Where is your soul?

"To be great, be whole: nothing of yours exaggerates or excludes." - Fernando Pessoa

Where is your soul?

Where is your soul?

Is it in your sensations? In your feelings? In your thoughts? In your life decisions? Or is it far away, in the clouds, high up in the mystical and unreachable?

Whatever your answer may be, it will always be partial.

The soul that is in the sensations can only feel, taste, smell, hear, look. It reaps from the world its beauties and pleasures, but also its horrid scenes and suffering.

The soul that is in the feelings and desires has a will and identifies itself with its emotions. It gropes, aspires, tastes, hears, and contemplates love, hope and solidarity. With its desire and will, it builds castles of dreams, it longs to elevate itself, to save itself, to be transfigured.

The soul that lives in the thoughts, mixes all of this. It organizes, registers, classifies, defines, elaborates, makes rational connections and, finally, gives opinions. It creates its personal dogmas, influences people, debates, even elevates itself to the most sublime concepts, but does not give its place to the unspeakable and transcendent.

All these basic capacities of your personality are like steps in an Escher’s painting. Going down or up, your soul will always be on the same level.

No matter how the soul struggles between sensations, feelings, thoughts, and reactions, it is bound to the envelope, the surface, the dense, etheric, astral, and mental body. It is delimited by the consciousness attached to the garment of the personality.

It is the mortal soul that has sensations and is moved by emotions and desires. It thinks and classifies. The eternal soul, however, not only animates our physical, etheric, astral, and mental being but, above all, it transforms, transmutes, and transfigures us. It is a new consciousness, which is linked to its quintessence, the universal and eternal consciousness.

This is why it is said in the spiritual schools of all times that one must “weave a new garment, a garment of light”. Only in this way is a totally different soul born, a new soul, resplendent, which lives outside of time and space, but which travels through all times and spaces, shining Love. This new soul traces a stellar path, a precise route, with the sole objective of rescuing humanity from its millenary paths. That is why it is simultaneously a savior, a redeemer, and a liberator.

It does not live on any plane, it is not only in the high or the low, in the inside or outside, in the small or in the big. As Hermes says, it does not matter, because the absolute embraces the relative.

And it is always Hermes who teaches that it is one with the divine and unique One, who is in the center of all things – and the center is everywhere. And so, the immortal soul traverses the dimensions of space-time scratching with her Light the microcosm, the cosmos, and the macrocosm with her universal Sound, which creates the harmony of the Pythagorean spheres.

In Hermes, the eternal soul is, at the same time, the Pimander and the Nous. In Lao Tze, it is the wise human being who leaves no trace, who practices non-action, and who walks in the Tao. Plato arranges it on various levels, from the One to the smallest being, in a luminous dynamism of processions and conversions in a sacred return to the origins, led by monads and inner divinities. From monadic simplicity to the whirling multiplicity of the beings of the universe, the eternal soul pulsates in everything!

Artists, thinkers, philosophers, and ordinary people like us can all have access to this immortal soul. We just need to empty our being from all the sensations, feelings, thoughts, and automatic reactions that we collect throughout our life and listen to the Voice of Silence.

Fernando Pessoa, who translated this masterpiece collected by Blavatsky in the akashic archive of the universe, summed up everything we need to do to capture this force, this power, this potentiality:

To be great, be the Whole:

Nothing of yours exaggerates or excludes.

Be all in everything.

Put what you are in the least you do.

Thus in every lake the whole moon shines,

because on high it lives.

Thus, the eternal soul fills our whole being, in every tiny corner of our physical personality, of our soul of sensations, feelings and thoughts. Because, living in the Sacred inside-outside, high-below, small-large, without exaggerating or excluding anything, we will be whole, entire, complete, full. And action is the culmination of this process: action here and now – effective action, in the world of human beings, where we are. Because the center of the new soul is the Whole itself.

Only then, being the Whole in each thing, we can shine.

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Date: November 24, 2021
Author: Grupo de autores Logon
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