The Rules and the Game

The Rules and the Game

The playfulness of a game can be important for the creative person. Creative power can also be displayed in the form of a game in spiritual processes.

Especially now, in the transition to the Age of Aquarius, the nature of that game is becoming ever clearer.  Do we play the game purely to win against others, usually at the expense of others, or can we open up and walk the path from within with all sincerity and dedication?  Is it necessary that we use opposition to gain consciousness, including the opposition of war?

Important spiritual rulers have indicated that we should use our choice of games in the lower vibrational field of (gross) materiality, according to the rules of ‘negative polarity’, to achieve an ascent in a human sense.  They call for suffering and sorrow to be understood as delusion, and at the same time to be accepted as a necessity for the world and humanity, and to play their game – despite the ruthless means – and follow their rules.
However, from a noble perspective, it seems possible, on the basis of mercy, non-aggression and compassion, to challenge the game of the religious world rulers, and to declare it ‘invalid’.  The creativity that is indeed necessary, can then manifest itself in the recreation of the microcosm, and the ascent into a higher field of life.

The Field of Play

An important part of the path to liberation is the so-called microcosmic recreation.  This is necessary because, in a certain sense, there is a violation of the micros.  Certain ‘environmental rules’ apply when carrying out re-creation, or bringing about self-realization.  The process does not take place without taking into account the regularities of the route to be taken.  Self-initiation requires awareness of every step taken internally.  And there is an aspect of a level of playing with which the autonomy of the path has legitimacy.  For it is certainly a mysterious and significant undertaking to approach the task of ‘healing’ the human being; the reborn entity that truly lives by the nature of spirit.

The field of ‘play’ implies human creativity: he or she can express creative power in an innovative, regenerative process.  This approach absorbs the conscious soul and stimulates a Johannine love force toward revelation.  So, not the love that is aimed at possessing, binding or even hugging someone else to death.
The field of ‘play’ is not the domain of a game, of the opportunity to obtain and maintain a high ranking.  The field of ‘play’ is not the route to escape from the appalling world reality, which surrounds us like an increasing oppression.  As an escapist, as one plays games these days, you know that you are trying to disappear from a reality that is considered untenable.  The field of ‘play’ also does not serve as a safety mechanism for the idealist who cherishes well-intentioned, uplifting goals.

The Field of the Gnostic

The electromagnetic space that the Gnostic may enter as a field of ‘play’ on his self-liberating pilgrimage, sets rules of astral limits for the candidate’s ascension.  The desire to win, to defeat the ‘enemy’, to elevate the ego, and to glory in the peace of a prosperous retirement, are all outside the parameters of the gnostic field of ‘play’.  The field serves to allow consciousness to focus its own primal power onto the Unity of the Origine, onto the undivided, eternally living spirit soul.  This is possible on a higher cosmic plane, and the momentary increase in the vibration of the earth, which resonates with that soul development of liberation.

The Field of Play and Profit

There are forces that interpret the play-ground of development differently, that set different rules, which they consider conditional for the assignment they have to fulfill in the cosmos.  The ‘game’ that these Luciferic spirits play in this context, is that of being successful, of winning, in which they exploit the dialectic, as it were.  A dialectical pyramid-scheme!  They argue : to win we must be as negatively polarized as possible in self-service to the extreme.  Violence, war, hatred, greed, slavery, genocide, torture, moral degradation, prostitution, drugs, all these things and more, will serve our purpose in the game.  In all these negative things they offer us tools.  You have the freedom of choice in how you want to use them. (Taken from an extensive 2008 interview with the ‘Hidden Hand[1], a self-proclaimed representative of the said spirits).

Three Tracks

They also indicate that the planet will complete its ascent to fourth density, creating a tripartite  division: those with a positive polarity of love and light  will ascend to a (beautiful) new earth of fourth density.  The said spirits themselves, based on the negative service to self-polarity, will form a fourth density earth in which they must eliminate their own part of the negative karmic effect created by all the negativity on this planet.  They are located at the top of the dialectical hierarchy and possess a kind of immortal status,

not in divinity and radiant glory of All-revelation, but in great bondage and immeasurable suffering. [2]

They play an extremely sophisticated dialectical pyramid game.

