A Greater Reality – Part 5 – The Peace/Minne Paradox with Jan van Ruusbroec

'The eye in which I see God is the same eye in which God sees me'

A Greater Reality – Part 5 – The Peace/Minne Paradox with Jan van Ruusbroec

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The projection of the return Christi on a time-space scale in the world

The writer Steven Greer has investigated how it is possible that the factual disclosures of the countless spotted spacecraft and the many bona fide testimonials of pilots and astronauts have been blocked time and again and could ultimately conclude, through insights from the larger reality that there is a shadow ‘party’ that has an interest in maintaining the culture of fear regarding extraterrestrial interventions for political-economic reasons. And that the shadow party is organized internationally. Greer points out that he is personally not in the luxury of dismissing the whole thing as a conspiracy theory. He has discovered much more about major strategic connections, which he describes in his book Hidden truth and forbidden knowledge [1]. The gate to universal unity as the necessary development of consciousness has already been mentioned, is in itself an insight that is not new and already known and elaborated by mystics such as Jan van Ruusbroec (Die Geestelike Brulocht [2] with the motto and theme: Behold, the bridegroom is coming; to meet him).

What is new – at least for the vast majority of mankind – is the formulation of the purpose of the shadow party from a religious point of view: the preparation and staging of the return Christi at the same time as the destruction of the world and the death of billions of people. This very powerful group is trying to drive the world in a certain direction because of their interpretation of a prophecy that Greer says has already happened. An Armageddon prophecy, born of ignorance, superstition and hatred. Ignorance is the root and the solution lies in knowledge, enlightenment and spirituality.

The problem seems complex but can be solved relatively easily: in darkness can be brought light.

Yet that return Christi, at the same time as the end of the world, is a strongly living concept in the western world. Steven Greer wrote in 2006:

Think about it: If that’s what you believe in, you don’t care if there’s global warming or an eight trillion dollar debt. Then the world and all life will soon come to an end and the good Christians will ascend to Jesus in heaven.


End of shelf life of the old world

What, on the other hand, has really come to an end is an old world, which has exceeded its shelf life in terms of culture, economic system, established religion. What remains is the leitmotif of the gnosis that guards the fullness of pleroma and knows the relations with the divine spark that lives in every conscious soul. On the threshold of the Age of Aquarius it is of great importance to find the gate to the universal unity, within, but also certainly in the greater reality of dimensions that can be entered with the help of the cosmic electricity. The matrix, which wants to prevent mankind from passing through the gate of the primordial Saturn from the rings of Saturn via the moon, has no power when we live and are from the spirit of the gnosis, when we have learned to apply the pleromatic life-force. And that is what awaits the aspiring seeker on the path: learning to use the pure ethers through to the assimilation of the electric ether.


Transformation through conscious perception

That will certainly be transformative, because with it we use quantum energy that uses perception as change energy. Non-profit. For that is what happens when we use the zero point force of the pure, cosmic electricity for connection with the universal unity, which is associated with freedom and love. That perception will have to start from a basis of spiritual consciousness. And of knowledge of time, space and non-locality. That is, from knowledge of the interaction between unity and duality. The paradox is that unity and duality coexist, they are not incompatible.

The relative and the mutable, time, space, matter and the ubiquitous silence are the same in an absolute sense. There is no separation and therefore there is no duality. That is what Hermes is trying to convey and that is also the essence of Dao. The relative has differentiation because there are different energies and different elements. But at the same time, there is a perfect higher unity and higher consciousness that coexists with it and pervades everything. Our Aquarian job is to evolve to a point where we both see the differences and the unity.


Act of consciousness

The transformation will not happen by itself. We humans who see Aquarius as the purpose of life will have to lead and facilitate the process, but we are not alone. The human race and the earth have never been alone. We have never been without assistance and there has never been ambiguity about our final destination. The only question is how are we going to free ourselves from the current unholy situation. In our society and our education systems we are trained to conform. But yes, when you conform to a disturbed system, there is a problem. Yet we are called to freedom, because we live on the planet of free will.

No other intelligence, no DNA manipulation, no totalitarian system can stop us from using the free, sanctified will.


