The Great Play

In many cultures, we have long known all kinds of myths and sagas about nature aeons. They are beings that have evolved here on earth and have managed to maintain themselves at the expense of humanity. They remain invisible to many people in the higher energy fields of our duality.

The Great Play

In the gnostic approach, the nature aeons are monstrous formations of unholy nature forces. These forces have arisen due to the life (thinking, feeling, willing, coveting and acting) of fallen humanity turned away from God. Once they have grown into powerful concentrations of forces, they can and do manipulate humanity to continue along unholy paths in order to perpetuate human bondage to the revolving wheel of dialectics. These self-enforcing powers are archontic in nature. They emanate from the archons, the powers of the ancient dispensation.

Our solar system rotates through the cosmos, and in some 26,000 years, it completes an orbit around the central Heart of our Milky Way galaxy. One can divide these 26,000 years into zodiacal signs, and we know we have recently entered Aquarius. Twice in that 26,000 years’ orbit, earth passes through a photon belt. The last time it did so, about 13,000 years ago, it was in the constellation of Leo, now it is in the constellation of Aquarius. This has far-reaching consequences. The photon belt pours unprecedented light-forces over our dark planet with the result that the vibration of our life-field gradually increases. We can compare this to purifying, or purging impulses.

It speaks for itself that this increase in vibration poses problems for the self-maintaining aeonic forces. If humanity rises to the requirements of this vibrational increase, the archons game is over, and they know that. They also know that the higher energy can work out in two different ways for man, either raising or breaking. That is, the vibrational frequency of the human soul either increases, or the human soul falls deeper, depending on whether the state of consciousness and mode to life relate harmoniously or disharmoniously to the plan of the Logos.

It was the same case 13,000 years ago. The vibration of the Earth increased and the archontic powers became trapped. This phase coincided with the downfall of Atlantis. Humanity of that time proved insufficiently capable of making the next step, which leads beyond this life field.

Now our earth has entered another shift, the vibrational level is rising, and soul-born humanity is able to resonate with this rise. Thus again, humanity faces a choice, either a resurrection or a further fall. Humankind has to accomplish the development that leads out of this life field in self-realisation, in resonance with the earth’s raised frequency, founded on a living soul. It is not possible to accomplish resurrection from outside of man’s being. Human beings themselves must choose to do it from within. The new energy from the Heart of our cosmos is the basis for this process of renewal, in which the old dissolves in the radiation field of the new.

In this process, the nature aeons would also have to let go of their old energy, but that would bring them down completely. Their essence is of the earth and can never ascend beyond its realm of origin. This means the nature aeons will pull-out-all-the-stops to maintain themselves, at the expense of human beings. The self-maintaining power of these archontic forces is very strong and cunning. By means of guile and lower enticement, they are set on the necessity of maintaining the status quo of dependant humanity’s habit formation. In this way, they delay humanity in reaching its own rightful divine creative power. Yet humanity still supplies them with their (ether) food, and central to that delivery is the coercion of fear and semblance. The nature aeons see their sustenance guaranteed by imitating the truly divine relations and thereby maintaining authority over a worshipping multitude.

Jan van Rijckenborgh described these processes in the 1950s [1]. He sketches an alarming image of what will come out of the closet to keep humanity in its dialectical harness. We are now fully in the midst of that struggle between darkness and Light, and the description of that battle in the realms of the eons and archons also contains an essentially different struggle that is going on, the struggle for man’s soul.

In the first instance, they did this by establishing a bond of powerful religious images with the human consciousness, causing people to release energy in feeding the images, in their desire for spiritual achievement through that bond. Just as in the last century, the TV clergy in the US managed to attract huge contributions of money and energy by manipulating and broadcasting ancient religious images.

Earthly man generates light force, which mostly unwittingly serves as sustenance for the aeons. We convert cosmic ethers into vibrations that are ‘edible’ for these negative forces. This conversion from intercosmic light-force into terrestrial light-force takes place for example in the blood and nerve fluids.

