About the work of the Rosycross Foundation – How the idea of a symposium takes shape

A fruitful exchange has begun, a heart-to-heart cooperation, from consciousness to consciousness.

About the work of the Rosycross Foundation – How the idea of a symposium takes shape

It was near the end of 2018. I looked out the window at the bare trees and was upset. How come?  I was about to start a Skype meeting with an expert in psychoanalysis: Annegret Hallanzy. She had written a sensational, highly exciting book: The Software of the Soul. I emailed her because I wanted to see if I could have her as a speaker for the Rosycross Foundation. At the time, the Foundation had started a new project: What is about to evolve? Spirituality in the 21st Century.

Slowly, but ever more clearly, doubts arose in me. First like scattered pearls in sparkling wine, beading slowly and finally spurted: Am I even able to talk to her eye to eye? What do I know about her? What was in her book again? What can I tell her about the Rosycross or even better yet about my own growth and experience? Am I ready to reveal anything about myself? Now there is no hiding, as the meeting is about to begin.

As soon as I saw Annegret Hallanzy on the other end of the call, all my doubts – big and small – disappeared. There was no fog at all, just the quiet, exciting joy of the meeting.

We started talking, our thoughts whirling around each other; but in a short time it was clear that two searching and struggling souls have met. We knew that a fruitful exchange had begun, a heart-to-heart cooperation, from consciousness to consciousness. Here, two “T-shaped” people were willing to look beyond their own perceptions, to network and create a fruitful coexistence. Inner joy flooded me.

I call ourselves “T-shaped people” because on the one hand we carry a being deeply anchored within, transforming itself in us – the vertical line of the T. On the other hand, the horizontal bar of the T stands for connecting, embracing everything on a wide level.

Openness allows an incredible depth of communion. Curiosity makes us see the space that the other opens to us. For a short moment, we see through the other one’s eyes and associate our patterns and impressions with it. The result is a flow of language, togetherness, exchange, questions and answers, searching and finding, but also the discovery of dead ends and backyards.

The person-to-person finding of each other can reach a spiritual dimension

“The basis of all free religious feeling that will unfold in humanity in the future will be the acknowledgment, not merely in theory but in actual practice that every human being is made in the likeness of the Godhead. When that time comes there will be no need for any religious coercion; for then every meeting between one man and another will of itself be in the nature of a religious rite, a sacrament, and nobody will need a special Church with institutions on the physical plane to sustain the religious life. If the Church understands itself truly, its one aim must be to render itself unnecessary on the physical plane, as the whole of life becomes the expression of the super-sensible”

(Rudolf Steiner, The Work of the Angel in our Astral Body, 1918).

Life holds a huge growth potential. It is an infinite stream of eternal change, yet a constant resonates behind it. This unnamable force, this potential, seeks its expression, its formation in us. We can make ourselves its vessel. Then we experience both its soul-spiritual components, as well as its temporal and spatial impact

In the magazine evolve (no. 21, Spring 2019), Ruth Langsford speaks about the “the interval between the great inhalation and exhalation process” in which we currently stand:

“In many prophecies and ceremonies we see the awakening of the Mystery. Hidden creative beings, spiritual knowledge, or ancient secrets all over the world awaken after having hitherto predominantly slumbered. They create new forms of reconnection and new forms of dialogue that will reawaken what is primordial.”

The Rosycross Foundation is dedicated to this dialogue.



Annegret Hallanzy, Die Software der Seele (The Software of the Soul), 2nd edition, Gelnhausen 2015 (Especially recommended: Chapter 4: The three sense misunderstandings of humanity of consumption, goodness and enlightenment)

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Date: July 3, 2019
Author: Axel Janssen (Germany)
Photo: Pixabay CCO

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