The principle of power is actually based on oppression and submission.


Power is such a ‘world-and-humanity-defining’ subject.  In order to restrict power, we have invented democracy, and also the trias politica:  the separation between the judiciary, executive and legal powers.  But that is theory. The relationships of those with power in the world generally tell a completely different story; they even go as far as telling extremely harrowing stories. On a more localized level, such as in families, schools and companies, misuse of power occurs based on fear.  This is how the human being functions, it is the lifelong struggle between instinct and intuition.


The principle of power is actually based on oppression and submission, either subtle or less subtle.  Naturally, there is also power with a function, the transfer of power as a way to make situations and societies controllable.  Generally this is acceptable.  This is viewed as logical, as a necessity. If you do not maintain the one-meter-and-a-half distance between people there has to be a means of power to force you to do so.  Or, is the act of forcing too much?  Is the use of power too much, does it become an abuse of authority?  If so,then we get resistance.  Then the power of the masses tries to take over and the authorities in power again try to destroy that uprising.  Take a look at Hong-Kong, White Russia, Mexico, etc.

We could endlessly philosophise about the benefit of power, the inevitability of power while keeping society on track, but we all see that this is an imperfect band-aid, just as everything in this world is imperfect. The movement of the waves of power, taking turns, follow each other in an endless moving stream.

And what about God’s omnipotence?  ‘Well, don’t make me laugh’, says the secular person.   ‘Yes, but God has not wished for this,’ others say.  ‘Well, a God that doesn’t even know how to prevent this, I might as well go to the Malieveld [1] and get help there’.

So, omnipotence must be something else, of a different order, an order of which we have no idea. The fact that you are unconsciously breathing, that you, willing or not, are directed to do so while reading this article, which power is the basis for this?  Must we use the ‘old-fashioned’ word “God” for this? To penetrate everything that this omnipotence encompasses is a great search toward the inner life, for whoever is ready for this.  While power on earth is based on fear, omnipotence is based on love.  In endless love for humanity, the Omnipotent One allows us to learn often very painful and, at first instance, incomprehensible earthly lessons.  It is a liberation when you can begin to see life as a necessary school to finally, after many incarnations, become filled with experiences, let go of the earthly need for power and to direct oneself toward the Omnipotent. Thus, to become, in this way, truly human, as the human being was intended to be.


[1]  Malieveld is a park in The Hague, The Netherlands, used for large meetings and demonstrations

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Date: February 9, 2021
Author: Anneke Stokman-Griever (Netherlands)
Photo: Photo by Pexels-neosiam CCO

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