Leading the life processes – Part 1

What is power?

Leading the life processes – Part 1

Power intends to keep society within the boundaries of functioning. The course of humanity is a path to increasing awareness, with trial and error. As long as man is still a mixture of instincts and higher ideals, this must be led in the right direction entirely, in order to prevent chaos and decline. In that case it is right that a wise leader takes care of this, someone who may be a little further in awareness than those whom he must lead, over whom he must exercise his power. Who is such a leader? Let’s go back to the primordial past.


The text below was included in a folder at the time of the publication of the four volumes of The Egyptian Gnosis and its call in the eternal now, again proclaimed and explained on the basis of the Tabula Smaragdina and the Corpus Hermeticum of Hermes Trismegistos, by J. van Rijckenborgh [1]:

In the early days of the Aryan era, when the racial body of mankind was hardly suitable to express any awakening consciousness in the sphere of matter, it was the sons of God who directed the processes of life. In this way the lofty ones of Hermes worked for mankind.

In the second phase, consciousness was sufficiently developed and the truth could be made known to humanity. The sons of God came directly to the people. They came to live among us as kings and priests of the order of Melchizédek. The lofty ones of Hermes worked with humanity. Thus the truth came to call us to our true homeland.

And finally, in the third phase, man had heard of the truth and had to prove that he could achieve liberation in and by his own strength. Henceforth, the truth should be known in and by humanity itself. The sons of God withdrew into their own areas of life, to provide from there any necessary help and guidance.

In the liberation phase now begun, the lofty ones of Hermes are working through mankind! Those who really care about the future of mankind should not leave these books unread.

So we live in the third phase of humanity’s history, in which man has been given the power to reverse his destiny himself. No longer living “under the law”, but “becoming himself a law” (statement of Jesus), because man has (in theory) acquired the corresponding consciousness in the meantime. But man is not yet perfect, he is on the way, and we see around us every day how difficult it is to take a step in the right direction.

Do people want supernatural power, raising them beyond themselves? In other words, are they in need of it?
Apparently. If we look back in history, there has always been a hierarchy in all kinds of places on earth, from the power of the tribal elder to the more or less absolute power of the – whether or not divinely declared – emperor, pharaoh, tsar, pope, high priest, lord of the castle, warlord, great helmsman and so on, up to the president, chairman of the board or prime minister. A universal pattern.
To experience a supernatural power, which represents the wisdom that man himself still lacks, is (or perhaps was) a universal need.

Mellie Uyldert writes in her book The hidden powers of gems [2]:

The power poured out on the head of the monarch by the folk spirit at the coronation, in request of the people, is seen as a golden light. That is depicted in the gold of the crown.
Particularly if one sees the folk spirit as a servant of the great sun spirit, for the gold conducts the solar power to a great extent, which brings life, happiness and prosperity.
So it is practically the best conductor. (…)
With the same purpose the high priest of the Hebrews wore his breastplate with twelve gems, attuned to the twelve signs of the zodiac and the corresponding twelve planets (visible and invisible).
The gems guide the forces of the planetary spirits, which carry out the initiatives of the solar spirit. (…)
So wearing the crown makes the monarch a tremendous battery of power.
Therefore, in ancient times king and queen had nothing to do but sit on their golden thrones with the crowns of gold and precious stones on their heads and the scepter and orb (symbolizing the masculine and feminine force: yang and yin) in hand. Thus they radiated strength as the center of their empire, the heart of their people. Constantly receiving from above and pouring down.

A beautiful image, based on the assumption that “the power” is fully and wholeheartedly handed over by the people to the wise monarch. But times are changing nowadays. Self-awareness has grown; people think they know what is good for them, they trust in themselves. In many countries, a king is just a symbolic extra or has been completely abolished. A democratically elected government is still acceptable, if it provides and guarantees freedom, prosperity and well-being as much as possible. But given the earthly law that everything is always turning into its opposite, we see democracies degenerate into dictatorially-led countries, and dictators are deposed again because people long for democracy. This constant change of power is an excellent example of the earthly rising, shining and sinking.

If we recapitulate what power actually is, we see the split in:

a natural predominance based on

  • Life experience
  • wisdom, insight
  • a loving attitude towards all
  • to serve the development of human consciousness

and an artificial preponderance, based on

  • playing with fear
  • stirring up the crowd
  • controlling the military
  • help from (a lot of) money
  • manipulative abilities (which already start in the schoolyard)

Above that there is

  • the power of the planetary influences
  • the power of the archons and aeons.


(To be continued in part 2)


[1] J. van Rijckenborgh, The Egyptian Arch-Gnosis, Rozekruis Pers, Haarlem 2017

[2] Mellie Uyldert, The Magic of Precious Stones – The Hidden Powers of Gems, Their Influence on Man, and Their Connection with Magic, Astrology, Healing and Religion,  Turnstone Press; First English Edition, 1981

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Date: October 19, 2021
Author: Anneke Stokman-Griever (Netherlands)
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