower astral force, the child of chaos. [4]

The dialectical universe is thus born of chaos.

The existence of a “gate” of Saturn as a spiritual perspective for earthly humanity has been known from time immemorial. It is also a given that the aspiring seeker on the path of transfiguration must pass through that gate in order to turn chaos back into cosmos. But that same portal can also be used as an entrance for archontic power influences on that same earthly humanity. This can be regarded as an infringement of the regenerative space for true human development, as an undesirable cosmic influence. Yet it has done so in the past with an appeal to the Saturnian qualities of the Demiurge, the Second Logos, who corresponds to the Old Testament “God of Vengeance.”

Emergency order a necessity?

The demiurge is responsible for the creation of the emergency order that keeps us captive in illusions. The demiurge (which literally means half-work) is the creator of the broken reality that has been forced upon us and wants to retain to us. Those who want to take their steps on the path of transfiguration should follow Christian purity in their (self) liberation and ‘eradicate’ from their contemplation everything specifically Old Testament, which is connected with the lower astral power, says Jan van Rijckenborgh.  Not only because the Old Testamental reflection in this day and age opposes any spiritual renewal, but also because it can mean a new captivity due to the enhanced Archontic action that binds the seeker to the lower frequency. This lower astral frequency blocks the passage through Saturn’s gate, because an imitation of the original Saturn can deflect the frequency increase realized by the purity-seeker to a level insufficient to enter and experience the zone of the frontier dwellers.

When we are ‘torn from our own limitations’, then the frequency level of the ‘Ephesian’ consciousness as a lower limit, is necessary in order not to succumb to chaos and alienation. That level of the Ephesian consciousness is high enough to see through the illusions of the dual life of the seventh cosmic plane but cannot undergo yet the ‘oneness’ of the divine sixth cosmic sphere.

Saturn as an entrance for the establishment of the matrix in our solar system

Modern gnostic-oriented esotericists, such as Helma Broekman [5], assume that it is not the original Saturn that allows this final influence, but a planet prepared by means of Saturn’s rings that, via Earth’s holographically projected moon, can feed and maintain the matrix dominant in human consciousness. This is a consequence of the religious power order at the time of the Old Testament, which was (and still is) ruled from Saturn. To serve this power order, a matrix was constructed with the help of time and space coordinators, within which man would become completely dependent on his material senses, in order to oblige observance of the low-frequency reality even longer. Whereas the passage through the gate of Saturn with the help of the electrical Christ power refers to the original Saturn. That original planet can therefore be regarded as the first mystery planet. The current ‘prepared’ Saturn with the rings as magical conductors of archontic rulers rightly represents the death aspect of the ‘nature of death’.

Gnosis as basic knowledge

What is striking about modern esotericism, is that it bases itself almost unanimously on gnostic knowledge and science, while the matrix is named as a directing and controlling super-instrument, an instrument – often even bound in our DNA – that tries to prevent an awakening and activation of the divine spark. It is also classic that the central and dominant strategy to guarantee power and nourishment for the dark entities is formed by appealing to fear. Fear lowers people’s vibration such that the energy they give off can be ‘consumed’ by the ‘unlights’.

Our Saturnian culture and economy

In the current polarized world situation, full of life restrictions imposed from above, the breeding ground for a true ‘fear culture’ is great, while at the same time – due to the light influx of Aquarius forces – the opportunities for self-realization for the soul that starts to live from the spirit also clearly gain in strength.

It is important to recognize that the awakening power-inhibiting influences – the ‘unlights’ as Christina von Dreien [6]calls them – can gratefully make use of the financial-economic system that we as humanity have set up since the seventeenth century, because that (commerce) system has to rely on fear, command structure, calculated control and material security, because that system is Saturnian with regard to the (lower) astral powers ‘having and keeping’. That system has been able to strengthen the Jehovist orientation and reflection by making use of negative Mercurial forces, which – classically – serve thieves and murderers. We have thus ended up in a wrong ‘calculating’ system. In Dei Gloria Intacta it is put this way:

The Mercury of the fallen Adam is bound to authorities and speculations; he has denegrated to become the god of commerce, salesmen and thieves. Man misuses  “the light of reason”; by the Mercury ray of nature he is drilled for the struggle of the lower life. [7]

Whereas the positive mercurial forces hold such a special hermetic perspective for humankind. For this it is necessary to become aware of the captivity caused by the downward bent reason of the negative Mercury and then to distance oneself completely from that culture. To ‘hate’ this culture, writes J. van Rijckenborgh, because the human groups of this culture:

have digressed in consequence of their ‘bowed down’ reason; and by their deeds have imprisoned and brought the defeat of all humanity with their materialistic and atheistically reaching tentacles.[8]

After this precise analysis, it is in the first place necessary to become conscious of one’s own divine origin and thus make possible a new mind, the “positive” Mercury. From there everything changes in one’s sphere of action and one feels the urge to witness a new reality in which he, she lives, in which he, she participates, a greater reality; the reality of the divine order.


(To be cntinued in part 3)


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