The birth of a new human being

After many heartbeats there appears a man who begins to ask himself questions, to wonder about the meaning of his life. And then another who is searching very actively for answers. And finally...

The birth of a new human being

For many years now, I have been thinking about the fact that this universe is so brilliantly planned to defend itself against man’s ill-considered actions. For example, although the cosmos appears to be dotted with myriads of stars, on closer inspection it turns out that the distances between individual stars are so immense that they are generally measured in light years. This leaves a human being virtually powerless. And although he dreams of traveling to other solar systems and even galaxies – which is brilliantly reflected in the vastness of science fiction literature – these dreams remain in the realm of unfulfilled desires. For what do we see when we delve into this literature? Contact with beings from other planets always ends in armed conflicts. Man desires this contact and fears it even more. Therefore, it is better for it to remain an unfulfilled dream. Fortunately, the distances measured in time between modern man and the dinosaur era are millions of years because if it were otherwise, the dream of recreating these prehistoric reptiles – as we see in the movie “Jurassic Park” – would have a great chance of coming true.

Man in his actions often resembles a playing, unknowing child, experimenting with various objects to see what will result from his play. He is like a sorcerer’s apprentice, awakening powers he knows nothing about.

However, everything is arranged in such a way that dangerous objects are out of the child’s reach.

Yes, it is fortunate that dangerous objects are out of the child’s reach, but an image of a developing human embryo suspended in the starry expanse of space can appear before our eyes. In the illuminated tiny figure, we can see a beating heart and a whole scarlet network of blood vessels. And what do we see? The thing immediately striking to the eye is the phenomenon that with each heartbeat the entire circulatory system – especially the lesser blood circulation – brightens with a luminous glow. At the same moment, a bright spark ignites in the child’s head, which almost immediately goes out. Let’s look at this phenomenon from a shorter distance and slow down time a bit. The spark lights up with a bright light that lasts for a while, after which it loses its power and slowly goes out. So let’s stretch the time much further. What is the spark, what purpose does it have if it goes out as soon as it is lit? Stretched time allows us to observe everything well.

The spark ignites – a person is born – filled with light, energy and joy. He thrives on the radiance of the light filling him, he’s bursting with energy, to him, everything seems wonderful, interesting and worth knowing. He would like to touch, explore and understand everything. Joy accompanies all his actions. What he doesn’t understand is why the adults around him are so serious and don’t share his enthusiasm, they even hold back his eagerness and enthusiasm at every turn. He is already thinking about being an adult as soon as possible, because no one wants to listen to a child and the so many things he would like to explain to them. And finally that moment arrives – adulthood. This is the moment when a whole lot of things happen – a job, important changes in family life, decisions of an adult, mature person; but something else, something the young person doesn’t even realize. The spark is beginning to dim. You can see it in the young man’s eyes now. He is slowly getting bogged down in a web of obligations, orders, prohibitions, habits. The light is slowly going out. Man in his daily existence, looking at his children, then his grandchildren, shakes his head and wonders where they got so much energy and joy, no longer remembering that in the beginning he was the same. The light goes out, man dies without understanding anything, and even without thinking about many aspects of his life.

And again we see how with the next heartbeat another human being is born. We might think that this cycle will repeat itself indefinitely, but something changes nonetheless. After many heartbeats there appears a human being who begins to ask himself questions, to wonder about the meaning of his life. And then another who is searching very actively for answers. And finally there is a spark that burns brightly, and at one point its light spreads in a great explosion of brightness over the entire head. The eyes of the child open, the mouth opens in the first breath of the new-born new human being.

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Date: April 11, 2023
Author: Jadwiga Korczak (Poland)
Photo: Cyrus Crossan on Unsplash CCO

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