Unity and love in partnership?

The Spirit, by his own force, can steer man and woman along the path of harmonious cooperation

Unity and love in partnership?

We would like to consider a thought that possibly runs counter to our usual conceptions of the relation between man and woman. In this article, we are neither concerned with the question of domination or emancipation, nor are we engaging with the psychological view on the quest for a harmonious partnership. It is a new paradigm that we are concerned with.

What we want to indicate is that man and woman can ‘surrender’ everything concerning their personal relationship to a higher power. They can achieve a unity that goes way beyond the ordinary understanding of the term.

The beginning of the path towards true unity is always in the present moment. Its final destination is a total inner transformation. What do we have to surrender? Certainly not our partner, but certain aspects of our relationship, like the need to dominate and the reactive need to emancipate.

This process is a spiritual path of self-knowledge and every person on this path will be guided towards an awareness of the subtle techniques of the ego. We eventually come to understand that the ego is but the temporal embodiment of our eternal self. If we follow the path from the periphery towards the hub, we approach the core of our being in all its vibrant reality.

The path towards self-knowledge begins within the heart. There, we are image the bearer of the divine self; there, we find the door towards the eternal presence of the spirit. This door opens, once our longing for fulfillment is strong enough.

On this spiritual path the psyche of men and women undergoes a twofold process: It consists of a total surrender of the willpower to a higher principle of life and of the resurrection of this same principle as the new soul.

The male and the female are both polar principles that can be found both in men and in women. In order to create an upward movement out of this dual principle, a third element is necessary: the divine spirit.

In this triangle, consisting of the male, the female and the divine-spiritual, the dualistic, earthbound energies can reach a higher level. The same magic can happen in a relationship between a man and a woman, in any relationship whatsoever for that matter. It is then no longer a question of domination and emancipation but rather of transformation and transcendence.

The divine-spiritual knows a female form of expression –love- and a male form of expression – thought-. Love resonates with the heart whereas thought resonates with the mind. This is true for both sexes. However, women are rather inclined to receive the divine-spiritual with their heart whereas men are more likely to receive spiritual impulses in their mind.

The possibility results thereof in a totally new cooperation within a relationship provided that both partners put the search for eternal truth at the center of their lives. Through the act of surrendering a woman’s heart can become the soil for the spiritual seed and thus witness an extraordinary development. The man, as her partner, can participate in this miracle. He, on the other hand, having purified his mind, can now immediately conceive the impulses of the spirit with his mind. These will not only resonate with his heart but also with his partners’.

As soon as the man’s mind is open for the spirit, a new will awakens within him to realize what he has received. Within the woman, on the other hand, the spirit awakens the will-activities of the heart. And again the received powers unite within the relationship, multiplying the possibilities of each partner.

Consequently, the spiritual path is not concerned with man and woman, trying to harmonize their relationship out of their own, egocentric, will-power. Instead, they come to understand their inner dispositions and learn to use them on their spiritual path. Harmony is the logical consequence of this inner surrender to the divine-spiritual, as the spirit knows no disharmony.

On this path of initiation they allow new spiritual values to enter their lives. These values accelerate their relationship and it is within the light of the spirit that men and women can see and overcome the obstacles within their relationship.

In this way, they become true, living souls. A radiation of love, of knowledge and a new will operate within them, which are different from what we commonly call love, knowledge and will-power. Such a development is possible once many experiences and trials have been suffered and both partners have consciously decided to devote their lives to the divine spirit.

Both currents of the spirit, the female and the male, work together in a sacred polarity out of which creation emerges. Both currents create out of this relationship- between men and women, within man and woman and also in larger groups.

Then, men and women, will be elevated into a true unity of the souls. And out of the unity of their soul radiation arises a third element: the son, the divine consciousness, the highest aspect of the soul.

Most of us are still prisoners of the world’s duality. But we can return to a state of true unity. The possibility thereof is within us and awaits our recognition. The love that a man and a woman, or any two people, can feel for each other, is only a reflection, a distant echo of the true divine love, that shines for every human being.

This divine love is the secret and the miracle of every love.

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Date: October 10, 2017
Author: Rose Marie Cohen (Spain)
Author: Michel Cohen (Switzerland)
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