The alchemy of the soul

Do you know that you are a chemist?

The alchemy of the soul

Chemical processes take place in every aspect of our life. Thoughts also trigger many hormonal reactions. Our mind, with which we achieve so many things, is mainly steered by unconscious impulses. However, we are called to transform from a chemist into an alchemist! It was the wish of the great alchemists of all times to transform lead into gold, which means to extract the light from all the dark life experiences, so that “the philosophers” stone may be formed in the purified self. This is what the true alchemists meant by producing gold as a metal!

The alchemists get to the causes which are the basis of all processes. They want to achieve wisdom and become conscious laborers in the great development of man and nature. Those who question our norms and habits, are pioneers. A new kind of thinking leaves traces in the ether, in our life field. These etheric traces act as a compass for others. In this way the knowledge of the self serves as a collective ideational realization.

The immortal soul of man is imprisoned in the mortal body like the nucleus in the atom and the cell core in the cell! The alchemical way serves for their liberation. This way can be divided into seven steps, seven processes. Four of them take place on the physical soul level. They are the fire, water, earth and air processes.

Firstly, there is “calcinatio”, the fire process. In each human being there is a spirit fire. If it is activated in an inner way, it leads us to self-analysis, which is not always flattering. We get into the fire of the knowledge of ourselves, into a fire of conscience. If we can remain in it, we can work on overcoming our problems by accepting our way of life and by putting it under the leadership of the immortal soul. This leads us into calmness and equanimity.

The second process is “solutio”, which is a water process. We become conscious of the patterns that we identify with. Our dark sides become visible to us. We can now begin with purification. It becomes possible when our ego is a voluntary servant of the soul and enables us to make deep processes in the soul rise and enter our consciousness. Our life will then become soul conscious.

Thirdly, there is “coagulatio”, which builds it into a form and which is the earth process. Our constant striving for true knowledge, life in the present moment and being part of the all-encompassing love leads to giving shape, to a manifestation of new soul powers within us. What we do is reflected in the soul. The soul receives a new “body” which is invisible to our outward eyes.

The fourth basic process is “sublimatio”, it is the ascent, the air process. Now problems and questions are considered from a superordinate perspective of the soul and can thus be solved in a new way. The soul with its new, invisible body is stepping into freedom, which enables it to make contact with the universal spirit in a new way and to fulfil the three further alchemical processes.

These four operations of alchemy put everyone who goes this way, before the following questions:

Does the earthly ego become ashes in the fire of the soul (calcinatio)? Can the extract be dissolved in the waters of the soul fullness (solutio)? Is there a new, subservient personality and a new structure of the soul which is forming through the application of the soul powers (coagulatio)? Do we have an observant perspective in the soul (sublimatio)?

True alchemy allows for inner harmony through an equal balance of the four elements – fire, water, earth and air. Our insight and willpower to be servants of the higher forces are decisive. The goal is to be transparent for the light. The alchemical wedding can be accomplished, the unification of the soul and the spirit. The three further steps of alchemy, then no longer concern the earthly personality. These steps serve to substantially contribute to enable this secret through the above-mentioned maturing processes. They are “mortificatio”, “separatio” and “conjunctio”, which, in the Christian terminology are also called “crucifixion” (of the lower aspect), so that the higher aspect may be liberated; “resurrection” (of a glorified body); and “ascension” (the connection of the newborn man with the new soul and the heavenly spirit).

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Date: November 21, 2017
Author: Ute Schendel (Germany)
Photo: W. Kandinsky: Schwarze Striche, Guggenheim Museum N.Y.

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