A Greater Reality – Part 3 – Otherworldly Life Waves

A Greater Reality – Part 3 – Otherworldly Life Waves

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Help from other human life waves through high-energy workings

From that greater reality, which therefore also extends beyond our solar system in various dimensions, can also emanate a helping activity for our solar system, for the earth, nature and humankind. For example as described by J. van Rijckenborgh in There Is No Empty Space [1]: The aid given to nullify the worst damage – mainly caused by nuclear experiments and discharges – has been operational for many decades, via spaceships of the various planetary and interplanetary life waves.

The Dutch scholar Dr. Ir. Coen Vermeeren [2] – former head of the Studium Generale department and lecturer in Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft – recently confirmed that, and how, aliens with their superior spaceships and highly advanced technologies have effectively neutralized the storage depots of nuclear weapons in America, among other places, so that these weapons, as it were, have been ‘disabled’. He explained this in an interview on the internet platform of Jorn Luka (The Trueman show #28).[3]

These special friends from the cosmos also applied the same neutralization to the atmosphere after nuclear experiments had taken place. In his capacity as lecturer in Aerospace Engineering, at Delft University of Technology, Coen Vermeeren has been able to explore how the extraterrestrials made use of the energy key for their extraordinary help.


The helping cosmic energy is already there…

The key concept, the key energy to make this restoration, this technique and these “operations” possible is electricity. Not the electricity we generate with fossil fuels, nor the electricity obtained from nuclear power plants, nor the electricity generated by wind turbines, solar panels and dams. No, there is already a gigantic cosmic electrical power in the entire universe, writes J. van Rijckenborgh in There is no empty space. Only we humans on Earth are ‘addicted’ to the wrong animation, so it never seems possible to utilise the same advanced techniques as the spaceships in the atmosphere, nor the intuitive techniques of highly evolved extraterrestrials. Ervin Laszlo [4] said of our technology,

You can apply the best technology, but if you stick with the old way of thinking, you’re just maintaining the old system and not changing anything.


Zero point energy is the true free energy

Nothing changes therefore, unless we learn to utilise ‘zero point energy’ [5], as the genius researcher Tesla (1856-1943) also suggested and even demonstrated more than a century ago, so that we too can eternally and in full knowledge, extract cosmic electricity and use it in ‘very small spaces’, as described by J. van Rijckenborgh in There is no empty space. This zero point energy is a quantum mechanical ability that can be harnessed in any consciously living divine-spark entity through highly focused attention. This ability also enables us to “receive” relevant information instantaneously, without exhaustively notifying us through search engines. Quantum computers can be regarded as imitations of this ability.



‘energy sphere’ or ‘primordial atom’ [6]

Energy from the underlying zero point field

The ‘extraction’ of this cosmic energy cannot lend itself as a ‘business model’, because tapping into it correlates to a state of consciousness that our production-consumption pattern cannot allow. Indeed, the current economic system is linked to the earth’s forces of destruction through mechanized techniques and human activities. The expectation in our current system is that an even better business model will emerge when the existing methods and infrastructure are destroyed. This is the popular ‘disruption method’, a conditional subversion of the existing. Victor Schauberger [7], a leading inventor from Austria (1885-1958) and one of the many pioneers of the use of free energy, already pointed out that we have based our entire Western culture on the wrong kind of technology: From all the possibilities nature offers us, we use only the destructive half – the impulsion nature uses for destruction. In practice, this means that we use relatively inefficient technologies that require a lot of fuel and leave behind a lot of hardly recyclable waste. But it is also possible to use ‘suction implosion technology’ so that energy is available from the underlying zero-point energy field. However, financial-economic forces and interests have so far managed to hold back the lofty development of free energy. [8]


The ‘spunk-feeder’ as a free energy provider

When Knowall came to the aid of Ollie B. Bommel in the story ‘De Bovenbazen (The Top Boss)’ by Marten Toonder [9]with an instrument called ‘spunk-feeder’, it was rejected by the leaders of our financial-economic system as completely undesirable, because this energy device could not be profitable.


“Stop that!” exclaimed Mr. Steinhacker, who moved violently, “that is no good, it is against the order of things!”

In fact, Knowall had managed to tap into the cosmic energy inherent in everything. However, when we “acquire” that electrical energy with radioactivity, we are actually committing what Gurdjieff [10] calls “abuse.”

