The path towards the male damsel and the female squire – Part 2

Fire is indispensable for the sublime unity of the masculine and feminine

The path towards the male damsel and the female squire – Part 2

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Farewell to power through a very special fire

Nobody will be surprised that a hierarchical dialectical structure is not a solid basis for experiencing unity, freedom and love in their inseparable connection with the light. In the soul experience of Aquarius values there will not be room for any hierarchy whatsoever that is based upon power.

The extraordinary energy of the androgynous future Aquarius human being has an unearthly heat aspect. It is the electric fire ether that is characterized as the power emanating as impersonal love.

The border as determined by the old world – for the Greek that was Chronos, of which Plato said that it was determining the structure for our cosmos, for the Romans it was Saturn – can be broken through heat, as a fiery flame of ascension. How can this heat play a role in the manifestation of the androgynous Aquarius human being?

It is not a coincidence that Jan van Ruusbroec (1293-1381), who refers to that heat process, has chosen the name ‘geestelice bruloght’  or spiritual wedding for this process.

Central point herein is the consciousness of the ignited love, the true  courtly love.

Jan van Ruusbroec (‘mystic light from medieval ages’) was a contemporary of Geert Grote (modern devotion, Deventer). Van Ruusbroec only wrote in Dutch.

If Carl Gustav Jung is still concerned with the harmonious cooperation of masculine and feminine energy through growing awareness of the unconscious feminine, then already in the Middle Ages we see a dynamic aspect needed for the formation of the man/woman that supposedly we were in pre-paradise times. But also in the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries there are clear signs that fire is indispensable for the sublime unity of the masculine and feminine. Michael Maier in Atalanta Fugiens:

For the hermaphrodite that lies as dead in the dark fire is indispensable. (1618)

And in the book of the holy Trinity (15th century)  we see two heads of a man and a woman beneath one crown, with one body, a reference to a royal state of being.

The courage to be free

Being beyond the border of Chronos  – something that Uranus as ruler in Aquarius demands from us  – meant chaos in older times, and now, in the twenty-first century, in the transition towards the Aquarius era, it demands the courage to be free.

Free of the ‘archaïsm’, free of the attachment to hierarchy, free of habituations and addictions that hold us back in the certainty of a strict structure.

Free of the habituation tendency from which we derive security of existence.

Free of contracts with the powerful ones. Not by embracing anarchism and consciously causing chaos, but free through living from the Phoenix power, in which purification is at the same time amalgamation in unity and in the love that  keeps us elevated.

Chaos would then turn into exalted patterns of unearthly order; anarchy would turn into freedom in openness.

Hermes and Aphrodite

The concept of hermaphrodite from alchemy can be traced back to the source that is Hermes and the lofty radiation of Venus which represents Aphrodite: Hermes-Aphrodite. This ‘amalgamation’  is relieved from nature; it is sublime. In this alchemy the apparent chaos transforms into the cosmos of sublime experience of beauty.

Mind you, these are inner processes of fiery unification, not cultural achievements!

The romantic cultural human desires unity with nature, not through knowing it but through ‘experiential immersion in it’. What he experiences is a painful alienation and he wants nothing else than its elimination by merging with the All-life. An example of romantic desire can be found in a text by Friedrich Schleiermacher:

I lie in the bosom of the infinite world: I am her soul at this moment, for I feel all her powers and her infinite life as my own. She is my body at this moment, for I penetrate her muscles and limbs as mine and her inner nerves move according to my will and my assumption as mine. The slightest disturbance, and the holy embrace disappears in the wind.[3]

The author Oudemans [4] observes in our 21st century, the following:

In secret all those contemporary attempts to save the earth, to maintain nature, to ecologically recycle energy and matter or to re-introduce original species, they are all resulting from this same romantic desire for unity.

So it is not about the unity with nature from a romantic perspective, similar to the individual level as far as the experience of sexuality is concerned, as was already observed by Joan Grant:

Being of one flesh is not durable, cannot last. 

(Gevleugelde Farao: Winged Pharao)

This is highly remarkable, because an Aquarian impulse is absolutely committed to romance, certainly since the time that the so-called enlightenment ideals were formulated.

Once our awareness recognises and accepts that the unity with nature can never be stable and lasting because of the dialectical dynamics of that same nature, how could the unity in coherence with freedom and love ever be reached? And how could the state of an androgynous human being be realized?  Can this male damsel really be vivified within us?

In the meantime it is clear that it concerns a fiery inner process. This means that especially the beginning must be found within ourselves. Whoever starts to seek for that unity, is already standing in the encounter with God, which means that the omnipresent spirit always is embedded within us. All we have to do is ‘to step aside’ so to speak. Then the fiery process can start within us. ‘Stepping aside’ is similar to the non-being of the Aquarius person, it opens the gate to the impersonal compassion, it transforms the spirituality aimed at the natural human being into universal spirituality.

Inner monarchy

The turbulence of the current time is among other things also caused by the planetary effect of increasing vibration but also through the energy pulses that correlate with the activity of Aquarius.

It is now therefore somewhat less difficult for the consciousness to resonate with the sublime triangle of unity, freedom and love, provided the barriers of fear and worry are minimized.

There is another very important factor, and that is the inner power. Also an ‘arch’ element, yes. No anarchy, no hierarchy, no matriarchy, no archon, but the own monarchy, the royal couple within. Purified by fire and turned into gold. The crowned androgynous human; the female squire.



[3] Schleiermacher, Fr.:  Religion als Anschauung und Gefühl des Universums, 1799

[4] Oudemans, Th.C.W., Moeder Natuur, de plaats van de mens in de kosmos [Mother Nature, the place of humans in the cosmos], Ten Have, Utrecht 2020

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Date: January 7, 2022
Author: Frans Spakman (Netherlands)
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