The power of self-knowledge

Man's power has increased in all areas except himself. Winston Churchill

The power of self-knowledge


Our human experience takes place in the field of duality. We need duality to see contrast, just as we need time to understand the finite nature of life. But, in reality, we see that nothing is finite. It is simply a necessary illusion that makes life easier for us in this field of life. Today, all humanity is well installed in the field of duality and functions perfectly in this sense.

But now we no longer need the illusion we call space-time… We must learn to live in the present. It will become increasingly important to learn to live in a way that puts our life experience outside the time line. This is not easy, because we have grown up with the idea of the past and the future, our thinking is totally adapted to it. But the past and the future are ideas, what is real is the present.

It is disorienting to break free from the familiar patterns in your life. There is sometimes a difficult period between the comfort we knew and the true comfort that follows this chaotic period. We can take action that will encourage the perception of a living experience of the moment and thus diminish the mechanical responses of the past. Perceiving that our habits encourage us to replay the same scenes, to use the old ruts, will encourage us to choose fresh responses and thus different outcomes.

Our thought patterns cannot free us from these patterns. Freedom is not a better story, it is the ability to look freshly at our current story and observe that our behavior is bringing back old wounds. It takes time to see the totality of the ego’s functioning and if we consciously participate in this process, it will be accelerated. Awareness is an essential aspect of healing!

We are so used to seeing everything around us through our worldview that this process has become automatic and affects our perception in a blinding way. We look for consistency in everything around us to avoid the new until our problems become too big to ignore. Fortunately, we are surrounded by individuals who have different views and this can cause us to question the validity of our concepts. Simply being comfortable with uncertainty can transform our view of the world and ourselves. In fact, we live in a world of symbols and must be able to distinguish between what is alive and what is dead in our language and in our behavior.

Wisdom knows that for every action there is a reaction, so we do not do anything that we can blame ourselves for and that we should solve for our soul.

Throughout life, we make choices that will either enhance our sense of integrity or diminish it. This is true for our daily decisions, for our chronic inner chatter, and for our relationships with others. Our days are constantly filled with various options, and the choices we make are energetically responsible for the direction our destiny takes.

Our decisions of each moment weave the image of what we are and what we become. They are truly defining moments. It is the small, continuous decisions that determine the energy and direction of our existence.

Understanding is not a mental function!

The intellect can only provide hypotheses. Cerebral thought is speculative in essence, dependent on conditioned sensory faculties, limited by the surrounding culture and by its own biology.

True knowledge is not subject to the superficial agitations and unstable cogitations of cerebral thought. It is this indisputable knowledge that the man of science seeks through his calculations and experiments. He looks for it in the stars or in the atom, whereas it waits for him in his own heart, in the depths of himself, to reveal to him in silence and immobility the secret of all life.

From the dynamic process of self-knowledge, an inner authority can be born that does not come from the intellect. Little by little, desires are extinguished for lack of daily nourishment. A new power, which is a force that transforms everything, acts through the personality, almost without its knowledge. The living water that flows naturally transforms everything in its path… Obeying this authority, this inner power that no one can steal or even humanize… becomes a necessity and thus, the transformed personality will propagate what the Spirit transmits to the Soul in due time.

Self-knowledge puts one in touch with an inaccessible realm. It is a force that the heart receives and that has the power to restore the disturbed balance. We have no choice but to trust it, knowing that through our misgivings, it shows us the way and nourishes us, whatever our state of consciousness.

Self-knowledge is not a self-enclosure but a knowledge of our integrity, of what we potentially are, of our excesses, of our possibilities, of what we aspire to… and allows us to see if our actions respond to them. Nothing to do with narcissistic introspection!

In each person, an authority of his own is waiting to be revealed. It alone can lead him through all the difficulties of life and give him the true power: to listen, to see, to be, to remain oriented on the essential, the present, conscious of the choices to be made… to renew what needs to be renewed when necessary. It is a path of multiple renunciations to what closes us to the Spirit, and of choices that nourish the soul.

The inner journey is not a trip of incessant introspection or mystical flight, but a way of living the joys and pains of the world.

Your vision becomes clear only when you can look into your heart. He who looks outside, dreams. He who looks inside, awakens.

C. G. Jung









Self-ignorance makes a man a slave!

We are entering a new era and the ambient chaos forces us to enter it in a brutal way. Organizations are currently chaotic, with trial after trial in vain… they are inexorably heading towards the fate they deserve according to their actions, unaware of what can make them decline. It is sad to see them struggling with unsolvable problems created because they disregard the collective intelligence…

We must function differently or we will disappear. The thirst and abuse of power have become legion and prevent us from becoming aware of the compromises we make on a daily basis.


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Date: May 6, 2022
Author: Ghislaine Bousquet (Switzerland)
Photo: Manfred Richter on Pixabay CCO

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