The prison of the self in the heart

There is an essential, absolute reality - the Whole, which embraces everything in serenity, and which is asleep within us.

The prison of the self in the heart

We are a whirlwind of emotions and desires, which often assail us without telling where they came from. Our feelings have many sources, characteristics and nuances. They are transient and alternate at different times, even on the same day or at different stages of life. We move from a delightful joy to deep sadness. We love people that we later detest. These are results of internal opposition and contradiction manifesting inside us, the result of a state of consciousness turned towards itself.

However, if we look at nature, we see that there is no opposition. On the contrary, everything presents itself as complementarity and harmony. Night and day are not opposed, but rather necessary for the healthy development of plants and animals. The same can be said of winter and summer, the ebb and flow, and other natural phenomena, which manifest themselves in interdependence, balance and agreement.

Based on the mood of our heart, we judge everything. We observe the world around us, situations we experience and people we know, and our minds compare and contrast with our previous memories, classifying them based on pre-defined concepts. What favors us, or is in accordance with our values, we call “good”; to the opposite we call it “evil”.

In this way, we catalog everything that surrounds us, creating drawers and boxes with labels where we store our visions of reality, which gradually becomes fragmented. We live in this fractional reality, based on the desires that emanate from our turbulent heart, which ends up becoming a prison of our self.

There is, however, an essential, absolute reality – the Whole, which embraces everything in serenity, and which is asleep within us. This Spark of Light is the manifestation of divinity, which touches our hearts. It speaks to us in silence about the possibility of discovering an absolute truth, of finding a deep reason for existing.

When this Spark awakens in us, it illuminates the desert of our life and we are instigated to find the oasis of higher reality, free of mirages. We become seekers and can begin a journey in the search for the Spirit.

We begin to walk a path of self-knowledge, which is an inner journey, in order to find the fragments of our existence and, in the light of the Spark of the heart, reassemble the puzzle of our confused reality.

We start and follow this path as we are, taking our flaws and virtues, successes and contradictions, aiming not to improve the ego, but rather to surrender it to the perfection of the Light that exists in all of us.

We discover, little by little, that the fragments of our chaotic existence, as well as the experiences of life are the prima materia to the inner alchemical process, in the search for the gold of the Spirit. In this way, the ego’s prison becomes a source of endless possibilities for liberation!

It is not a matter of being unmoved by the world, but of living in depth,       understanding that all situations are opportunities for self-knowledge.

Our role is to disclose and remove the barriers that keep us apart from unconditional love, from the Whole to which we belong and, in this way, find fulfillment in the sparkle’s light, not because we have to conquer anything, but because we have lost illusions about ourselves.

When this happens, the puzzle pieces of our existence fit together and we can find our way out of the prison of the heart.

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Date: November 30, 2020
Author: Grupo de autores Logon
Photo: jplenio via Pixabay CCO

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