Interim manager

There are two people who are incapable of doing things: the one before them and the one after them.

Interim manager

Interim managers bring their work sometimes into perspective with the saying that there are two people who are incapable of doing things: the one before them and the one after them. On the one hand, it is a joke. On the other hand, it is a way to describe the nature of their work. They are hired to make a fundamental change in the way the company does business. They are hired to let the company survive on the market with its competitors.


The one before them probably had ideas that would no longer fit the picture. Maybe he or she created a reality which was not accepted or adopted for whatever reason. However, the current manager rebuilds the company according to his or her personal view. Do as I say, follow me, act within my set of rules. Together we will create mental projections which are the basis of this success.”


As we know, nothing lasts forever in this world. After a period of time, a new manager comes, with a new view on the matter. The new view is conflicting with the current creation in the mental fields. Previously, this vivid energy was required. But now, adaptation to new circumstances is needed. In these situations, we realize that the basis for our success has vanished. Thus, we learn it is unwise to remain attached to the results of anything we achieve.


At times we can establish something special, something that is needed. We happen to be at the right place at the right time. But can we let go of what we created, and not judge the others before or after us? Can we remain who we are, under different circumstances? Can we remain with our conscience, at the core of who we really are? If the answer is yes, we can be of greater value for the world and humanity. We gain more insight as to what our specific task can be among the people. In a way we are all interim managers of our own lives. Always in between truths, letting go of the old, accepting the new – or not letting go of the old and suffering the disastrous consequences.


The core of our existence is hidden in our hearts. We carry it through the world, which we start to know better and better. The more aware we are of this core within us, the more we understand the world. We easily step back from the battlefield, by not becoming attached to anything we seem to achieve in this world. This is not a trick to become more successful in the world, but the first step to really get to ourselves, to enter a process of awakening. We are able to notice that the world has captured us within its realm of time and space.


It is the first step on the spiritual path to freedom. We can sense the possibility of becoming part of an eternal creative process, directed by the powers of love that are behind everything. And at the same time finding rest in our innermost self which is unmoved. The way we do things, our true motivation makes the difference. We become an interim manager in a process of awakening.

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Date: April 9, 2018
Author: John van den Berg (Netherlands)
Photo: Logon MP

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