The Spiritual Power

What does spiritual power mean? How did the great ones of spirituality use such power in their actions?

The Spiritual Power

Certainly, the great ones of spirituality were not concerned with exercising the power of commanding over humanity. For them, the power to serve was their greatest joy. Not for being submissive, of course! But because they knew that the spiritual action always brings within the sacred characteristics of the Fiat Lux! (“Let there be Light!”): Energy, Light, Force, Potency, Potentiality and, finally, the Donation, the Gift, the “Offering from oneself”. Therefore, they are still the Light of the World! Hermes, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras, Mani and many others, like Jesus, are – all of them – the proof of this great oblation.

To follow these great ones, we just need to observe what we have inside us. Then we will understand what power is. We will see all our possibilities of thinking, feeling, wanting, and acting: all our abilities and aptitudes, everything that can be useful for the manifestation of Light (energy, force, divine potentiality) – in ourselves and in the world. Then we will chart our route.

So our starting point is to really know who we are and what we are here for. With nothing to hold us back – neither the shackles that come from outside, nor those that come from within. So, free from fear and guilt, worry and doubts, knowing our conflicts, learning from our mistakes and from life, we will come out of stagnation. And free from our attachments, we will be able to exercise the Sovereign Will of the God-in-us responsibly, using our true active intelligence and dedicating ourselves to the completeness of our task: being truly human. Only in this way will we discover our humanity, our most sublime characteristics.

After all, God is the supreme energy that brings together all the potentialities of everything and everyone! We are these potentialities. We are thoughts of God. We are his manifestations. And, above all, we are free to exercise these divine potentialities in time and space.

If this is the empowerment we are looking for, the time is now and the place is right here! And best of all, we don’t need to seek it outside of ourselves. That energy, that potency, that potentiality, that God, is inside us. He springs from every insight we have, from every flash of awareness about our role in the world, from moment to moment.

No, friends: we do not hold the power. We are the power: the power, the light and the force to be free, autonomous, responsible, independent, full of pure energy. A renewed energy, which gives us empathy, solidarity, group unity, the consciousness of being what we are to serve the One, Absolute and Eternal in the form of the world and humanity, here and now. Thus, we will be able to help ourselves and others in this great conquest, which is to realize, all of us, our potential.

One day, transfigured into pure Light, we will awaken in a new world where the energy that moves us will be Absolute Love – because we will be in absolute unity with the God-in-us who gives us this true magic, this sacred and supreme enchantment, this real power.

For now, we need to learn: we have come to serve our humanity and the humanity of those around us, in this limited world, where this power – this potentiality – is only realized if exercised!

But, let us remember: here, right now, only we have the power to be ourselves! So let’s be it!

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Date: March 8, 2023
Author: Group of LOGON authors (Brazil)
Photo: Tep_Ro-pixabay CCO

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