However, the majority of people on Earth will experience a period of neutrality.  They can be considered as neither hot nor cold, as lukewarm.  Although they will feel one with the Creator  for a time, they will still pass through the veil of ‘forgetfulness’.  Then they will be transported to another third density planet  (a kind of replica of Earth) to continue working on themselves and learning that life in third density is about making choices.

It is recognized – also by the dialectical hierarchy – that those who can ‘elevate’ themselves towards love and compassion as a working basis, enter a ‘Golden Age’, in which their souls open to their true powers as unique, individualized aspects of the one infinite Creator.
One wonders why these dialectical players on the cosmic stage persist in their course on the second track of negative polarization, if there is a Christian path to positive fourth density.  After all, it unnecessarily hardens this world and perpetuates the myth that war is a necessary evil for people to gain consciousness experience.  Now, enlightened minds have often made it known to ‘well-intentioned’ people that war is not necessary at all in the human world, even though they will be dismissed as utopians or idealists.  The reasons given  for this by the ‘Luciferic spirits’ take us back to the ‘incidents’ that took place in the great reality as these are also described in the Gnostic writings such as the Gospel of the Pistis Sophia, and in the Hermetic philosophy.  The following presents the approach and justification  of mission and action in the aforementioned dialectical hierarchy.

In the Beginning

In the beginning there is unity.  Infinite intelligence and infinite energy – the two are one.  Within them is the potential for all creation. Infinite intelligence does not recognize its potential but remains, as it were, ‘unknowable’.  It is the undifferentiated absolute. This state of consciousness could be referred to as ‘being’.  Infinite energy, on the other hand, recognizes  the potential to “become” all things, to bring about any desired experience. Infinite intelligence can be compared with the central heartbeat of life, and infinite energy with the spiritual lifeblood that pumps from the infinite Creator to form creation.

By concentrating its infinite Wisdom, the one infinite Creator manifests intelligent energy that you might call the Great Central Sun. This then divides itself into smaller parts of itself which in turn can experience themselves as creators (or central suns). You could say that each central sun is a step back  in conscious awareness (or modulations) from the original ‘thought’ of creation.   Creation is based on the ‘three primary modulations of the Infinite’ namely:

  1. Free will
  2. Love
  3. Light

From these three original modulations of the One, which manifest creation, arise many Hierarchies, each containing their own specific paradoxes.  We were not directly created by the one infinite Creator. The field of the one infinite Creator, of the kingdom of God, is thus beyond the field of creation.  The creator of our field of creation is the result of our central sun, which actually excludes the Great Central Sun. That creator is therefore not God.  He is not even a Logos on the galactic level, according to the spirits mentioned, but rather the planetary Logos for this one planet.

The Pistis Sophia [3] speaks of Yaldabaoth, and the Luciferic spirits call him Yahweh, the Old Testament deity.  Now this creator had focused his creation on two of the three ‘primary emanations’, namely love and light – and thus created paradise, where he did not consider  freedom of choice – the first distortion  – to be necessary.  Not even when man (man/woman) had been given his/her place in paradise.

Free Will

But in the course of things of unwavering cosmological developments, it is necessary that the possibility of ‘descent’ into a greater density, through free will, through knowledge of both polarities takes place. And according to the Luciferic spirits, the Galactic Logos, or Council of Elders, felt that humanity was wrongly denied  freedom of choice by Yahweh (in the Pistis Sophia Yaldabaoth).   Yahweh had not passed on  his own free will to “know thyself” to those who incarnated on “his” planet. In the absence of free will, there can be no polarity and therefore nothing to ‘choose’ between.

