Organ donations – an act of charity? Part 2

About the etheric double of the human being and the relation between the organ donor and the organ receiver The life ethers of the donor’s organ are still vibrating according to their own vibrational key for a certain time, even if they are now implanted into a new body.

Organ donations – an act of charity? Part 2

Seven energy centers

The human material and subtle being is sevenfold. Seven energy centres, which are located in the subtle bodies, nourish the material body with all the energies and qualities it needs. They are called chakras.

The seventh chakra, the uppermost energy centre, is connected with the epiphysis, the pineal gland. It generates the biorhythm and is a neuroendocrine transformer.

Then there are the following six chakras:

(6) the hypophysis or pituitary gland, which coordinates all the hormonal control loops, and strives for harmony.

(5) the thyroid gland: associated with thyroid activity and voice functions.

(4) the heart: it steers the heart function, the breathing and the thymus gland.

(3) the plexus solaris: it guides the solar plexus and the upper abdominal organs.

(2) the digestive glands: they facilitate digestion and food processing.

(1) sexual glands: they steer the sexual sphere and excretion.

The three lower energy centres have successfully carried our biological being through the evolution for a long period of time. They are connected with the survival mode and all its diverse requirements.

In the middle there is the heart chakra. It mediates between the lower and the higher human being, so to speak. It embodies the threshold where the biological being encounters the spiritual aspect of a person. This is the place where the selfishness of the struggle for survival can be transformed into a fruitful selflessness. The three upper chakras potentially have access to the higher aspects of our being. Via the throat chakra an inspired or a destructive word can be spoken, according to our state of consciousness. The hypophysis is the master gland which steers our entire hormonal regulation and brings harmony. Here the decision will be made whether a person is driven by higher stimuli or if he stays imprisoned in lower animal instincts.

The epiphysis is like a light organ which gives us the possibility to take up not only the visible light, but also the spiritual light impulses. Through this seventh chakra system, the human being is able to receive lucid experiences from higher cosmic dimensions, besides the normal sensual experience.

Review and digestion of our past life

When we die, those energy potentials, which access the body through the cosmic energy, will slowly detach from the physical anchoring and they will leave the material body. When the brain is dead, and during this gentle loosening of the subtle energy potentials, the extremely important review takes place. With this review, the life system begins to take up the essential information of the past life into the spirit-soul being, so that it can be used for further development.

When the procedure of the removal of organs under anesthesia is carried out, artificial respiration and artificial maintenance of the cardiovascular function can be maintained for many hours. Hence, it is difficult to imagine that the essential procedure of the person’s slow departure from this earthly sphere can take place in an undisturbed way.

As soon as all the usable organs have been removed, the artificial maintenance of life will abruptly end. As the near-death experiences confirm, our consciousness is not tied to our brain and will exist outside of our organism; and so we can perceive manipulations which are carried out on our body. To what extent we can do this, depends on the level of development of our consciousness.

All the innate, individual life fluids, which are stored in the memory of each cell, are then divided into many organ vessels, which are then transplanted into the organ receiver, who is a stranger, a stranger in every cell. His body consciousness is completely different. The life ethers of the donated organ are transplanted into this other body, and are still vibrating according to their own original vibrational key, even if they are now under the influence of the new individuality.

The ether body, the actual vital body which keeps us alive in matter, is a holistic and coherent organism, like our material body. When we die, it detaches from the material body as a whole, and it enters the subtle world of the beyond where it will slowly dissolve. In the course of this process, the results of the past life are transmitted into the spirit-soul structure. In the time immediately following ‘death’, the ethers are still active in vivifying the material body, including all organs – otherwise the organs would be dead, and so not transplantable. Hence through the removal of an organ, an artificial fragmentation of the etheric double of the person concerned takes place. There is now the question of how he can integrate into the subtle world with this “perforated and fragmented garment” in a harmonic way, so he can face the processing of his personal life biography and the slow dissolution of his old garments; and to thereby prepare a new incarnation, which, because it is enriched through the experiences of the past life, will enable a new upward development.

About the relation between the organ donor and the organ receiver

There is a further aspect to this. For many excarnated souls who have had organs transplanted, it may be difficult to soar to higher vibration levels on their journey after they have left their body because a part of their ether body, which is an exact image of the physical body, has been left behind in a living human being on the physical plane. Thus, an artificial reconnection with spheres near the earth and another person (the receiver of the organ) is usually the consequence.

Depending on the differences in the vibration quality of the etheric double of the organ donor and the receiver, the implanted organ will be endured well or not so well. The natural way for the receiver organism would be to resist any invasion, and so it would tend to repel any strange organ.

A dying person is not a spare parts stock. The divine-spiritual aspect which imprints the natural body, makes every person a distinctive and unique individual. Only with modern pharmacology is it possible to suppress the repelling reaction, so that the implanted organ will carry out its physiological function in the strange matrix. All the same, the donor organ’s own etheric vibration remains active for a certain time.

Particularly after heart transplants, we can often observe clearly strange reactions in the character of the receivers, which make it clear that impulses from the information matrix of the donor still vibrate in the receiver.

Let us have a look at a deeper level of the traditional wisdom teachings, from which all wisdom which has ever been received or which has been witnessed from experience, comes forth.

Thereby a completely new facet of our self-knowledge and of the question about the sense of life appears. Especially in these intensely existential situations, everything depends on the question of whether or not we make our decisions from a great inner autonomy.

(to be continued)

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Date: January 18, 2020
Author: Dr. Dagmar Uecker (Germany)
Photo: Ruth Alice Kosnick

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