The Breath of Life – Part 2

„One ring to rule them all,one ring to find them,One ring to bring them alland in the darkness bind them.”

The Breath of Life – Part 2

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The breath of life and the breath of death are simultaneously present in the atmosphere of our planet. We have seen that the outgoing flow of the earth is being disturbed by the collective magnetic potential of mankind. But at the same time our atmosphere is influenced by the fiery intercosmic radiations of the Age of Aquarius; the living water is poured out over our heads. Hence the question becomes, how do we assimilate the forces of life and shield ourselves from the poisonous breath of death?

We said that the old materialistic way of thinking cannot solve this pressing problem of life and death. In the Age of Aquarius, a new way of thinking has to be born. This other way of thinking directs our attention to the etheric realm of life. Questions like “What is the source of life?” and “What does the concept of ‘life’ really mean?” focus our attention on the etheric sphere. We can describe ‘life’ according to its outer characteristics, but what is its essence?

Esotericists know that the etheric atoms penetrate the material atoms and in this way they give life, that is vibration, to the material forms. Hence, we can understand that concepts like, ‘growth’, ‘vitality’ and ‘health’ are directly related to the assimilation of etheric forces. Without our etheric body our material body has no independent life. If we deny or ignore that we have an etheric body, we will never understand the mystery of life. When we contemplate this rhythmic exchange of substances and forces – based on the law ‘alike attracts alike’ – then the terms “the breath of life” and “the breath of death” get a much wider meaning.

But before going deeper into this matter, I would like to take you on a little trip to the epic work “The Lord of the Rings” of J. R. R. Tolkien. Maybe you have read the books or seen the movies. In “The Fellowship of the Ring” the following scene has made a deep impression on me.

Our heroes are trying to escape a vicious monster. They run over a bridge and Gandalf the Grey, the wizard, is the last one. In the middle of the bridge, he halts and faces the enemy, while the others safely reach the other side. He blocks the path of the monster and says, “You cannot pass. I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass.” Then he invokes this Secret Fire and he destroys a part of the bridge with his staff. The beast falls but drags Gandalf with him and both disappear in the abyss. Later, Gandalf finally slays this beast, but in doing so he also loses his own life. Yet, his task is not finished; the Secret Fire transforms him and sends him back as Gandalf the White. We could also call him Gandalf the Pure, the one liberated from earthly stains. His sacrifice and the love for his fellow beings made this transformation possible. His quest goes on and he has to help the fellowship to destroy the One Ring: the evil ring of power and dominion. The One Ring has to be thrown in the volcanic fires of Mount Doom, there where it was forged. This ring had a secret inscription which translated as:

One ring to rule them all,
one ring to find them,
One ring to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them.

Now why do I draw your attention to this piece of fiction? Because it describes in a romantic way the elements we need to solve in the current crisis:

– A fellowship is formed;

– Higher forces are assimilated which lead to transformation;

– The beast and the evil ring of power are neutralized and kept away from the group which strives for spiritual goals.

Let’s try to elaborate a bit more on this liberating concept. A fellowship is a group of people with a common goal. In our case it should be formed of all people with spiritual aspirations. This universal human brotherhood should set aside all differences and focus on that what unites them. In their longing for high spiritual values all its members are one. One universal source of Life, one universal Wisdom, one universal Love.

Every member of this fellowship is a Gandalf the Grey in his own way. That means they are all servants of the Secret Fire, but not completely purified and transformed yet; they are still “grey”. What is this Secret Fire? We could call it the Sevenfold Spirit, or the Holy Spirit, or more mystical the “Breath of God” or, if we like to express ourselves in a scientific way, “radiations with a very high vibration from another dimension”. The words are not important, but rather the reality behind them.

Every member of this human fellowship has to be conscious that he or she has an important task, which is to stand firmly on the bridge and speak the “You cannot pass!” What does this mean? It means that darkness and evil is chased away by Light. Every person carries a spark of this Secret Fire inside himself which is the Spirit-spark. This eternal spark has to be turned into a flame! It has nothing to do with heroism or developing superhuman powers; the “I” has to be kept out of this process. It means that both the individual and the collective should form an open and clean channel for the Secret Fire. Then a sword or a cross is planted in the earth. By breathing in the vertical flow of the Secret Fire and breathing out the horizontal flow of these transformed light forces, both the microcosmic respiration field as well as the cosmic atmosphere are cleaned and purified. This circulation of holy fire will transform us and turn us into Gandalf the White.

In this way the fellowship creates a positive and liberating upward magnetic spiral, a vacuum ruled by the forces of the Light. Then there is a negative and destructive magnetic spiral and a positive and liberating one. The destructive ring continues to exist, because a part of mankind keeps feeding it. But for the people who have chosen a different path, the ones being transformed by the Secret Fire, the evil ring of dominion is destroyed. For them, the One Ring, forged to rule them all, is stripped of its power because they breathe and live in another magnetic atmosphere.

Human degeneration and decay give power to the ring of doom; they open a channel for the inferior forces of the South Pole to manifest themselves in our atmosphere, they open the abyss. The opposite is also true; human elevation, transformation of an earth-bound human being into a free and mighty spirit-soul, opens the path of liberation, the bridge to another higher form of existence. In the chapter “The Struggle for the South Pole” it is said that “they shall go through the golden gates of the northern radiation field” on their way to their eternal home.

We all are free to choose our path. But if we do not make a choice, the ring of doom will choose us.

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Date: April 23, 2021
Author: Niels van Saane (Bulgaria)
Photo: Paul Einerhand on Unsplash

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