The Dream

A true experience

The Dream

We can consciously experience darkness, especially in winter time when there is storm and ice. But nevertheless in these moments we can also find light in our inner being. It bears us and we bear it: an inner spark which is shining through all times, endlessly and clear.

Beaming brighter than each sun

within us

through us

across us


Are we touched by the divine in our dreams?

It was a cold night in January and I could not sleep and was listening to a podcast by Stiftung Rosenkreuz on YouTube. It dealt with the meaningful script Fama Fraternitatis RC, anonymously published in 1614. The Fama describes a path of transfiguration or changing the personality into a spirit-soul-entity. In the beginning of the 17th century it was necessary to express a message like this in a coded way, in metaphors. Otherwise the author’s lives would have been endangered. While listening to the podcast I fell asleep, filled with satisfaction.

It was, however, not a normal sleep. Where was I? – I recognized in my dream: we are not what we believe ourselves to be.                                                                                    

I will try to explain the encounter which I had during this dream and the feelings that went along with it although they cannot really be described in words. 

I felt a warm and soft embrace as of divine grace; it seemed to me that I was carried along by a fluent energy in the light of eternity – it was a force not of this world.  

And then the encounter: the spark as a superior consciousness (like a silent point in the universe) met my earthly consciousness.

Seventeen years ago when I was twelve I had a first similiar strange experience. I suddenly saw myself from above. It felt like a prophetic view arising from the level of totality. There was no special feeling connected to it. Where was I in that moment?

Now, years later, my dream was incomparable, unforgettable, beyond any words

I got the impression that I was travelling to myself in the eternal world of souls. When I awoke I was moved to tears of joy and hope and filled with a kind of reverence.

This was just the beginning. The dream proceeded and gave me a vision of a mighty force. I woke up several times and felt a strange kind of happiness such as I never had felt before. When I fell asleep again the story continued at the point where it had stopped.

I saw myself living with a woman in a future time: her face exceedingly beautiful; I experienced love so pure as if it was divine. It must have been an ideal of another world but still it was very real, very clear – and unexpected. For many days afterwards the vibration of it stayed within me. Again and again tears came into my eyes, tears of longing and joy. 


Can love between humans reach the divine world?

After this short account I would like to say something about love, resulting from the impressions I received.

Remember the moments when you fell in love, think of the exhilarating feeling. Remember also the pain when you were separated for some time and the intensive and fulfilling joy after having been united again.

Love between humans – there seems to be a divine element in it, something to remind our hearts of the existence of a primary love and to make us yearn for it. Earthly love can hurt, it is connected with suffering of one kind or another.

But even if we end up disappointed and hurt in a relationship we are still ready to fall in love again. Do we thus react to the call of love coming to us from our real home?

We take our love into the world, we try to live our dreams. Some of them are originating in another sphere, one beyond our comprehension. Because they cannot be realized in our world. But there is still the world of our origin …

My conclusion is: we should not be embittered when suffering disappointment and deceit. We can leave them behind and go forward.

Having love in our hearts enables us to live a bit of divine love.

Remember where we came from

Live with love

as a step on our way home

Remember why we are here and where we have to go

Let us bear hope.


Forget hate

Forget the autistic Ego

Forget war and avarice

Forget the blinded and strayed

That try to divert us from our origin.





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Date: June 29, 2018
Author: Jonathan Tsanaktsidis (Germany)
Photo: Pixabay CCO

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