A spiritual medicine

In the world around us, medicine is characterized by a materialistic view of the human being. From a spiritual point of view, the only objective reality is the inner state of being of each woman and man.

A spiritual medicine

Is today’s medicine spiritual?

Will the medicine of tomorrow be spiritual?

Since the dawn of time and throughout the world, caring for one’s neighbour has been a practice linked to spirituality.

From the very beginning of the Rosicrucian community, one of the points of the sixfold contract that was its foundation was that Rosicrucians should not practice any other activity than preaching the Gospel of Christ and healing the sick.

Healing is intimately connected with the message of Inner Christianity. True healing is the river of the water of life. It is the Fountain of Life that lies at the center of the Rose Garden. The healing of the sick is at the center of the symbolic miracles performed by Christ. This healing is a process of transformation and spiritual healing.

The message of sacred texts such as the Bible is always to carry the process of inner transformation towards a healing of consciousness. An ancient legend says that the first word of the Bible means “covenant of fire”. According to this legend, each letter of this first word of Genesis in the Bible represents a healing force. Wouldn’t true healing be to find the word of the origin, the word of the beginning, the word that created the worlds?


But in the world around us, medicine is characterized by a materialistic view of the human being. This view is not connected to spiritual values. The human body is often seen as a perfected machine, whose organs can be changed like worn-out parts in a car. Artificial intelligence technologies are now at the forefront of research. Consciousness is seen as a highly sophisticated computer, or as an organ that produces consciousness like a cow produces milk. Scientists envisage replacing doctors with computer systems to make diagnoses and order drugs.

Medical science tells us that all these materialistic theories are evidence-based and therefore have reached the level of objectivity that makes them consistent with reality.

Science regards, sometimes condescendingly, ancient traditions and traditional healing systems as subjective beliefs and superstitions. Medicine The current medical system has been built on the notion of evidence and this is why we speak today of evidence-based scientific medicine. In today’s medical world, it is this notion of evidence that gives the law.

And yet, all over the world, the ancient systems of medicine based on a spiritual view of the human being are profoundly objective. From the spiritual point of view, the only objective reality is the inner state of being of each woman and man.

This leads to the question: what is evidence?

A proof is a phenomenon that can be explained by a reasonable theory and that is confirmed by the facts in a predictable and repetitive way. For example, when an object is dropped, it can be predicted by the theory of gravitation that it will fall downwards, repeatedly, and this is confirmed by the facts. This is to forget that in the field of health, within living organisms, there are constantly interacting phenomena. In your own body, everything is interconnected, because living organisms are open systems. In fact, your stature is connected to everything around it.

The brain is no more the seat of consciousness than a television set is the dwelling of the presenter speaking on the screen. Moreover, some of these phenomena in your own body borrow their operation from quantum physics. This means that within living organisms, within your own brain, there are the quantum phenomena of non-location and equivalence between matter and energy. In the field of the living, you cannot determine the exact location of a phenomenon, nor can you isolate it from others.

The methodology of scientific proof as applied to the elements of the construction of a motorway cannot be applied at all inside the human body. The excessive specialization that is practiced today in medicine is not at all adapted to the spiritual reality of the human stature.

In the field of living beings, as everything is interconnected, intention is always of great importance. In your bodily stature, it is the intention that determines the events that take place. For example, the intention that is carried by a thought influences what happens in the material body, as many scientific experiments have shown. In the field of life, in the sciences of biology, phenomena come into play which science declares to be subjective but which in reality are purely objective and demonstrable.

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Date: November 19, 2021
Author: Sylvain Gillier-Imbs (France)
Photo: Olga Boiarkina

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