However, the monstrous formations of unholy nature powers, as archontically ignited eons, are unable to sustain themselves permanently in the highest spheres on the other side of this dual nature. The incoming Aquarian radiations prove to be continually dissolving the prevailing religious images of the old dispensation. Moreover, the idealistic and religious orientations are mostly deflected into political, social and economic meanings. Accordingly, it has become more difficult for the nature aeons to maintain themselves in the high regions of the reflection sphere of this nature. Consequently, put briefly, the light-radiations from the cosmic heart are scouring the reflection sphere. The YouTube film An end to the Death-space ( presents a fascinating image of this process.

In an attempt to secure ether production, many idealistic ideas in the social, economic and political fields were overturned. Thus, human beings became slaves to an infamous monetary system that increased injustice even more. Hence, the ‘irresistible self-maintaining powers’ were able to force humanity to continue along disastrous ways and perpetuate human bondage to the revolving wheel of this dualistic life-field, says J. van Rijckenborgh.

This corresponds with the practice of human slavery, already recorded in ancient times, in which other cosmic lifewaves were also negatively involved.

However, at the same time there is a mighty treasure hidden within our being, like a blueprint, which can carry us beyond the earthly three-dimensional domain. Who we really are is stored there, and only needs to awaken. The radiation from the central heart of our galaxy activates that original being and kisses us awake, as in the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. This activation deprives the ‘ether-eating’ formations and beings of their food. In attempting to prevent this, they do everything they can to keep humanity docile and unknowing about these things. Their weapons are the creation of fear and deception by utilising strategic incarnations or overshadowing within the media, governments, religions, economic systems and all other earthly institutions of power and influence.

The Great Play erupts in all its intensity in our time. It is the latest desperate attempt from the archontic rulers to keep humanity enchained in a make-believe reality by fostering political, social and financial-economic delusion to secure ether production.

This attempt has been going on for several decades now, and has reached its peak in our time, which means we have to become conscious in all respects. Not only about how we are allowing ourselves to be enslaved but, above all how we can mobilise the power from our inner source that leads us consciously to the fourth dimension and beyond. This we can achieve by resonance with the tremendous vibrational frequency increase of the earth under the influence of the Aquarian radiations.

Ample knowledge of this is already present. For example, the pre-memory of the Power of the Lion that stands before the gates of the sanctuary. In the power of the lion, the flow of energy is healing; it serves one’s fellow beings, and is pure of intention, so that no draining by voluntary vulnerable openness to reflection-sphere powers can take place. From the past of the immortal soul, the voice of the lion induces self-realisation in the present, to eternal genesis.

This may seem paradoxical, since Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs, but we need the powerful voice of the lion to remain conscious of man’s royal origin and destination. The processes of 13,000 years ago are comparable to the present. Humanity threatened to awaken in the radiant power of Leo. The demise of Atlantis was the response of the opposing forces. Now the aeonic forces in the invisible spheres have no way out but to connect with this side, the visible material sphere, and infect a still dependent humanity with ‘uncertainty images.’ Christina von Dreien [2] calls them ‘unlights’, which the light will necessarily eliminate.

When we awaken, we begin to realise that we are essentially immortal, multidimensional divine beings who have temporarily bound ourselves to a time-spatial reality. It is as if we have voluntarily projected ourselves into a dismal dream. In the dream, forces have broken in and other forces have awoken that want to hold us within the dream, because they need our life energy, hence they are keen to keep us there.

The Great Play as described by Jan van Rijckenborgh in Unmasking is an expression of this. The opposing forces are doing everything they can to keep us in this dream. Scenarios are composed for humanity from the shadows that do not serve humanity. Wars and global pandemics are unchained. Anxiety, worry and fear make humanity docile and constrict the consciousness.  Advanced techniques are rolled out to influence humanity. Manipulations of the earthly reality take place through social and mainstream media, surveillance systems and algorithms. The pharmaceutical industry is playing a dubious role in a number of areas. All kinds of institutions are faltering.

Human beings will however continue to awaken! The great play will not succeed in pulling the whole of humanity down into a new trap. Possibly, several timelines will open, by which part of humanity will choose the old, destructive reality, but the ultimate ascension of our earth is essentially irreversible.