J. van Rijckenborgh writes about this in The Egyptian Arch-Gnosis part II:

What we call radioactivity is only a tiny spark of one of the seven forces of the atom. If man splits the atom and liberates the forces contained in it, even for so-called “peaceful” ends, he will become the victim of the other atomic forces which he has liberated at the same time but which he is not going to use. The forces released will accumulate in the atmosphere and cause a mighty fire, resulting for the nth time in the annihilation of the dialectical field of life[11]


The Essential Alien Help

It is no exaggeration to say that without the help of extraterrestrials in and on our Earth, our violent culture’s misuse of electricity would have long since resulted in a permanent disruption of the fields that keep our Earth ‘healthy’. Even the entire solar system could be damaged by it. However, through their activity the magnetic currents could be restored, cleaned, ordered and regulated so that the intercosmic economy could still be maintained. (There is no empty space)

Less recent esotericism has warned against “misuse” of electricity, such as that by Steiner [12] and Gurdjieff [13]. The latter indicates as early as the 1920s that humanity out of ‘naive-selfish’ purposes has never abused (destroyed!) electricity to such a large degree as is the case today (and that was a century ago when “atomic vandalism” had yet to begin).


The electric ether power renews the heart

In the meantime, the need for energy and especially electricity for socio-economic purposes, is increasing enormously, and there is a shortage in the supply, partly due to more and more devices and computer techniques that require the ‘incorrectly’ generated energy. But this electricity will not bring us to a better spiritual position, perhaps only to a more comfortable position, in which we ‘pay’ for this welfare with the loss of the source-connection, of the potential inner soul.

Why is the correct use of electricity important for mind-soul development?

Because it is analogous to “pleromatic assimilation,” that is, to the assimilation of the astral fullness into the microcosm, corresponding to the fire ether activity, through which the spiritual “outflow” is realized. That fire ether or electric ether is pre-eminently an Aquarian power of Christ, as the Uranus herald. Our hearts can receive that etheric force, which is why Uranus as a mystery planet radiation, and as the ruler of Aquarius, is called the renewer of the heart. [14]


Access to the Unexpressible Universal Unity

It is partly for this reason that the increasingly powerful radiations of Aquarius appeal to the portal that is pre-eminently connected with the ‘greater reality’: the soul gate of the universal unity in the freedom of self-realization. It is a unity in complete inner peace with the bliss experience carried by the divine light in complete synchronicity with ALL that lives. The unity that has already been explored by mystics such as Jan van Ruusbroec [15] and Meister Eckehart.[16] Aquarius wants to pour that unity into our consciousness as living water. And the bona fide extraterrestrials can help us with that too, if we step over our shadow and dare to ‘ask’ for it. Then we can pass through the gate of the primordial Saturn into the efficacy of the spirit. That is an intuitive process, but not solely mystical.

Steven Greer, trauma physician and author of the book Hidden Truth and Forbidden Knowledge, [17] indicates that the basis of universal unity lies within ourselves:

We are beginning to realize that we are being visited by alien civilizations, but simply realizing the unity of humanity is not enough,we have to go beyond even that and grow to a level where we understand the universal aspect of the mind; the fact that the conscious mind itself is universal and that the consciousness in a life form of another planet is identical to that in ourselves.

That transcending can be understood as a frequency increase to above the limit of the sixth cosmic area, so a homecoming in the new life field.


(To be continued in part 4)


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The first universal law, the Law of Oneness, reveals the existence of an underlying field of consciousness that some quantum physicists have recognized as the zero-point field or the zero-point energy field. The new scientific insight is that the space, which was previously thought to be filled with ‘ether’, but which was later declared empty, is not empty after all, but completely filled with a very special energy.

The Austrian scientist and inventor Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) discovered the existence of a universal two-sided, cooperating principle of motion in nature on the basis of the Law of Dynamic Balance. The spiraling inward, implosive movement that generates coolness, suction, growth and health on the one hand, and the explosive force that brings heat, pressure, fragmentation, disease and death on the other.

He observed that by spiraling inward, the implosive force accumulates force that concentrates in the center of the spiral (vortex action).

According to Schauberger, it is, among other things, by using suction implosion technology that it becomes possible to obtain energy from the underlying zero-point energy field. There are several reasons to suspect that free energy technologies are in fact inextricably linked to a particular state of consciousness and that these new technologies only really become available when the consciousness of us, humanity, is ripe for it. After broadening/increasing the frequency thereof, the

take place, namely if we are aware enough to deal with it in a responsible manner. If we manage to restore our inner balance, in that state of being we can make contact with Source and with the field of universal consciousness, also known as the zero point energy field. (source: [8])

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