On the way to Aquarius

A growing awareness of being human results in the desire for 'and-and' instead of 'either-or'.

On the way to Aquarius

But with distinction, which means the desire does not bring about a connection that pulls humanity to a lower level. Because not every connection is uplifting for the individual, the soul or the group. But if ever there was a time that could make the general vibrational level rise, helped by the cosmic attraction of Aquarius values through the efficacy of the rise of the earth vibration, then it is this fascinating transitional time in which Uranus, the father in the universal cosmos, can assert his inspiring power.


The stronger we try to make the spiritual connection, the more we seem to be dealt with by opposing forces. Because it has become wartime: the atmosphere seems to be permeated with evil and many evil things come to light. For example, it is suggested from the Russian side that a third world war has begun, mainly directed against Western decadence and against a watered-down Christianity.
In the West people see that Russia is fighting against their ‘democratic’ values and for the restoration of the previous Sovjet empire, a restoration that is seen by the West as unwanted. Both camps legitimize their use of weapons with moral ‘values’… and therefore focus on polarization, on ‘either-or’ and not on ‘and-and’.

But the world consciousness increasingly is in desire for freedom from battle, based on spiritual values derived from, among others, Dao

The most magnificent weapons are instruments of mischief and they are abhorred by men, verse 31 Daodejing,

translation E. J. Welz)

from the Buddha and even Christianity (Sermon on the Mount and Beatitudes) in the New Testament.

However, almost everyone has to deal with the struggle for existence, in which almost everything is permitted, as long as it is market-related (‘In the war and in trade everything is permitted’) and in which evil can manifest itself in a sometimes inhumane way. But a world war is an even greater crisis, in which the darkest forces are given a chance to appear. For example total destruction, murderousness and torture; sadism, in an effort to free ethereal forces.

The malice of murderousness is hardly known to the post-war generation, but has been  demonstrated recently in an American documentation, in  – among others – Vietnam veterans and Indonesian fighters: killing induces a certain euphoria in a soldier that stimulates him to keep killing. He can become addicted to it and, coming home, has to follow a long-term withdrawal therapy, often only successful thanks to heavy medication.

Not only in war and trade everything is permitted, but also in love, as it is said. Love is the ‘assignment’ to connect with the Aquarian values: in particular the impersonal love that seeks to distribute the higher vibrations without respect of persons and thus is the cofounder of an ‘and-and’ reality.

If you have received the miraculous force of love as a Gnostic value and fullness, it is important to discern when the level threatens to fall below a certain vibrational field. In that respect, you have the awareness and the duty to guard the astral quality. However, the struggle for existence does not yet give you any tools to give substance to that consciousness, because the basic insights to (be able to) wage that struggle only have the purpose of making worldly gains and deriving your right to exist from it.

For example, the idea that competition, rivalry and contest are playful and positive elements to feed well-being and life value, as described in the early twentieth century, with the Protestant ethic ideal and the spirit of capitalism as a starting point; the ideal that an economically minded type plans his life sparingly and efficiently, with a view of later profit.

Isn’t then thrift an Aquarian virtue? If your soul has received everything from the gnosis, does it make sense to save in ‘giving everything away’? Currently, capitalism materially is coming to an end and with it the ideal and hope of many ‘positivists’, as the founder of the virtue of self-interest expressed it (Ayn Rand – see Pentagram 2013 no. 4).

The “either-or” reality of individualism digs its own grave with it, and the “and-and” reality ogles  for our consciousness. But we must learn to give away more, so that the inner flow can be strengthened into the fiery, mild force that ultimately makes alchemy of the mind possible.
The right connection is that of the masculine and feminine within ourselves, so that our microcosm can return to the ‘firstcreation’, the father field of the gnosis. At the same time, the universal human field of ‘and -and’ becomes accessible to ourconsciousness, in a unity that does not strive for power. Because in worldly relations, ‘unity’ is a concept of power: it excludes what is outside (unity makes powerful). In Aquarian terms, unity is a connection reality, it unites (is one-ness, wholeness).

In this connectedness reality there is no compulsion for unity, for the autonomous state of consciousness retains its freedom in a new earth.

The sacredness of that new earth is like a frictionless, divine dialectic. Unbelievable, that that is closer than hands and feet.

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Date: November 25, 2022
Author: Frans Spakman (Netherlands)
Photo: Photo by Sean Sinclair on Unsplash CCO

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