Power and Love – A Reflection on the Way to God

God spoke, and the worlds, beings and things arose. Everything was created because God "spoke". Spirit, soul and body came into being as vibration. Everything is willed, thought, named by the one primordial source and it thus originates.

Power and Love – A Reflection on the Way to God

It is always the primordial source itself which emanates as creation, brings forth a field of creation from itself and reveals itself in it. The original source expands and creates spaces. Since it is one, it encounters itself in these spaces, in its self-created diversity. Therefore the omnipotence is the power of the One, who is All in All.

We human beings are microcosms, images of the Whole and, as it were, rays of the divine Sun. Nevertheless, it is possible that on our expedition through all the vibrational states of energy and matter to forget the universal source of our self and to identify ourselves only with the material expression of our multi-layered being. Those, however, who find the shell of the ego too constricting, who begin to remember again, can walk the path back to their true, universal self.

Many people wish for a God who organizes everything well in the world and prevents evil through his omnipotence. The fact that evil can and does happen causes many to doubt God. But if one assumes that we humans are not only “animated creatures made of clay” but microcosms, the relationship between God and man must be different. Then it cannot be that God makes of man a puppet, which he directs and keeps from evil. On the contrary, man must be reminded of his true nature. At the same time, he must be able to fulfill his way through space and time, making all the experiences he needs in freedom. Thus he can get lost in a dead end, in the deepest isolation of his ego – just to break through from there to his true self. For between God and man there is the relationship of a universal being with itself, a universal being whose “center”, according to Hermetic wisdom, “is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere”. It resembles the relationship of the sun with its rays. Then it is about the origin of all things, which is also our deepest self, reasserting itself in us. We then remember an existence before space and time.

The self

So the most essential problem on the path is the question of the self. Who am I? What do I identify myself with? The complete identification with one’s ego-centered, limited being and with one’s spatio-temporal, transient environment must be broken in order to enable the human being to walk the path. The so resulting relativization of the previous conception of the self can be uplifting, but also shattering. The power which then becomes active in us is an aspect of the primordial memory, that is, of the divine in our microcosm. It shows us something. It is left to us what we make of the things thus seen. So we can make room for the change of perspective within ourselves, but we can also close ourselves off. The power behind the dawning realization allows us to continue our path of experience in a new light. For it must be completed in order for us to be both individuals and universal beings. There is much within us that pushes toward greatness, expansion, and transgression of boundaries, but that can never unfold harmoniously in a world of limitation. The universal and the limited in ourselves must come to a new order. Power and greatness belong to the inner human being, as forces of a new creation, as a principally unlimited self. Limitation and modesty, after this reorientation, belong to the outer being, who can accept both when the error of the self-realization of the divine in the outer world is dissolved.

Despite this inward shift of the “self”, this clarification of the circumstances, the limited in ourselves keeps on fighting for dominance and greatness until a downright change of the self has been achieved. Whenever man can come to a standstill, however, the power of re-creation silently streams to him, as a possibility of a spiritual – and later also physical – rebirth. It is the power that the inner man must attain over the outer if re-creation is to happen. But this power is patient, it comes to us to the extent that we as the “old self” want to let it in and bear it.

The divine power is a seed, it is a beginning. It endows us with a renewal of thinking, which thus begins to leave behind the spatio-temporal limitations and to transcend the dialectic of yes and no. For this new thinking, opposites become complements. Gnosis opens up as first-hand knowledge. This is a budding enlightenment, and yet only the first step into a new life. Nothing is accomplished thereby, for it is our task to keep choosing the new thinking and awareness to truly transform our mental body.


A new energy of love is flowing in. The heart opens up and can be prepared to become a haven of oneness. Whoever receives this power begins to feel the interconnectedness of all beings and things. Even more, everything is embraced and interwoven by God with his power. Love – this can then be truly understood – means to raise everything to divine splendor. In order to provide a home for this power within oneself, it is necessary to deprive the ego of its grip on the heart. The ego and oneness cannot dwell or work together in it.

When the first two processes have progressed far enough, we are given a new life force. It refers to the renewal of the etheric body. Ether is immediate life. The old ether of the transient nature is connected with fears and often blind self-assertion. The ether of original nature is unity, becoming, perfection. It is, as it were, the entrance ticket into a new field of life. But this change also demands anew the decision: Who am I, who do I want to be? Can we accept the vastness and emptiness (concerning the ego) that accompanies this transformation as the basis of our being? Up to this point, the divine power gives itself as a seed, as a potential. Again and again. With its help, man can mature to a fundamental decision, that is, to the complete surrender of his being, his old self, to this process of rebirth.

When this moment has come, the spiritual spark, the inner divine principle, awakens again to autonomous life and thus to its inherent power. It permeates the whole being and immerses it in an irreversible process of transformation. Man has then become self-creative again. He is master of his destiny and citizen of two worlds – the eternal and the temporal. He now returns to his original source passing through all worlds.

On this path, no human being is alone, because we are supported by a soul field that is being woven by all those who are walking and have walked the path. In this field, love and freedom are united. That is why we could call it a maternal field: protective and enabling. In it, each day we learn to answer anew the question of what we are and want to be as individuals. We learn to trust. And out of openness and love one day devotion emerges: a new birth.

It turns out that divine love is the greatest power. It carries everything, tolerates everything and nourishes everything. When it is able to finally awaken in a being, it gives them the power to realize everything that God comprises within Himself.

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Date: April 26, 2021
Author: Angela Paap (Germany)
Photo: Ruth Alice Kosnick CCO

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