Having confidence (in the present circumstances)

Crisis and new order - What I experienced in my small personal space is something that might be happening at the moment on a bigger scale.

Having confidence (in the present circumstances)

You only have to decide what to do with the time you have

said Gandalf in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.

I heard on the radio in relation to the corona crisis that the hardware stores in my town were inundated with visitors. They are making use of the decreed restrictions for leaving the house to create orderliness in their own homes, which means these people are now taking a closer look at those things that had been continually just laid aside in the habitual daily routine. And what about me? What am I doing?

It crosses my mind too that I had been wanting to sort out my book shelves for some time now. I had planned to donate some of the books to the town library. Well, I certainly can’t go there right now but I can start sorting out my books. That is something I can do. So firstly I clear out the bookcase. Gradually all the books are scattered around the room. I put some of them on the table, others I place on the sofa or on a chair. The next thing I need to do is the dusting.

Now I am standing in front of an empty bookcase. What is the best way to proceed? In which order shall I put the books back again? Should I choose a new system or use the previous one? I look around the room and see … a single chaos of books! Shall I put the books back in alphabetical order or classify them according to the name of the author? Shall I put my favourite books back in a place that is the most convenient spot to be reached? And what about the books where the name of the author is not really important – shall I classify these according to the name of the book publisher?

I am almost feeling a little overwhelmed as I gaze over at the jumble of books. Then I simply start sorting out those books I wish to give away. The chaos increases at first. But after I tried out a few things – only later to reject them and start anew – did a new classification system began to result, all on its very own. This system is much more suitable to my current needs and I am finally very pleased – yes downright relieved – with the new system.

As I subsequently sit and relax with a cup of coffee on my balcony I can see an analogy to my book-sorting activity. What I experienced here in my small personal space is something that is happening at the moment on a big scale.  A virus causes the modern world to fall into a crisis which also generates chaos. But I have hope in my heart. Just as a result of my book-sorting activity a new system almost inevitably resulted – which is an actualization or adjustment to my present state of mind – so is the world guided – through the chaos caused by the Corona crisis – to a new reshaping or world order. I am convinced of that. I have experienced things like this several times in my personal life – and not only in relation to my bookcase! We need to adapt to new life circumstances and to trust in our creative power of solution, which is deeply embedded within us. So let’s use these compulsory breaks to ultimately lend an ear to that inner voice.

Deep within all of the shortcomings there is perfection.
Deep within all helplessness there is calmness.
Deep within all the worldly troubles and misery there is a purpose.



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Date: April 18, 2020
Author: Anita Vieten (Germany)
Photo: Nino Caré auf Pixabay CCO

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