The Nature of Reality

Very often we have no desire to stay in the present because we don't think it's interesting enough to deserve our full attention. If we do not open ourselves to the gifts of the present, we immediately stop receiving them.

The Nature of Reality


Forget the search for God,

creation and other things alike.


Seek Him by examining yourself.

Learn who it is that makes all things his own and says:

“My God, my Spirit, my mind, my soul, my body”.


Discover the sources of your worries, your joy, your love, your hate.

Examine how you look at things, get angry, feel peace or love,

without wanting to.


When you have carefully observed these things you will find Him

in yourself.


Monoimus (Arabic Gnostic)



This quote urges us to true self-knowledge, which is our only reality… Not to look for magical help from outside but to find it within ourselves.

Having the knowledge of a thing does not give us the experience of that thing… To refuse the present is to refuse the test of experience, since experience only happens in the present…  I am here, today, and I seek only that… My soul can only be truly nourished, strengthened, purified, enriched by the fullness of the moment. If I am content to be faithful to this Light, my soul will know very well how to recover, the challenge is to silence the mind.

Energetically, we create our reality every moment of our lives. This is what makes every second so precious; exactly like a gift. The present is a window of opportunity. It is the wonderful energy of presence. Every little second is a gift from the universe.

Very often we have no desire to stay in the present because we don’t think it’s interesting enough to deserve our full attention. If we do not open ourselves to the gifts of the present, we immediately stop receiving them.

Inner Reality announces, anticipates outer Reality. Reality varies according to whether we observe it or not. Reality is changeable, affected by our own perception. Our consciousness creates our reality, and we cannot manifest anything that has not first been fully formed within us.

At any given moment, we find ourselves at a point in time where there is a separation between the past and the future. When it is not the past that threatens to pull us to one side, it is the future that worries us. This past is almost unknown, and the future is a projection, an expectation. It is our great difficulty to hold our balance in the middle and to stay here… And this makes us silent… In this silence, time does not exist.

He who has learned enough from the lessons of the past and lives in the present on that basis, will create his future in a completely different way.

At one point in my life, I went in search of God, of Knowledge, of love… I projected myself outside when Reality, Truth, Love, do not live outside but inside me. I simply have to listen to this swarm of information that lives within me. This Reality is very dynamic, I can only feel it and let it guide me… Anything else I can do will chase it away like the wind chases the clouds.

If I have integrity, if I pay attention to everything that can lower my energy, if my mental convolutions (my thought life that invades reality) have dissolved, if I no longer want to be anything other than what I am, if I no longer elaborate great plans for my future since the moment is so rich and shows me what I have to do day after day, second after second, if I do what is in harmony with myself, at my own pace… then I do what is correct, I am in my true nature and this simplicity naturally calls for Love which manifests itself by its radiation, its vibration, its energy.

Thus, I can understand that without this Love, this new state of being, I am nothing, I have nothing, I can do nothing! All that remains is for me to keep this vibration as my only treasure in order to live in, with and through this energy.

Thus, I move towards the One Truth by a path that takes shape step by step, in the present… each step coming from an inner knowledge of the path to follow. This path is for me real but invisible.

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Date: November 25, 2021
Author: Ghislaine Bousquet-Egli (Switzerland)
Photo: Ghislaine Bousquet-Egli

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