Perceptual Illusion – From Self-Delusion to Self-Realization

A systematically imposed ignorance imprisons humanity in a perceptual servitude that allows the few to control the very many in today's socio-economic relationships. If we are to free ourselves from this "tyranny," the veil of perceptual illusion must first be lifted.

Perceptual Illusion – From Self-Delusion to Self-Realization

It is not a new insight that perception depends on what we conceive as reality.  So it has become clear that there is no such thing as ‘solid matter’: on closer inspection, what we perceive and take for reality is determined by electromagnetic fields (of information) as was already implicitly indicated in the nineteenth century by the theosophist H.P. Blavatsky.

So when you hold a bowl in your hands, you hold an electromagnetic field of information (a bowl) with electromagnetic fields of information (your hands).

The experience of ‘touching’ is a connection between different electromagnetic fields. The experience of the apparent “solidity” is in fact electromagnetic resistance between energy fields of different frequencies or densities. Perception of that resistance depends on the measure to which our brains have decoded electrical communication. We don’t hear anything until the brain has decoded the electrical communication from our ears. People with modern hearing aids share this experience. It’s not the ears that hear – that’s what the brain does. The same goes for sight, taste and smell.


What is (still) real

In the first Matrix movie, Morpheus says to an incredulous Neo,

What is “real? How do you define ‘real’? If you are talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, taste and see, ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

What we perceive as reality is highly dependent on the proper functioning of the brain and the five senses to be appreciated, which, incidentally, only allow us a very limited frequency band of what is in the ‘greatest’ reality. What the senses do is decode the “waveform information” into electrical information and then communicate it to the brain.

Matter as reduced vibrational energy

What we call “matter” is in fact energy, the vibration of which has been lowered to such an extent that our senses can “perceive” it, which therefore means that our senses make it suitable for interpretation by the brain.

It is therefore right that, as far as human-perceivable reality is concerned, there has long been talk of maya, illusion, delusion. It is an illusion that we are able to conjure up with our own brains, and that can strongly determine us in accepted images of a reality that are often shared with people, with other organisms. For the sake of convenience, we forget that we see less than one percent of the total electromagnetic spectrum and hear less than one percent of the acoustic spectrum.

Formulated more sharply, you could say that there is ‘self-delusion’.

That self-delusion is monumental because so is the scale of perception programming. This does not mean that, for example, the shape of Italy that we have as a boot on our retina is unreal, but that the image of how matter is situated dominates our perception. However, that image is hardly relevant for the development of consciousness in a Gnostic sense.

There is no empty space

Quantum physics says that 99.99999999 percent of what is called “ordinary matter” is empty space. In fact, space (also an illusion) is not empty but bursting with energy that we cannot see. There is no empty space. There is ‘space’ (energy) that we can see and that we call ‘reality’. And there is space that we cannot see and we call this “empty.”

Virtually the entire infinity of existence passes us by, for perceptually we are enslaved in a tiny band of frequency  that science calls the “visible light.”

The human body and brain in particular, make up a biological ‘quantum computer’ – as do planets, stars and everything else in our reality – within the very narrow frequency band of that visible light, as expressions of the ‘quantum computer universe’ (QCU ). Our QCU is interactive, in the sense that we take information and perceptions from the energy construct and place our own thoughts, perceptions and emotions in it, which then act on the universe.

You could say we have quantum physics because the universe is a quantum computer. The base level of the universe is in waves carried by waveform information. The waveform reality is a series of quantum possibilities and probabilities, and it is consciousness (perception) that determines which of those probabilities and possibilities appear as experienced reality (as a disintegrated waveform) in the energetic texture of the cosmic internet. John Wheeler, Nobel Prize winner in physics, simply said,

No phenomenon is a real phenomenon until it is an observed phenomenon.

We are limitless…

Seen in this way, the universe as a quantum computer is a waveform information field. What we do is decode the universe of all waveform information fields, the universe that we ‘think we see’. The mighty cosmic panorama that seems to be unfolding only exists in the form we “see” in a small area at the back of our brains. We seem to be locked up in a rather small frequency band in which we ourselves impose our own sense of reality, forgetting thereby that we are observers, consciousness; we are not objects, we have no ‘solidity’. We are unlimited… We have forgotten that, or rather our rationale forgets that and with that, we entangle the totality of who we are in a vicious circle from which we rarely escape during our lives.

Freedom, however, is opening the mind to a wider consciousness and a multiplicity of realities, where human conditions can be viewed in a very different light. A closed, unfree mind appears as a standing wave running on the spot (sur place), that leads nowhere and accepts the ‘lie’.

