Reflections of the day – about a higher darkness

What is that before the creation? What is this nothing? What is this divine darkness? The original cause of all.

Reflections of the day – about a higher darkness

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On our spiritual path we discover radiating realms. We start to recognize the inner anchor

in Light, Wisdom and Love.

We might even get a feeling that creation is going on.

But where is its origin?

Where is the original cause of all and of nothing? Where is the non-created that precedes creation? Can we find it in the „light“?

The answer is a silent inkling, transcending all reason, even the higher one. Even so it is an inkling so strong, so powerful.

Seems like if it was the energy of nonexistence.

That constantly waiting something.

Zero point.

Still a point. It, what is and at the same time is not.

The light and the fullness testify to the creation. But this state, the point, is before the creation. When we look at the pictures about the creation by Robert Fludd[i], there is one showing just a black cross hatched square, that is the zero point, that higher darkness.

It is matter without form, without quantity and measure. It is materia prima.

For Paracelsus it was the Great Mystery, which is not created.

It is the unrecognized, the unnamed. It is yet and perhaps constantly, or again beyond the form.

It exceeds all that is revealed. It is in nonexistence.

And just this “emptiness”, that is the freedom of the Spirit. That might be a sign of the Spirit.

It is the freedom before the form, the freedom to adopt any form, any image. That is the genuine freedom.

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola perhaps considered similarly, when he placed Adam – though already created – outside the hierarchy of creation. And by words of the creator he asked him to choose how to live. In a low manner as an animal or plant, or if he accepts an image of an angel, or if he decides to be a human or god.

In the Speech on the Dignity of Man[ii] he says: ,,He who resorts to the centre in his own unity, unsatisfied with a lot for any created being, his spirit will become one with God. In a lonely darkness of the Father who is above all. And he will exceed all creatures”.

The higher divine darkness, what is it like?

There is a tension of all creation in it. A tension of existence and nonexistence.

It is a sublime darkness. The original one and “pregnant” with procreation.

There are all possibilities in it, while at the same time there would not be, necessarily.

That is the God without a name. The God of all.

The name is a vibration and it belongs to Spirit hovering above the waters.

As a Holy Spirit, its seven rays bend towards the Earth and towards the human.

But nameless is an even higher state, before creation.

It is the immense serenity of the beginning, the unmanifested, slumbering in the womb of the Mother. And at the same time it is the Father´s potency of all possibilities and forms.

That is why it is nothing.

It is the original cause.

Man as a microcosmos includes germs of the all, thus even the germs of the unmanifested very beginning. The element of materia prima slumbers unrecognized deep inside.

We feel just uncertain but obvious attraction. The attraction is given by affinity or a magnetism of the same kind.

Isn´t it magnificent that every human being has the Great Mysterium inside?


The text is inspired by: Catharose de Petri, The Seal of Renewal, Chapters II and III, Rosycross Press 1986; Karl von Eckartshausen, Über die Zauberkräfte der Natur

[i] Utrisque cosmi… historia 1617, in: Divine Wisdom – Divine Nature, The Message of the Rosicrucian Manifestoes in the Visual Langauge of the Seventeenth Century, In de Pelikaan, Amsterdam 2014.

[ii] Oratio de dignitate homini, 1486/87

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Date: May 9, 2019
Author: Olga Rosenkranzová (Czech Republic)
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