“When people see some things as beautiful, other things become ugly. When people see some things as good, other things become bad.”


After some consideration, these thoughts of Lao-Tzu fall deeper into the heart. The mind once thought it was a lofty metaphor. The heart discovers that there is a truth in them, connecting the weight of the Earth with the radiance of the Sun, necessary to understand and implement it when we feel a great longing for the Silence of the Oneness of Things. When the mind is silent, the heart dances tai chi, united with the rhythm of the world.

Nisargadatta Maharaj taught that mastering our tendency to like and dislike other people, their views and their life experiences, leads us to deep love. Rudolf Steiner advised his students to learn to listen deeply to opinions expressed by other people, without taking a position and advocating for or against them. Deep listening, without judgment, leads us to empathizing with another person and breaking the division between us and others. It leads us to the ability to perceive the soul of another human being.

Where there is loud admiration or disgust, there is “I”, there is a flaw. Unbalanced polarity comes from a lack of contact with the source of Silence, our deepest being. Our consciousness has been cut off from the stable trunk of eternity and resembles a branch, which the rough waters of the river throw now on one bank, then on the other. And so, we go from one extreme to the other, from delight to disgust, generating suffering for ourselves and for others.

Is love one of the poles? There is Love in uppercase and there is love in lowercase. The source of small love is lack, want, hunger. Small love is born from dependency, or thankfulness, when someone coming from the outside provides it with the food it needs. Small love is dependent and vulnerable because there is always someone or something in the outside world that can hurt it. That’s why it needs hatred, a weapon of weak people, to feel strong.

The source of great Love is abundance. Great Love flows from the connection to the source of life in which all potentials are present. Great Love feeds and nourishes. Unites the poles. It is a stream whose current seizes everything and directs it towards the source. It is a joy that wants to spread, and therefore sows its seeds in the hearts of all beings. It waits patiently for these seeds to grow and for the whole space to vibrate with happiness.

Great Love sees beauty and its potential everywhere, because the seeds of perfect existence stem from it.

In our hearts there is a portal to great Love. Our little love can become a great Love when we start looking for nourishment inside our own being. Then our heart will recognize the “suchness” of existence and will be able to find it in everything that lives. Without words that imprison everything, cutting out forms from the fabric of eternity, it will be able to intuitively know and feel the value of everything that is. The unity of all that is.

It is easier to be in this absence of separation in loneliness, harder among people. However, it is in contact with others that we recognize what is still small in us and needs healing.

Is there a need to follow the Buddhist method: “heart above principle”? Some situations require us to exceed the rules. For example, when we are in the forest, we see a deer that crosses our path and dives into a thicket of trees. Then we meet a hunter who asks where the deer has run. Will we expose the hare to death in the name of telling the truth? We won’t.

Each moment brings freshness, in which we can tune in to the silence of the heart. One moment is quiet, the other is full of noise, the next is full of silence again. Imperfection conceals the seed of perfection. The heart that knows this and begins to embrace evil, will unfold in itself a love that “covers all sins.”

We begin to accept everything as it is, free from conflict and resistance. And step by step, we cleanse our astral coat from dark spots born of lack of understanding and judgment that generates emotions. Love is the light full of answers. It is a balm that soothes all traumas.

This sacred, luminous ribbon of the golden center is emerging and becoming more and more visible in our perception.

The words we speak begin to unite, not divide. They become a stream of love, gathering everything to the source of happiness. They become the seeds of Light that we throw into the hearts of our brothers and sisters to join them in joy.

A shining gem in the heart, the golden center knows this joyful, silent Oneness. It is God in us who comes to this world for what belongs to Him. 

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Date: April 23, 2020
Author: Emilia Wróblewska-Ćwiek (Poland)
Photo: Unsplash (NASA)

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