Longing for Freedom

We can enter into our own inner Freedom; yes, in fact, an inner bliss.

Longing for Freedom

Most people experience a yearning for freedom. It is a basic foundation stone of our quality of life. Every bit more of freedom I can enjoy, all the more is my feeling of contentment. One person is happy, because he can freely move about and must not sit in a wheelchair. The next enjoys his freedom in the form of a trip, and yet the next in his science degree studies. 

There are many possibilities to create a certain amount of space, to ascertain a limited freedom.

It remains, however, limited and bound to the basic conditions in which we live. It would be so fantastic, if we could even more so use the possibilities at hand, so think most people.

Almost everybody is trapped in their daily life and routines. There is our economic system with its pressures, with it’s hectic pressures, that grow ever stronger.
Old folks say: “Back then everything was different, then people had more time.” And even longer ago, for example in ancient Greece with its thinkers and philosophers, one would work only 4 hours a day; if you went over that it would be rude and obscene.

Today almost everybody works the whole day through, and in most cases both parents. The children go to kindergarten or to school, the parents care for them as far as they can with the time they have. For many it’s mostly just a matter of survival. In spite of material well being they are prisoners of fear, dread and worry. And relaxation is mostly found in front of the computer or the tv.

Media, with its news and advertising, bind together thinking and perception. Without recognising it, the free space for one’s individuality, one’s self, becomes smaller and smaller. Man reacts only to what comes to him, what streams to him. Even intelligent people blab the opinions of the media they have fished out, have the emotions that are fanned to them from without.

How can it possibly happen, that our consciousness has skidded onto this track and that we have built such strong prison fortresses around us?
Was it societal protocol or business structures?

It is a collective happenstance. We are bound together in the tightest proximity and go together the path of Mankind.

We let ourselves become excited, exalted, let ourselves be pulled along, let ourselves be pressured by our fears … We are bound together in a totality. And, without let-up, input is constantly given to us. And so, we are lived, and not living.

And, so, what is the freedom that our innermost being yearns for? Why are we not turning inwardly directed to where the roots of our free will lie? We could surrender ourselves to a path that leads to our self, to an inner autonomy, in spite of all the distractions and circumstances surrounding us.

Our yearning for freedom is a signal sent to us from the “realm of freedom”, a call from a “spiritual universe” hidden within us. In our world we can never find true freedom. Our longing and sense of nonfulfillment will not stop. But we can connect with the inner realm, can surrender ourselves to it and lead our life according to its “instructions” which come to us through our heart.

If we bind ourselves to our divine self we loosen the freedom of the ego and gain the absolute freedom, an inner bliss in the middle of all the struggles, manipulations and dualities.

 Also THIS is the path of Mankind. Some must go before, precede, lead the way.



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Date: October 15, 2019
Author: Hartmut Huwe
Photo: Pixabay CCO

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