This is the third time in terrestrial human history that we have arrived at this point. The first time was the demise of Lemuria, the second time Atlantis. Atlantis also went down because of DNA (Christina von Dreien). Time works cyclically, not linearly. We are at the same point again and now humanity is awakening.

Due to the (DNA) code laid within human beings to become operative during the advancing Aquarian Age, human consciousness can resonate with the raising of the earth’s frequency, which means anxiety, worry, insecurity and fear are ever less compelling our action life to produce ether desired by the system.

That is an important first step in allowing the immortal soul to revive and live within us. That is the potential of the Aquarius human being, to bring the soul to life to the extent that anxiety, worry, insecurity and fear can no longer take hold. One of the first keys to awakening the soul quality in us is to observe the timeline. Worry and uncertainty derive from the past and concern the future, but the soul lives and manifests in the now. The greatest ‘trigger’ in this game is of course the fear of death, or of nothingness.

Hence, great is the dismay among the incarnated aeonic formations, to find that the fear of that game-changer, death, has greatly diminished. Consider what happened in 2020, when the death toll from the possibly artificially created pandemic fell far short of the feared numbers. The attention then swiftly shifted to the danger of large numbers of infections, though not fatal, yet presented by the media and virologists as potentially just as fearful.

The soul awakened through Aquarius has already connected significantly with the spirit that Paul so aptly characterised:

Death where is your sting? Death is swallowed up in victory.

It is to this that the voice of the lion calls humanity!

The great game currently in full play, is being exposed in the awareness of an increasing number of people that the game is based on delusion, that the game is untrue, that it violates reality. Therefore, the coming phase of the game will attempt to cut off this realisation by positing the genuineness of a trans-human future through artificial intelligence, which, by means of self-developing algorithms is superior to the natural human intelligence. This trans-human being can easily be linked to a control and production system within the framework of our dual nature, and thus serve the forces that want to maintain themselves. One could plausibly sketch the surveillance society we observe globally as a precursor to the trans-human society. A trans-human being would be immune to the irradiating Light Force. Nano vaccination techniques also pose a major danger in this area.

We are responsible for our own future. The manifestation of the new future is not one of a dropdown menu “Dial 7 for Gnosis”! It is essential to keep any kind of implantation free of resonance-potential with digital radiating forces that can directly affect the natural centres of consciousness of head and heart. In the heart, the voice of the lion helps us directly by the intercosmic Brotherhood of the Light, which makes the fullness of Gnostic astral radiation directly available, and simultaneously prevents ‘appealing’ extra-terrestrial intrusion.

For when the heart is not in ‘passion mode,’ it is sufficiently pure to ward off even AI-manipulated activity. The heart has an unprecedented ability to “BE” and no deep fake influence can oppose that. The heart connects directly to the monad, to the divine soul that we are in our deepest essence.

The responsibility however, for keeping our heads pure and invulnerable, lies with us in a less ‘protected’ relationship. Artificial Intelligence with its trans-human programme can break into it if we do not stay vigilant, and if we do not know what is happening. We really need the power of the awakened soul for that, which is primarily and predominantly powered by the unlimited heart, as a mighty engine of invincibility, and which has its microcosmic seat in the head, between the two eyebrow arches.

The ‘awakening’ of the head, avoiding manipulation by the techno-magic of the nature aeons, is as said made possible by the awakened heart, stimulated by the Gnosis and an intervention in Galactic relations by the Brotherhood. It is Christocentric, that is, with the New Earth as reference.

The central heart of the Milky Way Galaxy is bound with the heart of the original sevenfold planet, or the sevenfold macrocosm, or as a union with the divine sun.

In addition, and through it, the rise in the earth’s natural frequency is positively affecting the consciousness processes, so that it can rightly be proclaimed that the Light is victorious.

An unmasking is in progress that definitively paves the way for Unity, Freedom and Love that transcends all understanding.



[1] J. van Rijckenborgh, Démasqué (‘Unmasking’), Rozekruispers, Haarlem, 1975, not available anymore

[2] Bewustzijn schept vrede (‘Consciousness creates peace’), Christina Von Dreien, Akasha Eeserveen, 2019

[3] Time Bender, Tijn Touber. London Books, Bodegraven, 2019

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Date: January 25, 2023
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