Living with the question: Does evolution have a goal?

Countless attempts have been made by brilliant researchers to find answers to the pressing, fundamental questions about the meaning and purpose of creation. The higher levels of information in the boundless universe are, however, closed to the mind in its present state, even if it is networked with many others. The question of meaning extends beyond the level of the mind. But there is a bridge to another level.

Living with the question: Does evolution have a goal?

Evolution, the development of life forms on our earth, can be related to many things – to nature, society, the body and the consciousness of man.

Assuming that evolution has no goal – what is the point of it all?

It is clear that on the evolutionary path there is no fixed plan with rules that must be followed in order to reach a precisely defined target state. Instead, there are implicit, flexible rules.

Only that which works has a chance for life and further development in the long term. Programmes that do not work are sorted out over time and end up on the “rubbish dump” of evolutionary history. Gene combinations that offer their owner an advantage in his or her environment have a higher chance of reproducing. Only when a plan has been concretised and disseminated on the level of reality does it become apparent whether it is successful.

The reality, the survivability is always the yardstick.

Blockades and obstacles are not programming mistakes, but means of selection, so that only the best concepts can survive in the long run.

Evolution is no automatism

For us humans, evolution is not a process in the sense of an automatism, like clockwork, but an accumulation of possibilities and aids that are given to us. This gives us a space for free creative development. A driving force here is the joy and fascination of creating something that works well in reality and fulfils its purpose.

Man has proven that he is capable of great achievements. But he has also proven that the faster-than-average of one is poverty and the downfall of another. In relation to the earth as a whole, the limits of ego-driven development are also evident. Humanity is currently at a turning point, perhaps even at a dead end.

An example to illustrate this: As soon as the cell of a body supports the whole organism, it fulfils its purpose. If a part no longer serves the whole, it becomes destructive. But destruction also has a place in the universe and ultimately promotes evolution. The decline of the old creates space for the emergence of a new creation on another level. Behind this we recognise an evolutionary alchemical principle – dissolving and (in a new way) connecting (“solve et coagula”).

The roots of a tree have the purpose of absorbing nutrients from the soil and ensuring stability. The wings of a bird should enable it to rise into the air.

But is there a more comprehensive plan of development in the universe? Is there an immanent principle in all this? Or is it an ultimately pointless game of unfolding forms and levels of consciousness?

Countless attempts have been made by brilliant researchers to find answers to the pressing, fundamental questions about the meaning and purpose of creation. Again and again the attempts at explanation were replaced by others, which in turn were soon dismissed.

The question of meaning concerns me directly

Now I myself am in the midst of this situation. The question of meaning and purpose concerns me directly. It is of the utmost importance for me personally.

After all I hear and read, I have to say: I do not know the meaning. I do not know whether evolution has a purpose.

My mind is an excellent instrument for exploring the three-dimensional world, analysing individual phenomena and finding out their meaning. Wanting to understand is an elementary characteristic of us humans. This is also interesting: evolution has produced the will to understand. But what does that mean other than: It wants to understand itself?

My question about meaning is based on a desire for home, a need for familiarity. Understanding, understanding correctly promotes my orientation. I want to be an integral part of the whole. But wanting to understand always means interpreting the unknown, the still not understood.

How can I, in my delimited consciousness, ever arrive at a valid interpretation?

I observe how, for most people, higher development means more power, more control, more security, more pleasure, more knowledge – in other words, an expansion, a shift of their boundaries. But everything that we can grasp or know is limited, is individually coloured. Our searching consciousness is fragmentary.

The higher levels of information are closed to the mind

In its present state the higher levels of information in the boundless universe are closed to the mind even if it is networked with many others. The question of meaning extends beyond the level of the mind.

We can “recognise” this. We can recognise that we cannot answer the question of meaning with the mind. Is this knowledge not already “above” the level of the mind? Is it perhaps the bridge to a knowledge, a realization on another level?

If I fully accept my not-knowing – could it not be that I am knocking on the door to new spaces of consciousness?

I believe that the question of meaning can only be answered in the individual person. It rises in him and perhaps it says unspokenly: the answer lies in the source from which I, the question, rise.

I made a discovery

My search has led me to discover a living, vibrating power in the depths of my being. I read and hear that apparently many people today experience this vibration. It is often described as a presence in the here and now – as a consciousness anchored in the moment, elevated above the horizontal time dimension.

When I engage with it inwardly, I get the impression that suddenly veils that had previously darkened my consciousness disappear.

A feeling of joy, of fulfilment, a feeling of wholeness arises. The detached consciousness, which is always looking for something, longing for something new and which is never satisfied, disappears. For a moment this search is interrupted. The questions of meaning and significance and of the goal of evolution are no longer important. The philosophers speak of the level of Being – which is an Everything and Nothing at the same time.

It seems to me that Being is like an infinite energy in an unlimited living space where there is no time and no ego. I am talking about it now, but my mind can do nothing else but report an experience I have had with an inner sense.

The experience of the living, vibrating power of life, which is not bound to the outer forms but unites everything together, has made it clear to me that we are stuck in an endless loop when we create purely rational patterns of explanation and interpretation with regard to the question of meaning.

The answer to the question of meaning is not in words

An eternal and boundless concept can only explain itself by itself. Obviously it seeks the opportunity to do so within us humans. And it must probably wait until a person is ready to recognise and live through his or her ignorance. Until he/she lets go of the attempts at interpretation and analysis and entrusts himself/herself to what appears as a “nothing”.

The dimensional levels of being and not-being above the mind are probably identical. The boundless eternal can communicate itself as wholeness, unity, as fullness as well as emptiness. The answer to the question of meaning is not in words, but in a new becoming.

There seems to be a pure, formless, all-embracing consciousness. In many moments of everyday life I feel touched by it – after getting up, at work, in my free time or before going to bed. The attempt of recognising and the recognised merge into it.

My heart can feel something of the unity of life. My mind can react to it. It can become a servant of the heart, can serve the All-embracing.

The universal consciousness obviously wants to awaken in man as an individual, free and independent consciousness. This is something new in evolution. Inspired by the universal, we can, in a blessed way, participate in its further steps.

Could this not be the meaning, the goal of evolution, as far as mankind is concerned?


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Date: October 30, 2020
Author: René Lukas (Germany)
Photo: stokpic auf Pixabay CCO

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