A Greater Reality – part 4 – Otherworldly Life Waves

Are we not then dealing with the Archon forces and powers that want to draw their energies from our ether production within and outside the earth sphere and outside our solar system?

A Greater Reality – part 4 – Otherworldly Life Waves

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Self-realization in Aquarius

Are we not then dealing with the Archon forces and powers that want to draw their energies from our ether production within and outside the earth sphere and outside our solar system? That may be the case, but only to the extent that we are in servitude to the systems of power, fear and ‘remaining ignorant’; only to the extent that we continue submitting to authority; and only to the extent that we obediently follow the prosperity dream of comfort and ease in the world, at the expense of planet and fellow human beings, for which many are apparently willing to give up the last vestige of autonomous authority.

For self-realization you have to stay with yourself, with the eternal and infinite soul entity that you really are. Only in this way is an “effective” Endura elevating in the Gnostic sense.


Denial by the ‘old world culture’

But there is even more happening on our Earth regarding the many visits by spaceships from elsewhere, which really didn’t just start in the second half of the twentieth century. As early as the 1960s, J. van Rijckenborgh [1] wrote that the authorities deny the phenomena and that the media follow this denial.

Dr Steven Greer [2] has made countless attempts to explain the phenomena – and there are thousands of them! – to make it public, with the intention to advance a positive management from the point of view of responsibility for the earth, humanity and the solar system. It is true that many people cling to the image of good and bad ‘aliens’, because they anthropocentrically project on them how humanity sees itself. In reality, Steven Greer argues, we have only ourselves to fear. His positive appreciation for the activities of the manned spaceships from elsewhere is primarily in the light of the vibration-raising of the human soul consciousness: he sees room for the universal unity of souls in the Aquarian sense, partly through good contact with our cosmic friends and especially through the lessons they can teach us.


Does the denial hold up?

So far, that disclosure has not been successful, not allowed, which is strange when you realize that there is hard evidence, but it becomes understandable when in science and in the media just one line is drawn in order to persist in that denial.

There is, however, new information related to this incomprehensibly rigid denial, namely that there are interests from governments and other powers to keep this far-reaching knowledge secret: there are parties in the world who see it as a gigantic threat if this knowledge becomes public. And these interests and parties also play right into the hands of the Demiurge and Jaldabaoth, that is, they try to hide the knowledge that might allay the fear and present the use of the true cosmic electricity as “unrealistic.” They try to astrally cover the source material of self-realization in the Gnostic sense and “suck” it out of our self-knowledge.

Yet, due to the increasing exposure in the transition phase to Aquarius, we see that it has become increasingly difficult to continue to deny, ridicule or label obvious phenomena such as alien spaceships and crop circles as conspiracy. Especially when more and more  pilots are willing to openly offer testimonials and visual images.


Science hides behind an old paradigm

For example, the American government feels compelled to play an open card and in the long term to make known to the world what the great intercosmic reality has been trying to communicate for decades. Strategically important spokespersons still demand that disclosure be accompanied by the dire warning of the threat to humanity on earth, which our doubted friends of the cosmos would carry as a hidden agenda. Moreover, one can always scientifically hide behind “unidentified=unidentified” and any explanation that does not fully follow the accepted scientific criteria is speculation. For example, the sudden disappearance and/or withdrawing at very high speed from the radar area, which can only be explained by dematerializing forces that can be derived from the said cosmically present electricity in an electromagnetic setting. It will be obvious that such an explanation – however esoteric it may be – is not acceptable to the conservative forces of a materialistic science.


The power of Hollywood

J. Van Rijckenborgh indicates in There is no empty space [3] that the friendly and very beneficial help of the spacecraft and their pilots is not without self-interest, in the sense that their activity is mainly self-protective. However, nowhere in the extensive coverage is there evidence that aliens want to violently conquer Earth and outwardly enslave humanity or worse, destroy it. This is in fact also contrary to the High Council for the Service of Human Life-Waves, which stipulates that a fundamental free choice for human life-waves must absolutely be respected. Several modern esoteric investigators speak of a High Counsel or a Galactic Federation that proclaims freedom of will for earthly mankind as an  unnegotiable right.

Fear of violence and destruction of our species comes from ourselves as humanity, presumably from a distant past but unfortunately it has been widely supported by Hollywood and Netflix, obviously to make money out of it. You could call the powers that wield and cultivate that fear archontic, and using fear as a manipulative tool is loved by policymakers, the business community and – unfortunately – also scientists. So beyond the religions, where people are used to manipulating with fear! A behavioral scientist, for example, stated that he had to conclude that fear as a means of manipulation will be less effective in corona policy:

Fear ebbs away like in a horror film. Then you have to stimulate the desired behavior in a different way[4]


Improper offering

In the past, however, attempts were made by extraterrestrials to influence the terrestrial human race into an attitude of life that was beneficial to the non-terrestrial beings. The mythologies of almost all cultures are permeated by the attempts to do so. Obedience to the demigods has been a tried and tested requirement to move the still immature and possibly DNA-engineered humanity to the desired respect and even sacrifice. The Old Testament and Greek mythology also give examples of this.

Christina von Dreien mentions in her book Everything Will Be All Right [5], about the positive and negative extraterrestrials. In it she reflects that some of the ‘good guys’ have helped us in the past and that without these loving beings, humanity and the earth would probably be much worse now, as J. van Rijckenborgh has also suggested.


An immortal core within us: can it be true?

Through the renewing powers of the Light, that really wants to stimulate us to true human incarnation, more and more people are experiencing that fear is a great psychological pitfall. In promoting the fear of violent alien strategies – a promoting that J. van Rijckenborgh [6] fortunately also pointed out for us – consciousness in 2022 can encounter an obstruction due to the very dominant ‘official’ denials by an outdated old concept of reality, which is inspired by a one-sided materialistic culture, supported by media that parrot it. (Nothing has changed in that regard since the 1960s.) A culture that holds us in the wrong kind of disbelief: “It can’t be true!” Just as the gnostic idea of ​​the immanent immortal core in every human being has for centuries been suspected, denied, mocked and contested. That one-sided materialistic view of reality can currently hold hostage even that human consciousness which in principle goes beyond the fear of violent extraterrestrials. The turnaround is happening among young people, insofar as they do not allow themselves to be encapsulated by the dominant media and they continue to think for themselves.


The truth of an ancient Gnostic Gospel

And… a turnaround can also occur with scientists such as Coen Vermeeren [7].

Ostensibly like a

floating frenzy that flourishes from a humus layer of rational high-tech science

as Richard Osinga’s novel Arc [8] suggests, but which in fact is substantially based on verifiable data. The resistance is then only the suspicion of a ‘conspiracy theory’. Then it also becomes clear that the Gnostic Gospel of the Pistis Sophia [9] is very vulnerable to such suspicion, as are other ancient Gnostic texts, indeed, the activity of the demiurge/Yaldabaoth can be regarded as a conspiracy from the perspective of power thinking.

However, the fact that one can easily label as “conspiracy theory” an in itself consistent and coherent story has no meaning for the reality and truth of an age-old Gnostic gospel.

The evidence for this is becoming increasingly clear in this transitional period: many “new” esotericists and exotericists are opting for the awe-inspiring knowledge base of the Gnostic Gospels, such as the Pistis Sophia and other Gnostic writings, especially since the Nag Hammadi discoveries became known.


(To be continued in part 5)


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