Leading the life processes – Part 2

It is not without reason that it is often said: man does not live, he is lived.

Leading the life processes – Part 2

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Archons are ungodly astral concentrations that man himself has built up by daily feeding them mentally and emotionally for centuries until they are so strong that they gain power over him. In small and in large. Aeons are clouds of archons of an equal vibration and form a power that is almost inescapable. It is not without reason that it is often said: man does not live, he is lived.


We ourselves still contribute to this building up every day, through our prejudices and our fears, but also through our worship and idolization of, for example, the influences of idols in sports and films or through any kind of fanaticism. In her book An Interrupted Life Etty Hillesum [1] says:

Let us realize that every atom of hatred we add to this world makes it more inhospitable than it already is.

When we are aware of this, we can act on it.

There are electromagnetic transformations on a world-scale, brought about by humanity, that bring our field of life into ever greater disharmony, to a crisis, to a limit, a limit that we now seem to approach ever closer.

In the current now it is about understanding how we ourselves and the world are doing. In a conversation with the philosopher Ad Verbrugge, the Belgian psychologist Professor Mattias Desmet [2] shows how there was a time in which the ideal of communism lived, then the ideal of neoliberalism and now it is the time of idealized technicism. The power of the experts and big data rules and controls us. Apart from that part of humanity that still starts from the omnipotence of the mind, thinking in matter only and the accompanying malleability is generally ingrained. The feeling of meaninglessness therefore continues to increase. And that actually makes sense, because according to the mechanistic worldview, life is by definition meaningless. The massive swallowing of antidepressants must compensate for the lack of prospect of meaning.

Professor Desmet sees an increase in burnouts among his students. And so, according to him, a breeding ground has been created for the focus on a guilty person and for pandemic fear. Out of fear, democratic power is handed over to the experts, who feed the fear, and a vicious circle arises. Fighting a common enemy gives back some sense of purpose, of a purpose in life, but promotes the very dangerous mass formation, making the masses immune to any opposition. But this simply does not enter, according to the professor.

But it doesn’t have to be that way with us. We do not need to let ourselves be caught by the global “hypnosis of fear”, let our consciousness be obscured and let ourselves be stunned without will. If we remain awake and vigilant, we have the power to cross the realm of archons and aeons and consciously follow the light of love.

If you were well prepared, then have no fear, 

says The Voice of the Silence [3].

You have turned away from sensual things, walked the ‘path of seeing’, the ‘path of hearing’, and you are standing in the light of knowledge. (…) Verily, such a man is mighty.

(from: The 7 gates)

Let’s explore where we can derive that special power from.

Power of a different order

After the analysis of earthly power in its many facets, we arrive at a power of a completely different order: God’s omnipotence. A concept so grand and unearthly that we are unable to comprehend it. That is why we tend to make it small, earthly, to translate it into a power that we know, that we can doubt, that we even can reject. But that only adds to the chaos.

Something of that omnipotence can only be tasted when we mature to the understanding that there is a Plan. Yes, there is a plan to guide humanity on Earth on its path to increasing awareness. Everything is subordinate to this, that plan is the divine omnipotence, even if everything that happens to the present consciousness of man is completely incomprehensible at first. Yet the point is to let man become aware of that divine omnipotence and the place that man has in it.

Do you not know that you are gods?

So we come back to the beginning of this article, which describes how that path is taken, successively for, with and through humanity. That is the current phase: through humanity, through us, awareness has to grow. We have reached the point where we are faced with a leap of consciousness. That we come to see that it is not about the ego, but about the immortal soul principle within us. That we must become love, that we have the power to take that step, with the help and guidance of God’s omnipotence. In verse 33 of the Daodejing [4] it says,

 He who overcomes an enemy is strong; he who overcomes himself is almighty.

There it starts, with overcoming ourselves. Wei-wu-wei, says Lao Zi: do the not doing. Practice the endura, the Rosicrucians say, in imitation of the Cathars. Becoming empty after earthly desires, becoming empty of all astral turbulence, becoming still, because deeply lived inner silence is the language of the soul. Then the Voice of the Silence speaks.

Our longing for true nobility, for the divine, that is the motor. Everything starts with that. (…) We must become so independent of material things that, under whatever circumstances, the spirit can continue to go its way and carry on its work.

(Etty Hillesum)


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Date: October 19, 2021
Author: Anneke Stokman-Griever (Netherlands)
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