The Council of Elders, the Galactic Logos, then instructed  the Luciferic spirits to assist Yahweh by acting as a catalyst for His creation, something to which Yahweh agreed, so that these beings had to ‘descend’ from a higher density to the level of the paradise of the past .  Once there, the concept of free will would be introduced  to the inhabitants of Earth by offering them a first choice.   Whether they wanted to or not.

Experiment with the Tree of Knowledge

Yet Yahweh wanted to bind the inhabitants of the earth more to himself than would remain after human freedom of choice. When the members of the dialectical hierarchy descended  and wanted to implement  the option of free will among people, Yahweh ensured  that his descendants would still choose to be loyal to him and to that extent be satisfied with their way of life that they would always trust him and that they would do what he said.   According to him (Yahweh), therefore, free will in humans would not work well as a catalyst and he only agreed  to the experiment of the Tree of Knowledge.   He believed  that that experiment – opening human consciousness to the Tree of Knowledge – would prove him right.   When that did not happen, he became angry and removed the man from his ‘garden’. And he laid great guilt  upon them for how they had betrayed his trust and disobeyed him.  In doing so he shifted the harmonious balance that Elohim was bound to maintain as a sevenfold activity.  Yahweh, as one of the seven Elohim, assumed disproportionate power  for our planet and became dominant  over the other six (according to Rudolf Steiner).

The Old Testament Playing Field

In doing so, Yahweh encouraged  polarization (an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth) among the people whom he imprisoned, as it were, in a legalistic, Old Testament playing field.  He wanted to continue to determine the rules of that playing field.   Coornhert [4] already indicated in the sixteenth century that the Logos should remain free from a link to the Old Testament demiurge Yahweh. The Luciferic spirits, in turn, stood firm for the freedom of choice that they wanted people to share  in order to allow the search and journey of experience in this special universe to culminate in reconnection with the one infinite Creator:

When you can see the divine spark of the infinite Creator within yourself and even within those who would harm you, the stronghold of illusion will begin to lose its power over you,

one of their representatives indicated.

Meanwhile, the members at the top of the hierarchical dialectic were karmically connected to the nature of the catalyst that they had implemented in the human earth field on the authority of the Galactic Logos or the Council of Elders. This worked out for them  in such a way that negative polarity as a working hypothesis had become a pure necessity for people and for themselves : they could and cannot do otherwise than continue with the concept that war, violence and destruction are necessary for us humans, but especially for themselves.

They start from the assumption that, if they can draw up the entire human life wave to their state of being, to their tinsel glory, they themselves will be liberated from suffering and humanity will be liberated. [5]

They whisper the following to us, as it were: we offer you the catalyst of negativity.   It’s up to you what you do with it.  Our free will can make use of this negative polarity because there are important starting points in our being, whether or not anchored in our DNA,  that can be activated ‘draconically’.   Then we must use our will for this.  In the interview it is expressed as follows:

The drastic magnitude of the negativity we create has more to do with us than with you.

And they project that magnitude as a necessary game in the development of a higher level of consciousness.

Is War the Father of All Things?

And they have had the benefit of many cultural insights.  Remember Heraclites who said that war is the Father of all things; or to Shiva, the god of necessary destruction; or the more recent statement:

War is an element of the world order determined by God,

(Count Von Moltke, early twentieth century)

and also the nature of Allah, which also includes the aspect of war and struggle. At some points in history there has even been a glorification of war, with the clergy doing their part through statements by priests and ministers, sometimes to establish a dominant culture through violence (for example Jesuits in Central and South America), sometimes to give an existing culture further Bildung:

War is absolutely necessary because it is a means of education through which youth are brought to discipline and national consciousness…

(Rev. Schumann, Leipzig)

