No anxiety, worry and fear

What is required from us to feed the new soul, to help it grow?

No anxiety, worry and fear

The Rosicrucian philosophy embraces certain mantras that help its adherents to pursue their desired attitude to life.  One of these is:

Anxiety, worry and fear are your greatest enemies [1].

Why is this so important?  Is it not normal in these days of heightened complexity, stress, and insecurity, where we are faced with global political, economic, and health challenges, to experience anxiety and fear?   But do not those in power and leaders of industry tell us through their media interviews:

Don’t worry.  There is nothing to be concerned about.  As soon as we overcome this current hurdle, all will be well!

Still others are telling us it is OK to worry.  The world is far from perfect, and there is much to change and improve.

And yet, if our aim is to live out of the growing new soul (a new attitude to life), and to minimize the influence and tensions of the ‘I’, then anxiety, worry and fear become our greatest enemies.  Why?

What is required from us to feed the new soul, to help it grow? We still have to be realistic, after all, we live in difficult and troubling times.  There is no certainty in our lives, and it is so difficult to dismiss all those worries.  But the negativity of worry and fear will contaminate the openness to the pure ethers needed to nourish the new soul.

So we are faced with the task of ‘not-doing’, ‘wu-wei’, of ‘non-reaction’, of entering into the peace and harmony of the ‘middle way’, of ‘Tao’.  Does this mean that we do not care about anything or anyone? No, we have to move on in our lives.  On the one hand we gradually divorce ourselves from the harsh reality by not reacting to it, while on the other, we experience the birth of a new consciousness, a new insight into our lives.  Our focus becomes the search for the Light that illuminates the soul; the Light that brings inner peace.

Yet, the low astral vibration of fear is an obstacle that keeps barring us from walking that road. And it happens so easily.  At almost every interaction with others we hear the conversations reflect the fear that continually seems to pop up; ‘Have you heard that …’, ‘Yes, it really is …’, ‘They should have done …’.  Our minds seem to have ingrained neural pathways that so easily give access to our fears, yes even temp us to give it a voice. It is so familiar we are barely aware of its influence.  Yet its lower vibration is ever destructive to ourselves and others.

But not reacting to our fears and anxieties is very difficult.  Still, we must stay alert, we cannot give in.  We must have confidence in the path being taken by the whole of humanity.  We must remain detached from fear; we must walk the middle road and let the Light do it’s work.   Does not the Bible remind us:

… who can add one cubit to their height by being anxious …[2]

That is also an acceptance that all things must go as they must, but we cannot change them through fear. 

What a liberation!  If we succeed in not reacting to our fears, then we make room for Love, for everything and everyone.  Then there will be Light no matter what winding roads we walk together.  If we embrace this, then will we have overcome our worst enemies.

[1] Anxiety = I. I can’t keep what I have; my existence is threatened; I ‘won’t go over it anymore’. Worrying is an action. Can you actively stop worrying?

[2] Matthew 6:27

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Date: December 14, 2020
Author: Anneke Stokman-Griever (Netherlands)
Photo: Marion Pellikaan

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