From the universe to the man – Part 2

The emergence of consciousness

From the universe to the man – Part 2

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There can be no action without an energy circuit. This leads us to talk about the Energetic Matrix of the human being and how it connects with the body.

We have said that the biofield is the sum of all the Waves and contains all the information relative to the body. It remains for us to say that its link with the body is constituted by the chakras, the meridians and the Spiral Heart.

What are the functions of the chakras?

  1. To vitalize,
  2. transmit energy to the organs of the body (of its region of influence)
  3. and transmit energy between the layers of the biofield (of which there are 7).

The chakras can be perceived, measured and seen[1].

Energy flow and modern biology. Mae Wan Ho (1941-2016).

According to this scientist, information from the biofield activates metabolic cycles and genes, which constantly elaborate proteins. This enables development, the cellular functioning of trillions of cells with millions of functions per second, adaptation, repair and renewal of tissues.

Every second each cell receives 1,000,000 pieces of information[2].

The key to understanding the thermodynamics of organisms is the storage of energy in a context of energy flow. Energy flowing through a system organizes it and energy that is not used is dissipated[3].

The body is synchronized with the Universe. This is known as circadian rhythms:

  1. all living things are synchronized with the rotation of the earth,
  2. the biological clock adapts to the physiology of each person at different times of the day and regulates various functions,
  3. the lack of synchronization between what the biological clock dictates and certain life habits may be associated with the disease.

With all this information provided, we understand that the energy of the Universe, of this quantum universe, is incarnated little by little. It is a kind of journey, a progressive descent of its vibratory level until it reaches the human being.

Our body is built to be able to capture this energy, energy that we receive in the form of a magnetic field and that, through structures similar to cables and coils, is transformed into electricity by an induction effect, producing an electromagnetic field that, in turn, will be radiated.

In addition to that, there is a dynamic of energy circuits. They carry information in the form of frequencies and can be in a state of blockage, over-activation or inhibition, or sometimes open, allowing energy to be lost.

Once the energy has been captured and, therefore, all the necessary information is transmitted, it must circulate in perfect balance. This would allow us to be in harmony, at least, with the laws of this nature, laws that, if not broken, would undoubtedly give us a lot of information about the Universe and our origins.

In this “ideal” state, we could look for ways to raise our vibratory frequency to be able to interact with other frequency levels, or in other words, with other planes of existence, and even with some more spiritually advanced beings.

But the reality is very different, because the human being is endowed with a very powerful mind subject to an emotional life by nature conflicting, which leads him to perform what we could call “a misuse of energy”, as we have just said, either by inhibiting it, blocking it, using it in excess or letting it escape.

And it is here where everything seems to get complicated, but at the same time where we have the key that would allow us to understand the origin of most diseases and also to find ways for a change of consciousness.

The notion of energetic blockage or disturbance is an important aspect of the life of any being seeking elevation.

This may seem a difficulty, but it is also a help, because any disturbance manifests itself through symptoms, which we must decipher if we really want to move forward.

These disturbances, which can have a mental, emotional or physical origin, constitute the essential chapter of the spiritual development that all traditions refer to as “the path of self-knowledge”.

Let us continue with this reflection.

The fact that physicists discover that chance does not exist as a probability that the universe is the result of chance and, moreover, that it manifests itself through laws of absolute rigor, demonstrates that the matrix energy of the universe is a carrier of information, that is, it contains meaning. And this meaning is expressed by life itself.

Life arises without any explanation. It goes against a fundamental law of matter which is, according to Albert Einstein, the most important law of physics: the second law of thermodynamics, the law of entropy, which explains that every organized system necessarily tends to disorder, to chaos.

But life creates order. When we look at the body, for example, we see how cells come together to form tissues, how tissues become organs, how organs are linked by systems that ultimately form an organism where everything, absolutely everything, is interconnected.

This life, which arises and develops according to a perfectly coherent process, only responds to a source of information contained in the biofield. The biofield, as we have seen, constitutes a matrix.

This matrix contains information, i.e., it contains the plan of what is to be achieved.

What we can understand is that the universe manifests itself, at the level we perceive it, as a container of information that would have traveled through constantly changing states of frequency to be realized in the human being as consciousness.

This is an essential point in our thinking.

Here, physics and metaphysics come together for what at the beginning of all creation is conceived as a force of ideation, seems to come to us creating a world that we can reasonably recognize by the very fact that the result of this long journey is to form consciousness.

But to what end? To return to the source, because if the human being learns to know himself through what he creates, is it not the same for that which has created us?

Therefore, it is not necessary to maintain the duality of matter and spirit (we are talking about the Immanent Spirit).

The very fact that for the greatest physicists matter can resolve itself into being only energy, and that energy in turn is the vehicle of information, connects forever with what the universal tradition had already affirmed about the absolute unity of the couple Matter – Spirit.

We find this idea admirably expressed in the Gnosis of Hermes. We quote:

The subtlest part of matter is the ether,

The subtlest part of the ether is the soul,

The subtlest part of the soul is the Noûs,

And the subtlest of the Noûs is God.

We close the article with a quote from William A. Tiller, PhD in Physics from Stanford University, -Department of Matrix Sciences- and Nobel Prize winner in 1971:

There is a Force, an extraordinarily powerful Energy for which science has not yet found a formal explanation. It includes all other forces or energies and is present in all phenomena that govern the Universe. This Universal Force is LOVE.


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[2] Living with the fluid genome 2003. Harold J. Morowitz (Flow of energy in biology).

[3] Jeffrey Hell Michael Rossbach, Michael Young Nobel Prize in Medicine 2017.

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Date: May 23, 2021
Author: Rosa María Cohen (Spain)
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