What you see is yourself


A dream. You are in a street and all its paving stones are uneven. People regularly trip over them and you are ready to help stop the bleeding, bring comfort to the injured and alleviate their suffering. You are doing an extraordinarily good job, but the problem itself, the stones, remain.

You do your utmost to teach people how to see the dangers, not to trip over them and to cope with the problem. You try to give people a positive view on life and teach them not to act on this misfortune. You tell people about their task to make everything right and you assume that this is a viable possibility. You also teach them to pass this vision on to others. Many people are very glad of your help and it makes them happier. You are widely respected. The stones will still be uneven, though.

So, you commit yourself to putting the stones right. That makes a difference; people don’t trip over them and nobody needs help anymore. You work for humanity and humanity is grateful to you. Your love for humanity is immense, greater than your love for yourself. You fight imbalanced relationships and injustice. You put all these ideals above your own interests. Sometimes you succeed in realising such an ideal somewhere, but at the same time other stone-paved roads will become uneven again elsewhere.

You explore the question as to why these stones keep coming up in the road, because it keeps on happening. You read the philosophers, the thinkers, the psychologists, who point you to the fact that the soil beneath the surface is unstable, causing the paving stones to lose their original position. They try to make a solid foundation. You acquire profound insights, which you want to share with others; many people might benefit from them, after all. Still, it keeps on happening that the paving stones are in all the wrong angles, all over the place, discommoding everyone.

Must you search even deeper, then? Study further earth layers beneath, as deep as you can? But everything appears to be moving all the time and so you cannot approach the core of the problem. Even if you could reach the centre of the earth, everything would still be moving and nothing could be done about that.

This endless digging makes you desperate. You flop down between the uneven paving stones and you gaze into nothingness… But then something extraordinary happens. How can that be possible! You would never have looked for this. You were looking down, all the time. Well-meant and working your head off. And now, for a moment, you do nothing and it happens: a bright light suddenly illuminates the issue!

This beam of light makes you proceed in a totally different way. Light works through you and thus, to others, and it does not even feel like working. Gratefulness, respect and admiration no longer befall you. And that is okay. You leave the stones alone.

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Date: February 3, 2019
Author: Amun (Netherlands)
Photo: Alfred Bast

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