The mega society

What role does a god play in the process of social development?

The mega society

A starting society develops social cohesion. As society grows, regulation is needed to maintain stability. What role does a god play in the process of social development? Recent research[1] into more than 400 complex societies that developed over the past 10,000 years wants to answer this question. The aim of the study was to determine whether a complex society appears first and then the moralizing god is introduced or vice versa, in which the god precedes a society formation. A kind of chicken-egg situation with regard to the origin of god and society.

Gods follow society development, it appears. The involved scientists draw the conclusion that a moralizing god is needed to justify rules that come from above or outside of society. In Buddhism it is the law of karma that has a corrective effect as a supernatural punishment. The Egyptian god Maät (2800 BC) is the earliest deity with a moralizing function. Maät is later followed by Sjamasj (2200 BC), and Ahura Mazda in Persia (500 BC). These gods developed in societies with more than one million people, and are therefore referred to as mega societies in the study.


The riddle of humanity

Another interpretation of the data is that at a certain point in the development of society man becomes aware of a higher spiritual power. Through consciousness, this spiritual power reveals itself to the evolving society. There is room for self-reflection and the opportunity to discover inner motivations that come from beyond the senses. Motivations that are inspired by gods. A motivation that is based on the latent spiritual potential of human beings. So we turn it around here. Society does not invent a god for the sake of morality and the enforcement of rules. This morality comes from man himself and connects himself with lifeforms that possess this higher morality as a characteristic. The image of this higher lifeform as a prototype is referred to as “god”.

In the spirit of this god, humanity is a unity. A collective of consciousness and experience that takes its place in the development of society. A group of conscious people with a higher awareness of the unity of the whole humanity. That higher consciousness is in the gnostic doctrine called Christ. The core of every individual person belongs to the unity of the Christ, cannot be viewed separately from it.

However, this spiritual core can separate itself from the unity and choose its own path. Humanity then manifests itself in the multitude. The spiritual potential is fragmented in this multitude. In this way each person creates their own version of the universe with a single part of the shining truth. The rest of humanity can take its place there as a projection of creation in a self-centered version of the universe.

The world view from quantum physics therefore gives us a mystery. A model has been made which is based on the smallest particles that are known. The model indicates how these particles behave and thus shape our reality. The model explains everything right until the moment that humans try to perceive reality. Then the model no longer works. There are two theories that try to explain this phenomenon. The most common theory is that the system collapses the moment humans perceive this. A recent theory is that the model describes multiple realities, all of which take place simultaneously. Man sees only a single reality, while the model describes everything.

Because of the dilemma of the two theories and the always unsatisfactory outcome, there is little interest for further research. It is as if it is clear that this shows too much that people have a limited view about reality. That their senses limit them to such an extent that the outcome when it really comes to the point is incomprehensible. A universe that only exists when someone perceives it apparently shows only a limited aspect of reality. A universe that exists in a multitude of variants always has what is needed for individual humans. Both variants indicate that there is a creation that adapts to the consciousness of man. The more fragmented that consciousness, the more fragmented the universe.


The global mega society

The memory of unity in Christ is present in every person. In the twenty-first century, every person can make his or her own story out of this; A mythical representation of the return to the unity. This can be done, for example, by making a representation of a country or nation that stands out from all other people. The well-being of this society becomes a top priority for its leaders. Specifically, we can think of Donald Trump, who wants to make America great again, with the help of god of course. That is a representation of things that worked above expectations during the campaign. During the Presidency, Trump also appears to hold his ground, to the surprise of the rest of the world. Trump’s plans get mythical proportions. Anyone who knows the world of myths knows that it always leads to a fight. Building a wall makes the separation between this mega society and everything beyond very concrete.

An individual like Trump gains his power in the group by creating something that the masses can imagine as ideal. In this representation is an image created which will prove as a reality within the boundaries of society. This modern mega society arouses aversion among the remaining fragmented humanity. They also want a mega society with a higher ideal. But then you must have an ideal. For example, does Europe still have such an ideal, or is this past glory? Does anyone believe in Europe as a mega society? Where is god by the way?

The political drama seems to be less and less determining for the direction of the development of society. Great that all those little countries, districts, cities and local authorities play their games. The question is whether this still matters. It is no secret that the five largest companies in the world, the “frightful five” possess so much money that the governments only form a barrier for them in their plans. Think of plans like a colony on Mars, a free state for rich and gifted people with free transportation, fresh air and no annoying rules. The money is therefore in the hands of a small group of very rich people who have astronomical amounts to spend. For them, the political world stage is like a puppet show for the entertainment of humanity. They are the new gods of the global mega society of the twenty-first century.

The young man or woman feels intuitively that the global mega society is as a straitjacket for the free development of the individual. Therefore, this young generation is reorientation. They are also drawn into all kinds of ideologies from the historically grown puppet game, but they more and more free themselves from this. They are more concerned about the ecological limits of mother earth. Is the earth a viable planet for the coming generations in the coming decades? The new god is mother-earth that gives a new morality to the ecosystem of the global mega society.


Living together in unity

The unity projects itself into a fragmented global mega society. Watching the projection is a sensory limitation like sand in the spirit’s eye. The unity exists, but is not perceptible to an individual. That is the confusing context in which the senses are trapped. Because of this a person perceives separation. The experience of a separate consciousness exists because of time and space. However, that experience is an illusion. Behind the illusion is the unity of consciousness in the All of the Christ. This unity radiates the All with the spirit of love. Re-merging into unity therefore means the same as incorporating all humanity into that unity. That is the secret of liberation, that every individual can do this themselves. With this act man drags a group of fellow-companions with him across the threshold of space and time. The more man can forgive his fellow man, the more the power of love can penetrate into society. In this way people connect in the ideal of unity. Not as a projection in a mega society, but as a real society in the ecosystem of mother earth.

The god-mother is like a womb of the real eternal life in the unity of the all. Very close and easy to enter, if a person is able to forgive everything and everyone in love. Only that opens the gates of the spirit, nothing else. The key to open the gate is consciousness. The gate itself is the luminous figure that breaks into unity in the places of space and time. The alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end of the fragmented universe of the human life-wave. So it is not man who imagines god, but god, the spirit, who through man imagines the unity of real life. That is why the new life does not come from a representation of a god, but from the revelation of real life. The testimony of this shows current scientists a motive for further investigation.

Mankind has forgotten its origin. Every memory comes with difficulty and is always quickly forgotten. Time and again the memory must fight its way through the illusion to the temporary consciousness of man. If this consciousness becomes collective then a new mythology comes into being with new gods and a new attempt to shape eternity in time. The chicken-egg story of gods and human societies. But groups of people are always sharing the revelation. The higher life can be entered without having to imagine it. The group is included because the key is used and the gate is opened.

[1] Complex societies precede moralizing gods throughout world history. Nature March 20, 2019.

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Date: May 6, 2019
Author: John van den Berg (Netherlands)
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