Living without problems?

Problems can be of great help. We only need to know how to apply them properly. The common sense of the heart can thereby be of assistance.

Living without problems?

We use up a lot of our time, both day and night, with countless problems that force themselves upon us. They busy us, they tie up our concentration, we give them our life-energy. We seek solutions, optimizations and develop strategies. Perhaps we dream sometimes of a life with no problems and how nice that would be. But: could it be, that problems have a deeper sense, a useful purpose?

The endless stream of problems seems to have no end. Just the opposite, it seems there are more and more. We barely are able to keep up with finding so many solutions and strategies and implementing them as needed. We feel stressed. It wears us out, we give up….
And so it comes to be, that more and more people get burnt out. Is there a way out of this dilemma? How may we steer our way through this situation? How can we solve our problems without making ourselves sick? How may we do our tasks and our lives justice?

There are many strategies, many options. We must decide, depending upon the disposition. Therein lies a possibility to take a fully new stance towards life.

A New Stance towards Life

The physicist and philosopher Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) stated: “The heart has its reasons the mind cannot comprehend.” To immerse yourself, to delve into them, to entrust yourself with them, leads to a change in us. It leads to an inner uprising, an elevated ennoblement above and beyond the problems.

The mind offers exercises and refined methods. My experience has shown: real ennoblement is possible through negotiation with the intelligence, that lives deep in our hearts. We ourselves will never get a grip on our lives with our limited possibilities and our imperfections. In so far as we give and devote ourselves to surrendering our egoistic motives and fixations to the Divine Spirit Spark, that lies buried within us, so will it be given unto us.
As soon as this devotion becomes our daily life-practice, there will take place an exchange of energies and forces. This self-devotion, this giving-of-self includes a reception of new energies that fully change our attitude, our perception, yes, our cognition towards all our problems.

Problems are there for us

We look at things differently, take the problems on with new appreciation- and suddenly they show themselves from different angles, and we then begin to more deeply understand. Their grip upon us is loosened. Impulses from within, out of the depths of our hearts, show us that they are necessary, yes, that they are there for us. They point out to us the necessity to change ourselves and, in the way they present themselves, show us in fact the direction which we could take. A complicated knot transforms itself and turns into a blessings filled life-task. We are inwardly elevated and can honestly, from a higher point, look upon the situation.

Or, more to the point, we are not looking on with preset, perception filtered eyes, but rather with the eyes of the latent spiritual Man within us, loaned to us. He begins to awake, and in fact exactly that is why: because we turn to Him, make room for Him.
We tolerate more, we no longer get in the way of the seeing-through and the to be seen-through.

So it will be, that problems that earlier seemed to be impossible to solve, expose themselves to be „token giants“, yes, helping hands for our progression on the Path. They retrograde themselves back into a suitable state, we can again get along with them. Our inner state can ordinate them to a higher level.

We do simply and soberly that which a given situation dictates. With no dramatic side effects. We see them no longer as problems that rule us, rather as situations as they are and in which we do appropriately as their shown-demands require. Nothing more, and nothing less. The problematic has taken care of itself. We no longer are glued to the situation, are no longer bound to it, even when it is exactly the same on the surface.

To allow oneself to be elevated above problems in that we give and subordinate ourselves and our life in inward devotion to the Higher One: Is this not the secret to a problem-free life?
Not in the sense that our life smoothly runs obstacle free and harmoniously or that we have a feeling of superiority over things. Absolutely not. But we are indeed no longer, as before, chained to the emotional currents. We allow something much greater than ourselves to flow, to stream, through us. Something that is “not of this world”. We are no longer in the grip of the problematics.


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Date: September 13, 2019
Author: Andreas Kemmerer (Germany)
Photo: Ruth Alice Kosnick

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