The heart points to the right choice with every beat


Doing what is right is right, but only by experiencing what is wrong, by knowing what is wrong, does one arrive at pure reason. Otherwise, you remain in blind, immature faith…

Attention, however: doing wrong, aware that you are making a mistake, is a crime subject to punishment.

It is through choice that one acquires autonomy, responsibility and freedom.

Making a correct decision by choice is always more valuable than making a correct decision from mere obedience.

After all, everything is double-faced. Life flows along this double face, as if running along the Möbius strip, where you don’t know where the “inside” and the “outside” are, and the movement is infinite.

It’s just that bliss is a choice! Every moment of our entire life can be happy.

Thus, it is life itself who plans: it is up to us to be attentive to make the right choice, because life takes with the same ease that it gives.

It is quite true that external conditions sometimes have the potential to spoil this bliss. Yes, but the right choice makes it possible to get around them.

And what is the way out in the face of adverse conditions? Going to a higher plane, to a higher octave, so as not to let yourself be carried away. The heart points to the right choice with every beat. As Villa-Lobos says: “the heart is the metronome of life”.

It symmetrically divides inhaling and exhaling, regardless of whether you are conscious, alert, or unconscious. That is, both in good fortune and in misfortune.

This is how there comes a time in our lives when, through the process of maturation, we can say that fortune or misfortune is, at every heartbeat, a matter of choice.

It then becomes possible to practice the teaching of Zoroaster or Zarathustra, when he enunciates the basis of his doctrine: “think well; speak well; and act well”. But we can also always choose to think badly, speak badly and act badly.

Either way, the heart, impassively, will always be there, fulfilling its role as the metronome of life!

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Date: May 10, 2023
Author: Group of LOGON authors (Brazil)
Photo: by Pixource from Pixabay

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