Just come now

Just come now

Just come now

…Tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.

So often we put our last shreds of courage aside.

And time is quietly stolen, racing, running, and flying by.

You already know there are present moments of timelessness where the world stops, like a broken creaking carousel, where the stiff face of tin horses with hooves still ready to run greets you…,

as if the heart didn’t beat and opened to life…,

as if the roses had not bloomed and you could take in their scent forever and hold it in the nostrils of your nose and mind a little longer before the exhalation comes…,

as if an eagle carried you on its mighty wings over steep and inaccessible rocks….,

as if you had stopped beneath the surface of the water

and, sensing the hidden treasure beneath the sea cliff, you would almost float motionless through the waters,

as if you were floating in the waters of life in the womb of the Mother as an unborn embryo, and not yet crying out for life in the dust of the earth, not yet eating in sweat and blood the bread of earthly misery.

In such a present moment you are lifted into eternity, even though you are sitting on the ground in the old rags of temporality.

In such a present moment you carry a cross within you, sacrificing eternity falling upon the dilapidated beam of time. Eternity is extinguished in you like a fallen star from the sky. It lives for this present bright moment.

It must be waited for, immensely patiently, not expecting anything.

Then you know that nothing matters but this what is unnamed.

You know that you don’t have to be perfect – and you even can’t – because perfection is revealed in the depths.

Don’t put off the endless search!

Go for this goal, no matter what hinders you, focus on this task, and carry it out!

Do not postpone the essentials for tomorrow and have the courage to come.

You can walk the path of the soul guided by the soul.

You accompany the soul and just let yourself be led.

Just love it. Then you will submit to it.

Just come now!

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Date: October 13, 2022
Author: Olga Rosenkranzová (Czech Republic)
Photo: Hermann Traub on Pixabay CCO

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