The Whisperers’ Song


The Whisperers’ Song


My eyes behold a story told, from deep within it rests

Each generation of a word, a truth implies at best

Yet seek it so, I must respond, it draws me through the lies

The question that all men do ask, to know the meaning ‘why’


Imagination fills my thoughts, a universe beholds

Yet shadows tease what I would grasp, their walls surround my soul

The nameless I desire to name, the faceless I would see

Yet what I hold is emptiness, deaths’ ash upon the sea


I face my intuition, its echoes have no voice

I seek to touch the perfect, I seek the perfect choice

Confusion on the winds of change is all that touch my ears

My heart does drown in sorrow, awash with countless tears


My will is all but powerless, a journey with no home

The inspiration to invoke, an aimless path alone

Cannot my will perfection call, to know and see its face

To feel, to touch, to hear and see, what longing would embrace


Oh heart of hearts where do you rest, so deep within, so strange

In silence does your voice resound, upon my world of change

The susurrus of truth does stir, vague memories lost in time

Of life effused with harmony, a promise to be mine


Insight, the cadence of your voice, into my hands you place

The grimace of mortality, its eyes you make me face

All things I know, believe and trust, delusion have become

I stand within my nothingness, a spent and dying sun


Yet as the light of who I am begins to fade and wane

Another light, the space invites, to cast away all pain

My heart is filled with images, the source of who you are

A glimpse, a hope, a song of love, an echo from afar


A harmony within does rise, a melody of two

I raise the voice of sacrifice, to join your voice anew

Devotion of the heart I feel, I can but follow true

This labyrinth no longer hides, the path that leads to you


Oh Heart of hearts, the rhythm falls, a song that must be sung

The verses of my life I sing, your chorus now begun

A choir joins, their voice I hear, the whispers from above

The voices of eternity, the harmony of Love.

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Date: July 9, 2021
Author: Manny (Netherlands)
Photo: Devalei Love via Pixabay CCO

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