The Breath of Life – Part 1

The concept of “breathing” is closely related to life itself. The element “air” is one of the four primary elements and sustains life by the rhythmic exchange of substances and forces.

The Breath of Life – Part 1

We all know the ordinary way of breathing via our lungs. By inhaling we assimilate oxygen and etheric forces, by exhaling the superfluous carbon dioxide is released into the air again. It is, however, not the only way of breathing that we practice. Our body breathes also in a magnetic way; it assimilates etheric and astral forces which have something in common with the vibration level our own state of being.

It is a beautiful but also a dangerous system because it creates cycles or spirals. We see the beauty when the spiral is going upwards. By elevated thoughts, feelings and actions we raise our level of vibration. Alike attracts alike and hence we assimilate high cosmic radiations. We see the danger when the spiral is going downwards. According to the same principle, we are absorbed by the swamp of low vibrations and misery. Magnetic laws demand personal responsibility; we reap what we sow. These magnetic rings have the characteristic to maintain themselves by determining the quality of our blood. Our blood influences, in turn, our mental life and hence the circle gets closed and we end up in a downward spiral.

When we apply the hermetic axiom “as above, so below”, then we come to the conclusion that our planet also has its own metabolism. The earth also has its ingoing and outgoing flow of forces. In regard to this mighty process, I would like to draw your attention to the book “The Great Revolution” [1]  written by Jan van Rijckenborgh and Catharose de Petri. In the chapter “The Struggle for the South Pole”, they give us some valuable insights into the metabolism of our planet.

All salutary cosmic and etheric forces, which feed and sustain all forms of life, enter our planetary field at the North Pole. The South Pole performs the opposite function; it is the place where the residue of forces and ethers are emitted in the atmosphere. This toxic waste is removed from our atmosphere by the outgoing flow of the earth and also by solar processes. The mysterious northern and southern lights show us something of these impressive radiation fields.

Unfortunately, this short description paints the ideal picture! In our days, the respiration system of the earth suffers from disturbances. Why? Because the magnetic potential of mankind influences the metabolism of our planet. Every person seen as a microcosm is a system with a strong electromagnetic potential. We possess creative abilities and form and feed our creations. As a person, we populate our own respiration field with our mental phantoms. As mankind, we do the same on a cosmic scale with the atmosphere of the earth.  Alike attracts alike and hence we understand that our inferior creations attract other inferior forces.

Because of the human decline, our materialistic and egocentric way of living, we become an obstructing factor in the purification process of our atmosphere. Our magnetic potential attracts the waste products of the outgoing flow of the earth. Because of this, the toxic waste cannot be extracted from the atmosphere and it forms a blanket of radiating energetic clouds in the sky. Under this sky, in this atmosphere, we live! Or, maybe more accurately, we try to stay alive, because in this way we start to suffocate in our own waste products.

In the chapter “The Struggle for the South Pole” we read the following quotation:

In the ancient past it was already known that from the abyss, from the south pole, rises the breath of the fiercest and hottest passions, a breath that becomes atmospheric as southern light radiation and as such finally becomes the human breath, that is if man becomes magnetically susceptible to it.

The initiates of all times knew these things, but for us, average human beings, the matter is not so evident. Nowadays some people accept that wrong thinking can damage our health, that our material body reacts to it. But the idea that the collective thinking of mankind can damage the planet, is maybe still a bridge too far. We have become too dense, too material to realize the full impact of our mental life. But the point is, we have to change before it is too late! If we keep going on like this, then for sure we will release “the beast from the abyss” as is written in the Book of Revelation.

In general, abstract things become clear to us when we can see and verify them in our own lives, then the mental formations become tangible. That is why we need to make some observations about our present day and ask ourselves why these things are happening. At the moment we are facing a global crisis. The covid-19 pandemic has brought the breath of death very close to us.

In the chapter “The Struggle for the South Pole” it is pointed out that the toxic breath of the beast of the abyss has a threefold destructive character; it is explosive, crystallizing and poisonous. I would like to connect this abstract statement with some concrete observations about the present pandemic. First of all, we see that the element “air” plays an important role in the spreading of this disease. That is why this pandemic is so explosive. It is not restricted by the condition of physical contact. It also uses the air as its medium. Let’s also keep in mind that “air’ and “ether” are related concepts and play a main role in our respiratory processes. I will speak more about this etheric aspect later.

The second destructive aspect is crystallization. The lungs of a healthy person are soft and flexible, but when medics study the lungs of Covid patients, they see that the alveoli are damaged. These alveoli take care of the transfer of oxygen to the bloodstream (and the extraction of carbon dioxide). The damaged lungs become stiff and the transfer of oxygen to the bloodstream does not function well anymore. Shortness of breath is the result. Hence, we see that a link in the chain of life is broken. A person is cut off from one of the most important sources of life. Which concept is more associated with “life” than “breathing”?

We know that crystallization is a typical feature of the I-central person. A strong focus on our own interests isolates us from the big picture. The treadmill of life makes us inflexible, locked up in patterns, chained to the earth and unable to communicate with the greater whole. Crystallization and isolation go hand in hand.

The third destructive element is the one of poisoning. With the thickening of our blood, the poisoning of the physical body is evident; clots in our veins and inflammations are the result. But I would also like to draw your attention to the danger of mental poisoning. A considerable part of the Covid patients reported, either during or after their disease, symptoms of depression, sleeping problems, impaired concentration, loss of appetite and loss of joy in life. This disease clearly attacks also our ‘psyche’, our mental health. Esotericists know that the quality of our blood has a direct relation to the state of our soul.

If I had to state my case in a court of law, then I suppose the verdict would be a dismissal based on completely circumstantial evidence. I don’t blame the people who think this way, because from their point of view they are right. But what if we start dying due to atmospheric circumstances, which cannot be comprehended by the materialistic way of thinking? What if the Age of Aquarius urges us to develop a different kind of thinking? What if our attention should be shifted from the material things towards the wellbeing of our soul?

In the second part of this article we will see, by applying this other way of thinking, if we can find a way out of the current crisis.


(To be continued in Part 2)


[1] Jan van Rijckenborgh and Catharose de Petri, The Great Revolution, Rozekruis Pers Haarlem 2017

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Date: April 23, 2021
Author: Niels van Saane (Bulgaria)
Photo: Džoko Stach via Pixabay

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