All That Is

Truth is the limitless, infinite consciousness, All That Is, the infinite self, gnostically speaking: the Father. It is an overarching field, encompassing the whole of our reality and operating beyond what we experience as time and space, beyond the speed of light.

This field is all-pervading, similar to the mainstream scientific concept of “dark matter/energy”. In the literature, this is known as the hermetic black (Yourcenar, Robert Fludd, Paracelsus). That field is like a dark embrace of divine power. As concealment of the divine fathomlessness, at least to our senses, to the limited frequency band of the five known senses. It is En Soph (the Infinite) that is wholly hidden. Prima materia, or primordial chaos. The “Father” corresponds to silence, to the silent silence of the “higher aeons” of the Gnostics. The higher aeons radiate directly from the unity of ‘the One’. There is no separateness or sensation of it.

Our ‘perception’ of that fathomlessness is a return to the ‘Father’, ultimately to the Infinite Consciousness, that we may give from our hearts to that way back a ‘cosmos’, a universe of the microcosm, which is completely independent of decoding in a counterfeit reality. Because our reality, according to the Gnostics, is an erroneous copy of the original reality.

Perception through the soul

How do we come to the perception of that original and greatest reality, if our five senses only lead to the realization of delusion, to self-delusion? It does not work by means of a cultivated, high-quality and abstract thinking, even though as a human being, as manas, it is precisely that thinking faculty that is referred to.

It is about wisdom that has completely let go of the orientation and goals of this world, a ‘Sophia’ who thinks in the said silent silence. That thinking can become aware of the magnetic forces of the rulers of this world as exploiters of the energy of human souls. That thinking in the silent silence is aware of the power of the Archons in the visible and in the invisible spheres and can base a new inspiration on Gnosis, on the forces of the origin.

In principle, any soul can acquire that orientation, but in practice, the vast majority of human souls continue to rely solely on the self-delusion that the five senses help to bring about. And it is only the inspiration from the Father-reality that can produce perception by the soul – true soul intuition.

That is why we also speak of a ‘new soul’, namely the soul that can perceive ‘new’ and is not dependent on any manipulation of archontic control.

The seat of that soul — the unlimited heart — makes possible a “seeing,” a seeing that manifests real autonomous perception through the soul’s intuition in the fourth brain cavity, recognizing any external perception as maya. That soul intuition must learn to deal with the cosmic firepower of the Father, with the electric fire ether, because there may well be a strong emotional “discharge” that extinguishes the fire again. Then it is important to understand why the soul should ‘be moved’ in order to undergo that firepower in the equilibrium of the soul and guide the process to cosmic perception via the pinealis (pineal gland).

This concerns a spiritual perception, to which every person invites himself with the help of the Christ power. This spiritual perception is dependent on a pineal gland that is not yet shriveled and not calcified. The point here is that the forces that undermine, oppose and even try to make impossible an ‘awakening’ of the pineal centre are recognized in time in the visible and in the unseen. This is only possible if the soul’s intuition “works” to a high degree, Biblically said: if it can be tasted whether the spirit that presents itself is “from God”. For example, if it is a spirit that appeals to fear, to complete control, to complete security, to obedience in a command structure, to ‘complete’ worry, then the soul knows that it is trying to undermine, distract, seduce, to train, and thereby move the soul energy to yield etheric forces, consciously or unconsciously, to the ‘control mind’ which can be called archontic in its deepest essence.

The development of artificial intelligence is moving in the direction of this archontic intelligence, so that AI (artificial intelligence) can eventually become AI (archontic intelligence).

The feast of unity with the ALL

Self-realization, however, makes us aware that our true self is spirit – the connection with and emanation from the Source. Independent of the perception of the five senses, autonomous from a loving heart. Independent also of technical aids and addictive devices. Aldous Huxley, the author of The Doors of Perception and the famous Brave New World, who died in 1963, knew that eventually the world would develop an addiction to technology:

People will come to love their oppression, to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think.

Removing the veil of the perceptual illusion is therefore not enough if the focus on the Source is not simultaneously activated. The capacity to think starts in the heart: primarily thinking with the heart is a precondition for ultimately being able to ‘awaken’ the soul and its intuition and start the fire-process. When the pineal fire-circle can then be ignited after a sustained striving for the soul, the “cosmos of the all” opens up, the universe in which the external and the internal, the above and below have found their place in a spiritual sense and the microcosm can celebrate the feast of unity with  the ALL.

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Date: November 28, 2022
Author: Frans Spakman (Netherlands)
Photo: Tom Morbey on Unsplash CCO

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