Organ donations – an act of charity? Part 1

What can we learn from near death experiences? The human being is not only a physical body, but he is also a multi-dimensional being. During the dying process, it is essential for our own real identity, our spiritual being, to be able to carry out an undisturbed review of the essential moments of experience of the past life just past as a consciousness harvest.

Organ donations – an act of charity? Part 1

In the natural evolution, the willingness to make sacrifices for the conservation of the species is self-evident and makes a lot of sense. In our organism, cells also continuously “sacrifice” themselves to make room for young ones, so that the continuous renewal of life can be maintained.

From this natural point of view, it is a courageous and altruistic decision to be willing to donate an organ.

The human being is, however, not only a physical body, but he is also a multi-dimensional being. He is a citizen of two worlds, as it were. The “Eternal Son of the Heavens” unites with the ephemeral child of the earth.

The connection between an immaterial spiritual principle and a biological being is the mark of a human being. This gives him a special feeling of sense and a task. In every nascent human creature, it is in the womb that the spiritual being connects with the biological bodily form, and during every process of dying it separates from it again and carries with it the harvest of experiences as a growth in consciousness. After a phase of digestion in the subtle worlds it connects again with an earthly being. When it prepares for another immersion into the physical world, the spiritual human being oversees and accepts the essential conditions of the coming life, which eventually serves his spiritual consciousness to awaken in the world of matter. This is the actual goal of our existence. Our free will is stored in our spiritual identity. In other words, before our birth we said ‘yes’ to our future life with all its highs and lows because we wanted to accept its lessons, and we are therefore ready to compensate for old failures in our way of development in the present incarnation.

So it is our heavenly soul which determines the moment of our incarnation. It is also her which sets the right moment for our heart to stop beating and thus to end our physical life. Disturbing factors can, however, interfere with this plan and they can end a life prematurely or prolong it artificially.

In the dying process it is essential for our own real identity, our spiritual being, to be able to carry out an undisturbed review of the essential moments of experience of the life just past as a consciousness harvest. This happens when the earthly consciousness fades. This consciousness harvest can be used in the world of the beyond for a further rise into spiritual consciousness, and with this potential it can prepare a new incarnation with the most favorable conditions.

This retrospective review of the ‘movie’ of the life that has just ended is described in all the wisdom teachings. For this reason, certain ‘books of the dead’ were written in the Asian cultures and also in Egypt. These books were read repeatedly to the dying in their last hours, and for some time after their death, to facilitate their transition from the physical world into the beyond. Even then, they knew very clearly that the hearing organ is the organ which dies last – and this is now confirmed by modern science. From this, we can learn how important it is not to accompany our dying friends with useless or destructive words in their last moments of life. The hearing organ is also the first one that awakens in the fetus. It hears the loving voice of its mother, it perceives music. A useful and conscious behavior will also help the new being to transit into the physical world in a gentle and loving way.

Near death experiences

We can find confirmation of these processes of dying in the thousands of near-death-experiences which have, to date, been known and written about.

It is interesting and helpful for us to know that all those who have experienced a near death experience have lost all fear of death. They have experienced that that which is invisible to our material sensory organs is our own true being, and that it’s world is nothing unnatural or incomprehensible – “beyond” just means beyond our sensual experience. Therefore, death is only scary as long as we do not understand that in reality we are immortal.

Experiences of the beyond of this kind give the consciousness a completely new quality of recognition, which enables a grasp of the inner correlations in a holistic view, and this helps us understand the limitations of our accumulated intellectual knowledge. We become conscious of the separating line between the (immortal) spirit and the (mortal) mind.

What we theoretically learn in this world is useful for our mind, is recorded in our brain, and stays in the earthly sphere. Only that which we experience and sense on a deeper, essential level, will be stored, and will accompany us in the beyond.

Usually we do not let the Spirit guide our life. We tend to take control ourselves, because the divine-spiritual being which stands behind us, cannot reach our consciousness. Thus, we often interfere with the natural happenings without being able to see the consequences; the true knowledge of the cybernetic fabric of creation is usually missing.

Near death experiences, in which the consciousness leaves the confinement of the material mind, gives the human being completely new insights and transforms the ongoing material life of this person completely, because the sense of his earthly existence suddenly becomes clear.

Some say that near death experiences are caused by a lack of oxygen in the brain, so that an hallucinatory world appears. However, how is it possible that there are then such luminous and life-changing insights?

The American Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon, who was educated in the materialistic science, brought intensive impressions back from a near death experience which transformed his life completely. He writes: “Only when we leave the limitations of our physical body and its brain behind, can we understand the infinite space of community with the whole of creation, and experience the boundless love of the creator.”

A near death experience happens in the transitory phase, during which the brain consciousness, the life thread between the spiritual, the soul and the subtle bodies on one hand, and the material body on the other hand, is turned off, but they have not separated definitively yet. This is when the great review of the life that has been lived until that moment takes place. It is interesting that it is no outer authority like a judging being who sees the panorama of the subject’s life roll by, but rather, it is the person himself who observes and so integrates the essence of his life biography into his consciousness. That essence can therefore be carried forward on an evolutionary journey to many envisaged goals; a journey on which he will eventually leave everything behind in an all-encompassing cosmic consciousness.

After near death experiences, people return to this life. This is possible because the silver cord between that which goes into the beyond and the material body, has not yet been permanently cut and separated.

The human being is a composite being made of immaterial spirit, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the soul, which is a part of the spiritual as well as the material. The soul of the human being is mortal in one way and immortal in another.

When we die, a separation of this composition takes place. Death is a kind of rebirth into the world of the beyond.

In our sleep, which is the little brother of death, there is a loosening of the composite being, but not a separation. In our dreams we can see without the optical apparatus of our eyes.

Like in the near-death experiences, in which the loosening of the composition is a lot more pronounced, we experience amplified perception levels in our dreams. Time is also perceived in an accelerated way.

Spirit, soul and body are kept together through electro-magnetic radiations. The soul connects the mortal with the immortal. When we die, the subtle form rises upwards out of the material body; it leaves it and no longer gives it any life energy. It wafts away like a balloon which is no longer kept down. The physical body remains without a soul.

In order to better understand these connections, we would like to have a closer look at the human being in its multi-dimensionality.

(to be continued)


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Date: January 18, 2020
Author: Dr. Dagmar Uecker (Germany)
Photo: S.Hermann & F. Richter via Pixabay CCO

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