The Interconnectedness of all Things – in one single, all embracing Life

We can recognize that the one life radiates through all shapes and forms.

The Interconnectedness of all Things – in one single, all embracing Life

Most people appear to follow their life paths with little reference to others, perhaps apart from their nearest and dearest relatives and friends. In nearly all situations they ask the question, „What do I stand to gain from this?“. This is their primary filter. It is one level of evolution. The I wishes to ensure its existence. If we take a step onto a higher level of consciousness, however, this question recedes onto the background.

We become conscious to some degree of participating in one single, all embracing life, which manifests itself in its numerous forms of the plant, animal and human world. The one life experiences itself in the most multifarious manner. We belong to it. Once it begins to awaken in us as a more comprehensive consciousness, we begin to experience ourselves more and more as part of a great life structure, of a great organism. We experience ourselves in great interconnectedness.

Just look at a tree. All its component parts – from the roots, the trunk, and the branches, to the leaves, blossoms and seeds – serve, each in their own way, the one being, the tree.

And consider the neurons in our brain: their number exceeds the multitude of stars in the universe. Yet they all serve the one human being; they allow us to think, feel and experience the world around us. That enormous network of neurons renders one single consciousness possible.

That which has been created in Nature in this way must be attained by us humans with effort. One can compare humanity with a tree or a brain. The ’cells’ must, however, awaken quite individually to the great whole. When this begins to occur, a readiness to serve the whole grows.

The question: “What do I gain from this?“ is supplanted by the question: “What can I contribute to the well being of the great whole in this concrete situation?“ New inner growth is the consequence of this approach.

We recognize everywhere that the one life radiates through all shapes and forms. Our existence becomes rich and fulfilling. The interconnectedness of all beings, the lofty powers of consciousness, which everywhere press like buds to awakening and breakthrough – they are mirrored in us. Feelings of loneliness dissipate. We are united with everything. In our innermost being we take along everything which we outwardly encounter; we take it along on our path to the origin of existence, the one life. And thereby everything acquires new meaning. For all beings recognize themselves with the help of others. Our conduct of life becomes integrative, wherever possible. One might say that we help others; yes, but all these others – they are also ourself.

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Date: November 25, 2019
Author: Yasemin Ferfers-Tunc (Germany)
Photo: Johannes Plenio auf CCO Pixabay

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