The ‘minne’ as an action perspective

Then it becomes apparent how unity and freedom have their fulfillment in love with the working of the sanctified will. And that love is the most. For the time being, this was a very private ‘intimate’ process in the bona fide mysticism of the time: the ‘minne’.

For in the same ‘now’ and at the same time love works and rests in her beloved. And the one is reinforced by the other. For the higher love, the deeper rest; and the more rest, the more affectionate love. The one lives in the other; and he who does not love does not rest, and he who does not rest loves not.

These are words of Jan van Ruusbroec from the time when the ‘now’ could be experienced as static, the ‘nunc stans’ or the standing ‘now’.

In the same writing from which the above quote comes, Die Geestelike Brulocht, he has depicted the relationship of unity, freedom and love or ‘minne’:

When man takes care to aim at God alone, and to restrain himself by reason, to deny his whole will, and to wait for the so-desired unity with inward freedom until the day when God wills it to give it, then the spirit of counsel in him be doubled; for great is he in following God’s decree and counsel, who forsakes himself in all things, and who can say with unquenchable, impetuous, fiery love, “Thy kingdom come.” and may say to God in submission and reverence, ‘Thy will be done in all things, not mine’ . . .

For God’s will is his joy, and he who surrenders in love is freest of all who live, and he lives without care; for God cannot perish what belongs to him.


Enjoy in eternal rest?

Ruusbroec already saw the paradoxical side of the unity with active working love from the complete tranquility of the eternal now and formulated this apparent contradiction as follows:

…no one can understand how one can love with activity and rest with pleasure, than the totally surrendered, detached and enlightened man. And yet every lover is one with God and at rest, and at the same time godlike in the works of love, just as God in his high nature, of which we bear a likeness, enjoys himself in eternal rest according to his essential unity and really, this is working in the eternal work according to his trinity. One aspect complements the other (…)

Therefore, if man wants to taste God, he must love; and if he wants to love, he can taste.

But if he is content with other things… he cannot taste what God is.

Therefore we must possess ourselves ‘singly’ by virtues (…)

and God above ourselves by love in rest and in unity.

There is therefore no time for ‘mystical sunbathing’, because then one cannot ‘taste what God is’.

In other ways too Van Ruusbroec rises above the devout passive mysticism by calling on reason to keep oneself in check, but above all by what Ruusbroec calls the sixth gift, ‘that is the spirit of understanding‘, corresponding to the ‘mind-born soul’ , the sixth step of soul awareness.


Views of God

The question can be asked about the many faces of God and especially which view Ruusbroec represents here. The view of love in freedom and unity already emerged in the above and it is important how Van Ruusbroec himself sees the divine light. According to him, the divine light is not a result of human thought and consideration. The clarity with which this light shines upon the soul is beyond human understanding. It stands above human reason, but does not leave reason alone. The spiritual man thus grows, thanks to God’s light and his own effort, to a contemplation of His light with the light of God’s clarity itself. You could therefore say that Light as a view of God is the most important for Van Ruusbroec.

Despite his plea for the workings of reason and the spirit of the understanding, it cannot be said that Van Ruusbroec goes so far as to dare to point out nature as the view of God as a ‘philosopher’, as Spinoza later pointed out.

Much closer comes the approach of Eckhart [3] as the eye of God:

The eye in which I see God is the same eye in which God sees me, my eye and God’s eye are one eye and one seeing and one insight and one loving.



Image Aurora Boehme,Taschen, Alchemy and Mysticism, Serafin flower garden

The Greater Reality

This mysticism, like the fullness of freedom, unity and love, tries to determine us in the transitional period by the mighty function of perception as an active instrument in the self-realization of the spirit-soul-man. As mentioned, a quantum observation, i.e. an observation not of individual particles, but a connecting observation as a wave phenomenon.

A connection of consciousness to a greater reality, which makes contact with the cosmos and the life-waves operating in it possible and perhaps necessary to not only neutralize the electromagnetic pollution and even destruction, but to put a definitive stop to it using the true cosmic electricity.

Thus opens the gate to the universal unity that surpasses all understanding.



[1] Steven M. Greer, Hidden truth and forbidden knowledge, Crossing Point Inc 2006

[2] Jan van Ruusbroec, Die geestelijke Bruiloft [Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage]

[3]  Meister Eckhart, German Sermons and Treatises,Watkins,1979

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