Hermes and the Grail and Christian Rosycross

We can experience great consolation, for there is still an energetic focal point, to where the ripe souls can uplift themselves or even delve

Hermes and the Grail and Christian Rosycross

We can experience great consolation, for there is still an energetic focal point, to where the ripe souls can uplift themselves or even delve – by the words of Hermes in Corpus Hermeticum.

Where to search for this place?

Where to go?

There´s no need to go anywhere, just to calm down internally. We neither have to imagine nor expect anything.

The only thing which is determining is the ripeness of the soul. Then everything is natural and our personality is only helping, serving to the soul.

The Grail was often depicted as a bowl or a cup in the past. In today´s language we could say that it is an energetic focal point which occurs wherever we are. Or rather, it finds us.

The germ of the Spirit in a human soul is being attracted to the Spirit.

The soul as if ripened in this focal point, wakes up and realizes the higher spiritual consciousness. Hermes talks about “thought”. That is a spiritual energy, a spiritual food, saturating the souls yearning for a different energy. Different from the ordinary dialectically natural energy. This focal point can never be exhausted. Nobody can ever exhaust this spiritual stream.

And those who are immersed in it, they are inhabitants of an invisible spiritual house, a high castle and they help to expand and to amplify this power focal point.

This is the work of the spiritual souls, with which we – ordinary personalities – are “fertilised”.

The cup bows down lower and lower into matter.

If only the innumerable multitudes could drink from this cup.


And here is a passage from the book Corpus Hermeticum:

Thus, O Tat, God imparted reason to all men, but not the Spirit.

TAT: Why, O Father, did God not impart the Spirit to all men?

HERMES: It was His will, my son, that the link with the Spirit should be obtained by all souls; however, as a prize for the race.

TAT: How did He achieve this?

HERMES: He sent down a great Mixing Vessel, filled with the powers of the Spirit and He appointed a herald and bade him proclaim to the hearts of men: ‘Immerse yourselves in this Mixing Vessel, you souls who can; you who believe and trust that you will ascend to Him who sent down this Vessel; you who know for what purpose you were created’.

Those who gave heed to this proclamation and were purified by immersion in the powers of the Spirit, became partakers in the Gnosis, the living knowledge of God, and, as they had received the Spirit, became perfect men. (…)

However, those who have partaken of God’s gift are no longer mortals, as proved by all their deeds, but divine men who understand with their Spirit-Soul all that is on earth, in heaven and, perhaps, above heaven.

Having beheld The Good, those who have raised themselves in this way have learned to consider their sojourn here on earth as a disaster. They repudiate all things corporeal and incorporeal and hasten to reach the One and only.

These, O Tat, the manifestation of the Spirit-Soul, the emergence of divine things and the beholding of God are the gifts of the divine Mixing Vessel.[1]


Similarly, Christian Rosycross is experiencing a vibrational exam on the first day, when he has a dream about being pulled with the sixth cord (one of the seven cords) out of the dark tower full of a swarming crowd of people yearning for liberation. Christian was standing on a stone by the wall of the tower, while suddenly a shuttling cord swung towards him. He didn´t hesitate and caught this cord and it pulled him upwards. Once he was up there, he found out that he had a wound in the head. Together with the rest of the group of the saved ones, after being pulled out, they immediately started to save the other ones.

The modern gnostic Jan van Rijckenborgh comments on this passage of The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross with the following words: So you can imagine that there are seven different Spiritual Schools spread out over the world (…)

The seven cords are not all lowered simultaneously. The seven different magnetic lines of force are activated systematically, one after the other, so as to ensure that they are clearly distinguishable and that things develop in the correct way. This is made clear by the statement that Christian Rosycross could only grasp the sixth cord because he was standing on a stone in the wall of the dungeon. This means that he could only be pulled out by the Holy Spirit, in the power of Christ, because of his unwavering, purposeful striving. (…)

If your heart atom is struck by the new magnetic light of the Spiritual School and, like C.R.C., you belong to the sixth blood-group, a group in which love for mankind and neighbourly love are central, then such a “head wound” will break the magnetic lines of force of ordinary dialectical nature.[2]

And also by this story, the physical law of attraction of the same has been pointed out. It means that the spiritual element hidden in the human being is being attracted towards the Spirit, which is immanent all over the cosmos and emanates from the divine realm. That which is hidden begins to be perceptible for the inner spiritual being as soon as it grows in intensity and ripeness.


So it shows that many legends tell us about this consolation, for example Hermes, the Grail as well as Christian Rosycross in the Alchemical Wedding. They testify about something we can explain today as a law which is valid in physics as well as in metaphysics. And especially for those, whose inner insistence and spiritual urge reaches a measure of intensity, which opens up new perspectives, new horizons and dimensions overcoming existing limitation.


[1] Rijckenborgh, Jan van: The Egyptian Arch-Gnosis and Its Call in the Eternal Present, Part 2, Rozekruis Pers Haarlem, the Netherlands

[2] Rijckenborgh, Jan van: The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross, Part 1, Rozekruis Pers Haarlem, the Netherlands

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Date: February 14, 2020
Author: Olga Rosenkranzová (Czech Republic)
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