In order to present the inhumanity and horror of crimes and deeply traumatic experiences that war entails in an acceptable light, the Lucifer spirits portray this  as simply part of a game to be played by humanity, and that suffering on our Planet of Sorrow is not really permanent for the soul developing into a higher state of consciousness.  Pain and suffering are just aspects of the game.  They feel extremely real as we play the game and that is necessary to make you believe that the game is real.  Nobody really dies.  But instead, the formal dust jacket is thrown off.
These dialectically hierarchical spirits are not spirit beings in a truly spiritual sense, but animate natural beings and can actually be regarded as animate matter without the guidance of the Spirit.  This animated matter is

a course of fate, a continuous death leap into destruction, in suffering and sorrow, an incessant dying and an incessant rebirth in ever different stages of fate, a chain reaction of the primordial substance. [6]

Creation and Play

Now the task of ‘recreation’ for the Gnostic suggests a creative inner process: genesis is creation.  And creation – based on the ‘primary expression of the Infinite’, of free will – is an essential capacity for the spiritual man.  And where there is creation, there is undoubtedly play involved.  The Homo Ludens [7] or man at play, as depicted by the writer Johan Huizinga [8] before the Second World War, is an enduring theme.  There are several examples in our Western literature that attempt to reach a higher level of consciousness through a game, for example Herman Hesse’s masterful novel The Bead Game [9], in which he traces the roots of the game in Greek (Pythagoras), gnostic circles.  It is clear that Hesse refers to Johan Huizinga in that novel. Hesse:

The rules, the drawing language and grammar of the game form a kind of highly developed secret language, drawing from various sciences and arts, mainly from mathematics and music, respectively musicology.  This secret language is capable of expressing the contents and outcomes of virtually all sciences and their mutual relationships.  The Bead Game is therefore a play with all the values and contents of our culture, it plays with them, just as a painter in the Golden Age of the arts may have played with the colors of his palette.

A Noble Motivation

However, our culture is coming to an end, in fact: little is left of the values Hesse talks about.  The game we are playing now is more like Risk, the successful board game, where warfare and excitement can lead to intense astral excitement, and for some there can even be a certain addiction.  Even if we remove the ‘destroy the enemy armies’ card in that game because we consider ourselves too civilized for that assignment.  Ernst Jünger described the excitement of experiencing war as

a violent rush, a rush that surpasses all rushes, an unleashing that bursts all ties. [10]

Many computer games have the same fascinating and addictive effect on those who play them, where – eventually when we come to our senses – we know that it is just a game.  However, the dialectical hierarchy would have us believe that the Game is cosmically real and that it must necessarily be conducted from a negative polarization in order to enable progression in the all-development and to bring the soul home.  They tell us:

Always remember that it is a beautiful game that we play here and co-create with our Infinite Creator.

(See for example the contemporary novel Time Bender by Tijn Touber [11], chapter 8, which is partly taken from the interview) . But Nietzsche already saw through that plea for a ‘holy’ war when he said:

You will wage war within yourself.

Save war for your inner struggle.  And Lao Zi (Tzu) states that he who conquers himself is stronger than he who conquers a city.  In Daoism and Buddhism, we find the noble motivation not to fall into the trap of the necessity of negative polarization as external warfare, as far as the world and humanity are concerned.  That necessity is a cosmic blindness of entities that currently determine power in the world, perhaps even ‘well-intentioned’, but always to maintain their own position and try to solve their own karma.

The Royal Road

The royal road to the one infinite Creator – not of this world, but with an anchor in our deepest selves – is that of non-commitment and gentleness, with the three ‘primary modulations of the infinite’, namely free will, love and light, as a beckoning playing field that corresponds to unity, freedom and love. On that playing field, ‘rules’ such as behavior, selflessness, spontaneity, candor, empathy, conscientiousness, and integrity are taken for granted and therefore require no effort.  In the Age of Aquarius, belligerence will disappear due to the new (ether) power that is poured over the world and humanity.  The souls allow their will to vibrate with this positive energy.  A force that will crack the hardest nut of popular beliefs:

It has always been this way and it will always remain this way.

This insight will revive that coexistence on earth that does not require war between people at all.



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