Life’s journey

Three reflections

Life’s journey

Being human

For quite some time I hear this word as a call.  A call to which I cannot offer resistance.  It is like an invitation to a feast of great joy that is coming.

The question is also what it means to me to be a human being. 

If I let the question sink in and the meaning that rises up from my heart, then that is an experience of joy and gratitude.  Resulting from attention on that middle point born out of great need. 

Self-knowledge is the open gate

has been proclaimed at some time,

and is deadly for all illusion,

may be added to that.  The entire circus that makes illusion exist has passed by.  Painfully awakening in a strange and foreign world, where strife is considered normal without ever being able to get used to it.

It has become crystal clear that being thrown hither and tither rudderless between the unreliable waves of opposites, which without a compass and a poignant homesickness, turn out to be fruits all from the same tree and appear to be needed to move the attention inward. 

To concentrate on the self and so lift oblivion, cause of all homesickness, and find once again the lost paradise, our home.

All this has preceded it, a long series with varying significances.

It is a wonder that this life-journey, all the preceding experiences, cannot be relived, as if all traces have been gradually erased and that the function of the indicator is no longer necessary.  It is now solved. 

What a blessing and what joy!

Being human?  It is what I am; it never ceases to amaze me.


Ears to hear

I find listening with the heart is important to really understand.

Question marks look like ears and when you push them together, you get a heart.

I discovered that my heart is ideally suited to receive and recognize sounds. 

Thus my ears hear the word of love and my heart recognizes the sound of truth.

Then I can understand the answer to my deepest longing.

The answer, that sounds in all languages and testifies to the truth.

The difference, from which someone speaks, can be heard.

To testify of the truth does not imply that something special is said but that all that is spoken is special.  The source does not matter.

All that is spoken from the original nucleus of the human being testifies of a cosmos where all-embracing love and complete freedom is spoken-out-of-the-self.

We are able to live together in such a cosmos, here and now.

From the heart of my being this is possible, but only when I leave the untruth behind and follow the deep longing as my guide, as a child at the hand of a father or mother.

A cosmos, where everyone feels at home and we together form as sparks one spirit fire.

All this has become clear up to now during my journey through time. Everyone is cordially invited on our trip.

Are you coming too?


Life’s journey: The distance between what you think to be and what you really are

  • As soon as surrender to the self, on the basis of a new ensoulment, has taken place and fear has made place for joy, life gets a new meaning and the old one has gone without a trace. 
  • Only within yourself, you discover the self and nowhere else.
  • Contradiction consists of tension, while happiness is complete equilibrium, not this not that, solved in full-ness. 
  • Is there greater bliss than being hit by the arrow of love in the centre of the rose?
  • Magical beings that we are, we create our own world.  Amazing right?  All those possibilities to create what we love to do most and deeply long for.  What would the world look like then? 
  • When you realize that nobody is the same, but always one self, then you get it right?
  • All questions dissolve in a conceptless presence.
  • Everything changes in the world of opposites, only nothing stays the same.
  • If there is not enough light, you cannot shine.
  • Take the relativity of time and you get eternity, nearer than hands and feet.
  • The journey of your life is to reduce the distance between what you think to be and what you really are.
  • How do you know if the world that you live in is dream or reality?  And what is the difference?
  • The nature of the eternal being appears as shining stars in space, innumerable, visible for everyone, all originated from the infinite white and the one sound, with their unique sound and colour.  The human being as representative of unity.  A tremendous adventure to experience that, to be aware each day.
  • The reality of relativity is unimaginable.
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Date: October 7, 2021
Author: Krabbelton (Netherlands)
Photo: Olga Boiarkina

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